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updated Tue. February 21, 2017

We have 11 sources of information and 158 elements of data available on Harvard University, but can only rate it on 8 of our twelve measures of Sustainability.
The AHS/SILSA Speech and Debate Team had another successful year at the Harvard National Speech and Debate Invitational in Cambridge, Massachusetts over the weekend.
The Harvard Crimson reports more than 1.4 million emails sent over an email server were open to the public until Monday afternoon.
Congress leader and renowned writer Shashi Tharoor delivered a keynote speech on India and the Post-globalisation World at Harvard University on February 12. He stressed on the inevitability of globalisation and also argued that the backlash to the ...
Could there be a Harvard University campus on the Coast in the future? Picture: Harvard University. These satellite campus would allow locals and international visitors to secure the highly valuable degrees from the high-end Ivy League and Oxbridge ...
The NFL Players Association, Harvard University and a new consulting company co-founded by local women's hockey legend Angela Ruggiero are teaming up to develop new technologies aimed at tracking player performance and preventing injuries.
An average of about 100 people nationwide die every day from gun injuries, but funding for firearms research is virtually nonexistent, a Harvard University professor said Friday. David Hemenway, who teaches at Harvard's school of public health ...
The new head of Harvard University's endowment, Indian American Nirmal Narvekar, intends to make changes to the fund by outsourcing most of its assets and lay off about half the staff.
William P. Sisler, director of Harvard University Press since 1990, will retire at the end of the academic year. His tenure saw the publication of capital in the Twenty-First Century, by Thomas Piketty, an analysis of the dynamics driving the ...
George Church, a geneticist at Harvard University, recently announced that scientists are leading a "de-extinction" effort that will result in a hybrid mammoth-elephant embryo.
Harvard banners hang outside Memorial Church on the Harvard University campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard banners hang outside Memorial Church on the Harvard University campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (Michael Fein/Bloomberg via ...
Columbus, GA (WTVM) -. Nine teachers from the Muscogee County school District will be attending a prestigious fellowship program at Harvard University this summer. Those teachers were officially announced on Thursday by Muscogee County ...
Ancestral Duo spoke as one of the presenters at "Black Lives Matter: music, Race and Justice" at Harvard University. Marc Masters photo.
The two-day event was hosted by the graduate students of Harvard University at the Harvard Business school and Harvard Kennedy School.
World-renowned geneticist Prof George Church and his team at Harvard University have been working for the past two years on recreating the DNA blueprint of the mammoth.
... journalism have an opportunity to share leadership vision and experiences through mentoring and teaching students who aspire to similar roles, interacting with faculty, and participating in campus life at both Harvard Chan school and Harvard ...
Born in 1951 in a small village called Ogidi-Ijumu in Kogi State, Nike Davies-Okundaye was brought up by her great-grandmother and an aunt who was an artist.
Less than a month ago, Harvard Management Co. announced a sweeping restructuring that has the nation's largest university endowment laying off half of its staff.
Harvard University students wait to see facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University November 7, Former Ivy League admissions directors break down the reasons it's harder than ever to get into college.
lithium-ion batteries power everything from phones to electricity grids but their lifespan is incredibly short, plus they're difficult to recycle.
Narv Narvekar, the endowment's new chief executive, said in a statement that Rogers "joins at an important time as HMC undertakes a transformation to better position the endowment to support Harvard University for the long term." Narvekar also said he ...
Harvard College received 39,494 applications to its Class of 2021, setting a new record for the third year in a row and surpassing last year's total by 450 applications.
The two-day event, hosted at the Harvard Business school and Harvard Kennedy School by the graduate students of Harvard University, brought together business leaders, Entertainment professionals, and many other leaders to engage in a conversation ...
Speaking on "The role of youth in shaping and changing India's destiny" at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, Abdullah said the political, economic and social empowerment of India's youth will define how it emerges as an economic ...
... reviewed in the course are economic growth, inflation, unemployment, the business cycle, the financial system, international capital flows and trade imbalances, and the impact of monetary and fiscal policy, according to the Harvard University ...
YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 10, ARMENPRESS. Former UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon intends to lecture at the US Harvard University, his assistant told reporters.
