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updated Mon. March 27, 2017

Until a few years ago, when before the leftist Syriza emerged as a dominant political power in her country, Sia Anagnostopoulou was best known as a professor of contemporary history with an emphasis on late Ottoman Empire. She was also known in Turkey.
Greek Independence Day commemorates the start of the 1821 war that led to Greece's independence after nearly 400 years as part of the Ottoman Empire. It's celebrated annually on March 25. Trump told the crowd, "I love the Greeks." He also introduced ...
Today's Iraq is one of the countries that have emerged at the end of the 400-year-old Ottoman Empire rule after the First World War.
After the Ottoman Empire, Muslim communities were generally established as republic regimes. These are military republics like Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Libya.
It is said that Osman Ghazi, who would frequently visit Shaykh Edebali, a prominent religious figure - also considered the spiritual architect of the Ottoman Empire - saw a dream on one of the nights he slept over. In his dream, a moon came out of ...
"Over 100 years ago, the Ottoman Empire undertook a brutal campaign of murder, rape and displacement against the Armenian people that took the lives of 1.5 million men, women and children in the first genocide of the 20th century," Schiff said in a ...
There is Lillie who trained as a nurse and chooses to travel to the Ottoman Empire to serve at an American hospital. Jude, played by Josh Hartnett, is a doctor who serves at that hospital.
The Bruni family, in particular, also happened to have been related to one of the most of powerful viziers in the Ottoman Empire. Malcolm shows that identities for early modern peoples in the Ottoman borderlands and their neighboring domains were ...
From modern day Istanbul, where Constantinople stood as the capital of the Ottoman Empire, Davison travels to the former Christian strongholds of Rhodes, Malta, Cyprus and Crete before setting sail to mainland Greece to uncover the story of the bloody ...
The map above shows two iterations of the Ottoman Empire: one in 1683 (when the Ottomans were at the height of power) and one in 1914 (when the Ottoman Empire was on the verge of disintegration). Turkey's current borders are also outlined. The Persian ...
The last great victory of the Ottoman Empire was won here at Canakkale, on March 18, 1915, in what the English-speaking world knows better as the ill-fated Gallipoli Campaign.
In the last half of the 19th century, under the Ottoman Empire's last caliph Abdulmejid, Turkey was known as "the sick man of Europe.
Turkey was then largely separated from the European narrative after the decline of the Ottoman Empire and the Congress of Berlin of 1878.
Karine Walther (KW): As my parents were both French immigrants to the United States, I have always been interested in what constitutes "American identity" and ...
He is determined to preside at the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic over a powerful nation among the top ten largest global economies and that extends its influence East and West, akin to the prodigious influence that the Ottoman Empire enjoyed.
In 1924, the Ottoman Empire was abolished, and with it, the caliphate collapsed. Streusand explained that today some Muslims claim that before the abolition of the Ottoman Caliphate, there had been a legitimate caliphate since the time of the prophet ...
Underlying every aspect of the Ottoman Empire's history - from its founding around 1300 to its end in the 20th century - is its successful management of natural resources.
The Ottoman Empire was founded at the end of the 13th century in northwestern Anatolia by the Oghuz Turkish tribal leader Osman as a Beylik.
"Transnational Armenian terrorism emerged in the Ottoman Empire in late 19th century as a socio-economic, socio-political and legal event, spread to the Russian Empire and the Balkan countries and then to Western Europe and North America.
The film, which premiered March 10, follows Lillie, an idealistic American nurse (Hera Hilmar) who journeys to the edge of the Ottoman Empire to aid American doctor Jude (Josh Hartnett) at his medical mission. There, she falls in love with Ismail ...
At the end of World War I, the Ottoman Empire collapsed and Britain found itself in military control of Palestine. The government in London then proceeded to follow up on its promise to the Zionists.
An interesting link between the Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal empires is shown through 110 objects showcased at the Imperial Threads: Motifs and Artisans ...
Bayezid was probably named after the 15th century namesake sultan, renowned for consolidating the Ottoman Empire. That Bayezid also happened to have a brother called Cem, with whom he famously fought for control of the throne for decades.
