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The role of the CIA in this affair hardly comes as a surprise to those in the region. Colombian military officials more or less acknowledged the agency's involvement at the time.

2008 April - Defence Minister Wellington Sandoval and top military chiefs resign amid continuing row over Colombian raid on FARC rebels inside Ecuador.
But for many Ecuadorans, the episode underlined the danger of the FOL involving Ecuador in its neighbor's conflict, says Espinosa, the professor of international relations.
Defense Minister Wellington Sandoval has said the army was aware of Aisalla's contacts with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC.
Ecuadorean Defense Minister Wellington Sandoval said an investigation into whether the Manta airbase was used in the attack should be carried out by Ecuador's armed forces.
... employed in the ground attack that finished off the survivors of the aerial bombardment. As for the air raid itself, Ecuador's Defense Minister Wellington Sandoval reported the attack included the use of five "smart bombs" of the type utilized by ...
Colombia also accused Ecuador of supporting the rebels. Both Venezuela and Ecuador denounced the charges and accused the Colombian president of lying.





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