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updated Tue. May 30, 2017

Carlos Mendoza, who resigns and allows Vice-President Gustavo Noboa to succeed Mahuad. 2003 - A 7.6 magnitude earthquake strikes the Mexican state of Colima, killing 29 and leaving approximately 10,000 people homeless.
During the mandate of Gustavo Noboa,the contract total was USD $384 million, and Alfredo Palacio awarded a total of USD $285 million.
Under the agreement, ratified by the government of Gustavo Noboa (2000-2003), Ecuador allowed U.S. forces use of the airbase, as well as the naval port of Manta and facilities connected to the base, free of charge.
Just a decade before, President Jamil Mahuad was ousted in a military coup, and replaced by his vice president, Gustavo Noboa. Supported by the Indigenous union CONAIE, the plot was led by range of military personnel, of whom the chief was Col.




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