This article supplements Fascism, a Slate Academy. To learn more and to enroll, visit This photo has had an extraordinary life for a ...
Both of these overprinted Romania stamps were issued in 1919 for use at the Romanian post office in Constantinople. At top is a 5-ban King Carol I stamp.
It was where Bulgarian revolutionaries who fought for Bulgarian independence from the Ottoman Empire were exiled in the 19th century.
Tulips migrated to America via trade with the Ottoman Empire, England and, of course, the Netherlands. Today, all plants marketed are gene stabilized.
Owen Miller, of the Institute for liberal arts and Interdisciplinary Studies, Emerson College, will give a lecture titled "The massacre in the Sasun Mountains: ...
The raucous bozahane (boza house) and the cultured kahvehane (coffeehouse) may, like the Ottoman Empire, be a thing of the past, but the age-old libations they served can still be found in Istanbul.
They are descendants of Africans brought to the Ottoman Empire as slaves and domestic workers and said to number up to 100,000.
Between "The Ottoman Lieutenant" and next month's "The Promise," audiences can look forward to not one but two movies about love triangles set against the fall of the Ottoman Empire. When it rains, it pours, I guess. (But who, exactly, asked for this?)
The "Ottoman Empire, empire created by Turkish tribes in Anatolia (Asia Minor) that grew to be one of the most powerful states in the world during the 15th and 16th centuries.
Multi-Grammy Award-winning and Golden Globe nominated singer/songwriter Chris Cornell released a new original song titled "The Promise" today.
It started in 1913, when Turkish soldiers in the Ottoman Empire began singling out all able-bodied Greek men, conscripting them into battalions to perform slave labour in the Empire's war effort.
When the Ottoman Empire collapsed, a group of Arab soldiers fought to establish an Arab state in the area that was to become Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Israel/Palestine.
Hera Hilmar is Lillie, a young nurse in Philadelphia who hears a fund-raising presentation about a medical mission in a far-off land and makes a quixotic decision to go there.
women exerted much political influence in the Ottoman Empire, especially during the 130-year period of the 16th and 17th centuries, when women of the imperial harem had vast control over state matters. The period is known today as the 'Sultanate of ...
Lillie (Hera Hilmar) is a Christian nurse from a wealthy Philadelphia family who goes against her stuffy parents' wishes and travels to the Ottoman Empire on the eve of the First World War to work in a medical mission alongside fellow expatriate doctor ...
The vision was that by 2023 - the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic - Turkey will become as powerful and influential as the Ottoman Empire was during its heyday. Under the best of circumstances, Turkey cannot realize Erdogan's far-fetched dream.
While one character in this film stated that measures were taken to stamp out the Armenian "rebels" who sided with the Russians against the Ottoman Empire, another character acknowledged that there was, in fact, a campaign to rid Anatolia of its ...
Presenting the Greek viewpoint to the American public and securing U.S. government policies that are fair towards Greece has a long and tortuous history.
Throughout its history, Serbia has resisted foreign occupiers, from the Ottoman Empire to the Austro-Hungarian Empire to the German Empire to the Third Reich.
The Syrian Crisis constitutes a huge humanitarian tragedy. More than 400,000 people, civilians and combatants, have died since the spark of the conflict, more ...
It might be presumptuous for me to write about such a complex problem, but having lived part of my life in the Middle East and being a keen student of its politics, ...
An estimated 1.5 million Armenians were killed in the genocide by the Ottoman Empire. The genocide also led to Armenian migration to other parts of the world, including the United States.
Not only did Jews begin returning to the land in the late 19th century under the Ottoman Empire, but they were also doing it in an effort to flee from oppressive countries and re-establish a Jewish State.
The plot centers on a strong-willed woman, played by Hera Hilmar, who leaves the United States to help at a remote medical mission within the Ottoman Empire. There she finds her loyalty tested when she falls in love with their perceived enemy. It's ...
The Ottoman Lieutenant is all parts of a movie - parts that don't fit well together.
The Ottoman Empire's forces abandon Baghdad after a successful British drive on the ancient Arab capital makes its further defense untenable.
The Ottoman Empire is a pretty hot subject this year. After The Ottoman Lieutenant, we have one more story set in the same place.





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