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updated Thu. April 27, 2017

Cypress Hills Cemetery in Brooklyn on the eve of Memorial Day in 2016. Credit Michelle V. Agins/The New York Times. Q. Why are there so many cemeteries near the border of Brooklyn and Queens?
Our vision has always been to expand to all corners of the globe, and with this in mind, New York City was the perfect place for us to launch; it is the ultimate melting pot of different cultures, religions and ethnicities. The sheer volume of people ...
When an anonymous stranger decided to chain a large wooden cross to various apartment gates up and down Gay Street in New York City's Greenwich Village over the course of several days, nearby residents clapped back in an awesome (and colorful) way ...
The tribute went beyond words of praise, as thousands of firefighters gathered - from New York City and Long Island and as far away as Chicago, Detroit and Louisiana - to pay respects to their fallen brother.
Those policies were behind a recent war of words between the Trump administration and officials in New York City over its so-called sanctuary city status, with Attorney General Jeff Sessions asserting that New York was "soft on crime.
But the attacks are not always the result of a fare dispute - and some are attacked because of their religion or Ethnicity.
Micah Latter, a Gay Street resident, says her religious beliefs are what motivated her to to make the symbol one of inclusion.
President Trump had promised religious groups that he would reverse the Obama administration's requirement that employers provide birth control to their employees under the Affordable Care Act.
"See Yourself in Others" - Tribeca Film Festival - Directed by Jared Knecht A Hasidic Jewish man approaches a Muslim man on the streets of New York City. It sounds like the opening line to an inappropriate joke, but it's actually a scene in a campaign ...
Every now and then, the New York Times covers stories about ordinary people in New York City and even life inside ordinary religious communities in New York City. Whenever this happens, the odds are ... that timely handshake with Pope Francis. I was ...
Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Monday that New York City would offer free, full-day preschool to all 3-year-olds within four years, saying that he was building on the success of the city's prekindergarten program for 4-year-olds and that it was time ...
So, why should I care about the race for New York City Council in the district that includes the area from the Upper West Side to lower Washington Heights?
New York City schools may soon be required to make their cafeterias more inclusive: A state assemblyman from Queens named David Weprin has introduced legislation that would make public schools in the city offer lunch options that meet the religious ...
The New York City Mayor and police commissioner held an emergency press conference and fired off tweets to contest a letter sent Friday by the U.S.
I ventured deep into the heart of Brooklyn to eat the best pizza in New York City. Is it as good as it's cracked up to be?
A man who had a history of violence and was known for yelling out religious slogans. Shortly before the slayings, he publicly ... Unlike Anderson, who reportedly was deeply religious, Muhammad reportedly did not attend any mosque, and none of the ...
At the same time, that newsroom's coverage basically assumed that a conservative is a conservative is a conservative. Libertarian conservative?
The non-Christians are comprised of all those who gave another religious identity or none at all." ... Terry Mattingly is the editor of GetReligion.
'Allahu akbar': the double standard when it comes to religion and violence ... Unlike Anderson, who reportedly was deeply religious, Muhammad reportedly did not attend any mosque, and none of the Fresno Islamic centres had heard of him. Also unlike ...
It's not everyday you see hundreds of people tying turbans on a portion of the crowds that filter through New York City's Times Square on a daily basis, but that's ...
Parents of four Hasidic Jewish children infected with herpes by ritual circumcision will not tell the New York City Department of Health the names of the mohels who did the procedures, according to the agency.
Jakarta, Indonesia - The Christian governor of Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, lost a bitterly contested race on Wednesday that was widely seen as a test of religious and ethnic tolerance in the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation. Just ...
On Sunday, native New Yorker Jackie Summers posted a photo on facebook and twitter that appears to show a Jewish man and woman sitting on a New York ...
A Gastonia man could spend 15 years in a New York prison after being charged with hate crimes directed at four Queens, N.Y., religious houses. "I'm mad at God," investigators ... several religious questions. "I don't hate God or religion," Woznik told ...
filmmaker James Gray - who based his script on journalist David Grann's 2009 book about Fawcett - has moved far away from the New York City that has been the setting for all his previous films, including such marvels as Two Lovers and We Own the ...
My mother's father held big religious gatherings where we would recite religious stories. It sounded like singing to me and it gave me my first musical and spiritual ... That's what NYC is I guess. I like Music Hall of Williamsburg a lot. Great sound ...
Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio stated that the number of hate crimes reported in New York City since the beginning of 2017 was more than double the number of reported incidents over the same period of last year. ... a hate ...
A photograph of New Yorkers from apparently different religions riding the subway next to each other like they do every damn day without incident went viral for some reason.
On Easter Sunday, Jackie Summers got on a New York City subway train and found the America he was looking for. Summers wrote on facebook that he was on a train when he encountered a couple, and gave up his seat so that they could sit together.
The exhibit "Small Wonders: The VR Experience" at The Met Cloisters Museum in New York City is an immersive experience that takes museum patrons inside a miniature, wooden prayer bead using micro-CT imaging technology and a VR headset.
Instead, the activists will call on the councilmember to support a city-wide rent freeze and moratorium on upzonings, and for his unconditional opposition to the privatization of the New York City Housing Authority. The group has circulated a petition ...
The NYC-based comedian and creator of and has now launched FollowBrandonScottWolf.
Sarah Gonzalez, WNYC and NJPR's northern New Jersey enterprise reporter, discusses how New York City teachers are grappling with what's appropriate to say at school these days - and what's not.
Trump might be the least God-fearing president to occupy the White House in centuries. That's a great thing for America.
I think those remarks are worth a flashback this week, which marks the end of year 29 for my syndicated "On religion" column.
Why America needs its ex-Protestants to go back to church.
Like Christmas, Easter is a weird amalgam of religious holiday combined with a celebration of springtime. On one hand, it is ... The best-known Easter walk is a seven-block parade along Fifth Avenue in New York City, beginning at St. Patrick's Cathedral.
Not only are there thousands of churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, shrines and other spiritual sites across the five boroughs, but the municipal government loses hundreds of millions of dollars in property taxes every year that religious entities ...
By the mid 1870's an estimated 10,000 children a year were being snatched from their parents or seized on the streets of New York City and "placed-out" to good Christian homes in the Midwest. This practice led to the infamous "Orphan Train" (pictured ...
"My grandparents, who fled Eastern Europe looking for both religious freedom and economic opportunity, taught me to respect all people regardless of their race, nationality, or religion," said protest organizer Jamie Bauer. "I'm honoring them today by ...
The idea for Ecclesiastical Realty Services formed after seeing church organizations that struggled with making decisions for their properties in New York City's competitive and pricey real estate market. Bodden is on a committee of his own ...
... after he allegedly robbed four churches, one of which he stole from three times, in Queens, New York, because of his hatred of God, according to prosecutors.
... churches in Egypt last weekend. The added security is a precaution, and police said no specific threat has been made. Additional security remains in place at synagogues for Passover observances.
I think those remarks are worth a flashback this week, which marks the end of year 29 for my syndicated "On religion" column.
Mr. Watkins will attend "religious Worlds of New York: Teaching the Everyday Life of American religious Diversity" in New York City. According to, teachers "will work with leading scholars of religion, meet with diverse religious ...
PRINCETON, N.J. (RNS) After news emerged that Princeton Theological Seminary intended to honor Tim Keller, pastor of New York City's Redeemer Presbyterian Church, people were outraged. How could an institution committed to full inclusion of women ...





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