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Johannes Zutt, the World Bank's country director for Turkey, suggested that the drop in Turkey's rank was partly due to methodological changes.
In the early 2000s when I started studying Yemen, no one in Turkey seemed to care about the country. Yet by 2010-11, Yemen was a hot topic.

WASHINGTON - As tensions escalate over Turkey's military role in northern Iraq, the White House says President Barack Obama has spoken with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
At least 46 million Turkeys suffer heartbreaking fear and pain before being killed each and every Thanksgiving. This year, I'm supporting farm Sanctuary's Adopt a Turkey Project because Turkeys are just as friendly, smart, and full of feeling as my ...
Turkey's ambitions in surveillance equals that of great nations such as the United States, Germany, Israel and Russia. As such, the national drone project was very important.
"We discussed Turkey's requests about extradition as well as his temporary detention," Bozdag said at a news conference with Turkish press in Washington.

It is estimated that around 90 per cent of the 2.7 million Syrian refugees in Turkey are living in the major cities under a guest status that only guarantees them basic rights to services, such as a limited access to free healthcare.
A 30-year-old conflict between the Turkish state and militants from the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) reignited more than a year ago in Turkey's predominantly Kurdish southeast. The Kurds are Turkey's largest ethnic minority. For much of the 20th ...
Ankara, Turkey (AP) - Turkey's state-run news agency says a helicopter believed to belong to Syrian government forces has dropped barrel bombs in a deadly attack on Turkey-backed opposition forces in the border area. The Anadolu Agency, quoting ...
Turkey is in Syria illegally and recently Damascus has said that they consider any Turkish violation of Syrian territory to be an act of war and will respond accordingly.
Turkish economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci (C), Serbian Minister of Foreign and Domestic Trade and Telecommunications, Rasim Ljajic (L) and Bosnian Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Mirko Sarovic (R) attend Turkey - Serbia ...
Turkey will take all necessary measures if any threat emerges from a Shia militia taking the northwestern Iraqi city of Tal Afar from Daesh, said Turkey's foreign minister Wednesday, adding that Turkey will not forsake the Turkmens living there ...
Turkey making noise. Turkish officials continue to push and prod Iraq over the Mosul fight, insisting on playing a role despite Baghdad refusing to allow the Turks to join the assault.
Turkey's state-run news agency says police have detained seven suspected Islamic State group militants in a raid in an apartment in a southern town.
The comments come as a field commander allied to the Syrian regime warned Turkey that any move towards their positions would be met 'decisively and with force.
Earlier this month, a Turkish newspaper reported that a new crisis was brewing between troubled neighbors Turkey and Armenia.
Turkey has stepped up its struggle against the separatist PKK terrorist organization at home in recent months with emphasis on hitting terrorist bases in the eastern and southeastern mountains of Anatolia and abandoning its strategy of remaining on the ...

