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updated Sat. May 5, 2018

The head of the Vector Control Department, Jorge Alfredo Palacio Vargas, indicated that the staff will operate from 8 am to 3 pm. Palacio Vega asks the population to place their pots outside one day in advance (today Friday March 2), and not do it after the truck has passed already, because it causes health ...
El 24 de diciembre en EL COMERCIO, escribe Vicente Albornoz Guarderas sobre 'Frankenpalacio'. Se dirige al ex presidente Alfredo Palacio en uso y abuso de expresiones sesgadas y ofensivas. Al parecer el autor de esta nota pretende destruir a Rafael Correa desprestigiando al Dr. Alfredo Palacio.

The Alfredo Palacio government conceded to demands for local investment, but protesters didn't let up. In the Amazonian region, ongoing ...
Entre 2006 y 2007, durante el gobierno de Alfredo Palacio, Juan Esteban Arellano fue Presidente de Andinatel. Las autoridades capturaron ...
References to Lasso are found in confidential reports as far back as 2005, where political officers who were part of the U.S. mission in Ecuador sought out his assessments of then-President Alfredo Palacio and his finance minister, Rafael Correa.

During the mandate of Gustavo Noboa,the contract total was USD $384 million, and Alfredo Palacio awarded a total of USD $285 million.
2000 Former Slovak prime minister Vladimir Meciar is arrested for abusing powers in office. 2005 Ecuador's congress removes President Lucio Gutierrez after escalating street protests and swears in Vice- President Alfredo Palacio as the country's new ...

Before being elected as president of Ecuador in 2007, Correa served as Finance Minister under then-president Alfredo Palacio. The 52-year-old leader was able to win due to his sheer charisma and arrogance despite not belonging to any political party ...
Leaders of Argentina's grain workers' unions said they expect to avoid the labor strikes that routinely paralyze the grains hub of Rosario, optimistic on upcoming wage talks under the mediation of the newly elected government.
Una llamada de la comunidad de Agua Viva recibieron los funcionarios de Polilara de Palavecino, mediante la cual les indicaban que en una bodega se estaban vendiendo productos de primera necesidad a precios exorbitantes. Los Polilara fueron hasta la ...
15 de diciembre de 2015, 12:32 Ecuador Honors Payment of Global 2015 Bonds of External Debt Quito, Dec 15 (Prensa Latina) The government of Ecuador paid 650 million dollars to honor the so-called Global 2015 Bonds of a commercial debt incurred in ...


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