The woman who sold "India's 5000-year old civilization in a jar" is going to feature in Harvard's curriculum. Shahnaz Husain enters into Harvard University curriculum. Shahnaz Husain enters into Harvard University curriculum. RELATED STORIES.
A memorial service for Nick Littlefield, a former top aide to US Senator Edward M. Kennedy on health care legislation, will be held at 11 a.m.
... associate vice president for public affairs and communication, Kevin Casey told the Crimson last year. This year, Harvard University President Drew Faust told the Crimson she plans on "ramping up" advocacy efforts in 2017 under President Donald Trump.
Researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson school of engineering and Applied sciences (seas) have developed a new flow battery that stores energy in organic molecules dissolved in neutral pH water.
In November, Chief Francis D. Riley of the Harvard University police Department (HUPD) released a statement that immigration status will not be a factor considered and the department would not be enforcing federal immigration laws.
This time, the 33-year-old Shkreli, who is free on $5 million bond, wants to go to Harvard University to discuss "investing," according to a facebook post.
In January, following investment losses of $2 billion for the year and a string of bad returns in previous years, Harvard Management Corp (HMC) pulled out of the business of managing the university's gargantuan endowment fund.
Harvard T. H. Chan school of public health will be CLOSED Thursday, Feb. 9 and no classes will be held. Harvard University has been closely monitoring the progress of the winter weather event that is expected to arrive Thursday morning and to continue ...
The research published was coauthored by Alexander Zhu, Wei Ting Chen, Vyshakh Sanjeev, and Aun Zaidi. It was supported in part by the Air Force Office of scientific research.
Two engineering departments at Harvard University have collaborated with MIT to develop a new method to 3D-print materials with significant absorbency using a ceramic foam ink.
Close up image of one node of the triangular honeycomb. The structure, which consists of air surrounded by ceramic, can be designed with specific porosity.
Close up image of one node of the triangular honeycomb. The structure, which consists of air surrounded by ceramic, can be designed with specific porosity.
Sometimes a memorable lesson floats right into the classroom. Case in point: John Collins' world-record paper airplane. On Wednesday, Collins brought his high-achieving design - along with enthusiasm and a couple of boxes of planes - to the Graduate ...
Besides UVA, the other colleges and universities involved include Allegheny College, Arizona State University, Colby College, Elon University, Franklin and Marshall College, Georgetown University, Harvard University, Louisiana State University, Ohio ...
Supervise, staff, and train HLS students to participate in DACA Renewal Clinics at Harvard University and in the Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville communities.
The hip-hop culture has recently made its way to Harvard University thanks to record producer 9th Wonder. The former member of hip-hop group Little Brother is now helping to develop a hip-hop archive to encourage the pursuit of knowledge, art, culture ...
In addition to being the nation's oldest school, Harvard University is also one of its most beautiful. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, much of the school's campus surrounds Harvard Yard and extends along the banks of the Charles River.
Harvard University Security, Parking and Museum Guards Union, which has approximately 80 members, has been in negotiations with the University since June 30, when HUSPMGU's contract expired.
A Harvard University graduate and grandson of holocaust survivors has organized fellow alumni to sign an open letter to Jared Kushner, President Trump's son-in-law and a senior White House adviser, urging him to use his influence in the administration ...
"Dear Mr Maradona," the letter to the 56-year-old from Harvard University begins. "We would like to invite you to give a talk at Harvard University in the context of the course 'The Global Game: soccer, politics and Popular culture', which is being ...
calendar-year performance, for example, tells you next to nothing about whether your manager is a good bet for future returns. This is an exceedingly difficult lesson for us to take to heart.
With his name already on the door of his work space at Brigham and women's hospital, PhD scientist and newly-accepted Harvard University fellow Seyed Soheil Saeedi Saravi should be starting his potentially groundbreaking research on heart disease in a ...
Furthermore, IRC has supported most of the case studies and HBS research projects focused on business in South Asian region. Being one of the leading universities in the world, Harvard University is now offering a series of free or low-cost online courses.
Kendrick Lamar's categorically brilliant 'To pimp A Butterfly' is to be permanently archived in Harvard University's library. Producer 9th Wonder is curating the institution's These Are the Breaks project, and chose the 2015 album as one of four ...





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