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Aryal answering to the questions raised by Indian journalists said, "There might some section of people who keeps anti India feeling which is common every nation but in general India and Nepal have close linguistic, marital, religious, and, cultural ...

Since March is women's History Month, and March 8 marks International Women's Day, we found photos of girls throughout history who protested all over the globe to stand up for their beliefs and the rights of others'.
"We have heard that Hoda is wanted in a railway accident that took place in Kanpur last year killing 150 people," Upadhyaya said.
Many people believe that one suffers from leprosy because they have committed sins. However, Pokharel informed, "Leprosy ... Saying ,"There is not truth related to such a story, " Pokharel informed that the final rites of people can be done as per the ...
One day, Mr. Jatin Hazarika, the then Home Secretary rebuked me when he found that even the Bihari and Nepali Chowkidars who keep the keys of the locks for the Chief Secretary's enclave and of the Departments did not turn up and as a result, he could ...
A broken road, with brief patches of asphalt punctuating potholes filled with water from the previous night's rain, led to the ancient temple town of Janakpur in Nepal. Revered as the site of the mythological kingdom of Mithila, the birthplace of Sita ...