The tourists walk around the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey, Saturday, March 29, 2014. Erdogan has been ensnared in a corruption scandal that has toppled four Cabinet ministers.
A cave and tunnel system being used by PKK terrorists has been destroyed in Turkey's southeastern Sirnak province, the military said in a statement on Tuesday.
It is true that the worst enemy of Turkey's Islamist President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is another Islamist who was Erdogan's best political ally for several years.
Turkey's Justice Ministry has repeatedly denied prisoners are ill-treated and said a unit had been established to investigate all claims.
Turkey's Internet trade has increased by an average of 50 percent a year over the last three years, Customs and Trade Minister Bulent Tufenkci said Tuesday.
This year, I'm supporting farm Sanctuary's Adopt a Turkey Project because Turkeys are just as friendly, smart, and full of feeling as my dogs, and they deserve to be treated better.
The co-mayors of the largest city in Turkey's predominantly Kurdish southeast have been detained for questioning as part of a "terrorism" investigation, according to Turkish media reports.
There was only one good aspect of the diplomatic crisis between Russia and Turkey that erupted after the downing of a Russian war plane by Turkish jets on the Syrian border nearly a year ago: The possible suspension of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant ...
Turkey on Tuesday strongly condemned the terrorist attack on a police training center in Pakistan's Quetta city that left 61 people dead and more than 100 others wounded late Monday.
With the capture of the town of Dabiq from ISIL in northern Aleppo, Turkish-backed Syrian rebels taking part in Turkey's Operation Euphrates Shield have secured a 20-kilometer deep Syrian buffer zone along the Turkish border. This is a major ...
In 2011, when the 30-meter statue stood mostly completed on a hilltop above Kars, there was fragile hope that Turkey and Armenia were on a path to reconciliation.
More have gone to Turkey than any other country. Desperate for income, many have sought employment illegally in the country's garment industry.
Erdogan said as a founding member, Turkey is "one of the fiercest supporters of the UN and the values the body represents".
Moving toward the brink of war is about as serious as a geopolitical relationship can get - and that is where Moscow and Ankara found themselves after NATO member Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet on the border with Syria on November 24 last year.
The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) will examine the proposed draft of an amendment to Turkey's Constitution when it is put on the parliament's agenda soon, leader of the opposition party, Devlet Bahceli, said Tuesday.
Turkey is still stung by how the region's borders were drawn after the First World War. After its own war of independence, Turkey felt entitled to Mosul and Kirkuk. The British believed otherwise. The borders as they are now weren't officially agreed ...
Ankara has been engaged in a very public war of words with the government in Iraq. At the same time, the Turkish military has been bombing US-backed Kurdish militants in Syria.
Cavusoglu said any threat against Turkey in neighbouring regions of Iraq could draw a response. "If the threat to us increases (there), we can deal with them using our rights under international law and our strength including a ground operation," he added.
The nightmare scenario has now become more likely with Turkey's decision to pick a fight with Iraq. Turkey's president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is demanding a direct role in the battle that no one had designed for his troops, meanwhile seeming to tread ...
Ankara has been engaged in a very public war of words with the government in Iraq. At the same time, the Turkish military has been bombing US-backed Kurdish militants in Syria.
For some people, Christmas just wouldn't be the same without Turkey. But that's not the case for Matthew Nutter, head chef and owner of The Allotment Vegan Restaurant.
It is out of the question that Turkey or other countries join in the land operation," he said. "There are peshmerga fighters that Turkey has trained and there are Nineveh forces in there. If needed, our special forces can of course join to support the ...
It is clear that Turkey wants to erase any damage caused by the coup attempt, with the airline playing a key role. More than 15,800 civilians remain in custody together with 10,012 soldiers and 1,481 members of the country's judiciary.
In the last four years, more than 100 Christian pastors and other religious officials have been deported from Turkey, and banned from reentering.
In the wake of Turkey's questioning of national borders determined by the Treaty of Lausanne and a rise in violations of airspace and territorial waters in the ...
Turkey and the European Union need to work together more than ever to save lives amid historic challenges, France's top diplomat has said, admitting the bloc ...
On two separate occasions, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized the Treaty of Lausanne, which created the borders of modern Turkey, for leaving the country too small. He spoke of the country's interest in the fate of Turkish minorities living ...
Turkey has confirmed its troops have fired at positions held by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in a town near Mosul after receiving a request by Kurdish peshmerga fighters for assistance.
clothes made by child refugees in Turkey are ending up among those sold by leading British brands, a Panorama investigation reveals.
Erbil, Iraq - A dispute between Iraq and Turkey has emerged as a dramatic geopolitical sideshow to the complicated military campaign to retake Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, from the Islamic State.
Back in Turkey, an article published in the monthly magazine of the country's powerful (and wealthy) Islamic Directorate for religious Affairs (Diyanet in Turkish) warned of the spreading new "religion" of Jediism -- the religion of the Jedi knights ...
Fighting between the Turkey-backed fighters and the Kurdish-led Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) was concentrated on Saturday near the town of Tel Rifaat, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.





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