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updated Mon. April 24, 2017

Ronald Reagan's Son Slammed For Sexual Harassment Tweets.
In 1986, the Gipper worked with Democrats to succeed. In 2017, a Republican president who likes to compare himself to Reagan faces much tougher odds.
Liberal commentators predictably hammered Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock over their trolling photo in front of Hillary Clinton's White House portrait on Wednesday.
Taking to social media to seemingly defend the recently-fired Fox News host Bill O'Reilly, Michael Reagan - the son of former President Ronald Reagan - sent a series of tweets about sexual harassment that many have deemed offensive. Reagan - who ...
In the final week of the 1964 presidential campaign, budding conservative Ronald Reagan - still 17 years away from his own presidency - made the closing pitch in support of Republican nominee Barry Goldwater.
It was my honor and distinct privilege to join sailors of the world's greatest navy aboard U.S.S Ronald Reagan in Japan on Wednesday.
Speaking aboard the USS Ronald Reagan at the Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan Wednesday, Pence reiterated the US and its allies were prepared to respond to potential North Korean attack with "overwhelming" force.
WASHINGTON, April 19, 2017 - The U.S.-Japan alliance is the cornerstone of peace, prosperity and freedom in the Asia-Pacific region, Vice President Mike Pence told U.S.
Real tax reform creates incentives and lowers marginal costs, rather than picking and choosing winners and losers among many self-interested potential giveaways.
It's fitting that today I deliver this message aboard this great ship, a majestic ship, the USS Ronald Reagan, here at Yokosuka Naval Base.
President Trump is not backing away from North Korea, and he is deploying two more aircraft carriers to Korea. The USS Nimitz and the USS Ronald Reagan and their battlegroups are now ordered to sail to the region.
... NAVAL BASE, Japan - Vice President Mike Pence said "all options are on the table" as North Korea continues to develop its nuclear-weapons and ballistic-missile programs, during a speech Wednesday aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan.
... war had begun to heal, a savvy band of semantic spin masters helped shift the political landscape and altered mainstream perceptions of U.S.
Two more American aircraft carriers - the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) and the U.S.S. Nimitz (CVN-68) - are headed toward the Korean sea and a possible a showdown with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).
The 1:04 long video ad features the words of President Ronald Reagan from his November 27, 1982 radio address to the nation about fixing the country's transportation infrastructure.
Two vehicles struck and killed the bear Thursday morning on the southbound Ronald Reagan (118) Freeway in Porter Ranch. The bear was reported dead about 3:30 a.m.
(Which was precisely the attitude that equally impassioned Republicans held toward Obama before he was re-elected.) But a political party that consciously ignores the political center is not leaving itself much margin for error.
Laudie Freed of Newport Coast looks at Ronald Reagan statue in Bonita Canyon sports Park at end of Ford Road in Newport Beach Sunday morning, November 6. Vandals in the early Sunday morning tried to topple the statue.
Ronald Reagan with GM chairman Roger Smith and Vice President design Staff Irv Ryvicki. Taken from Car Styling magazine in 1991.
But while Spicer's holocaust denial was in words, it was former U.S. President Ronald Reagan who had expedited this denial into action at the presidential level.
Part of Interstate 75 northbound at Ronald Reagan was closed after a fatal crash four several hours Saturday, according to police.
One of the biggest moments in late 20th-century American history happened at Joe Louis Arena in 1980, when Ronald Reagan accepted the Republican presidential nomination and set the stage for a political revolution.
C.) drew parallels between President Trump and former President Ronald Reagan after Trump launched a missile strike against Syria.
U.S. President Donald Trump's anti-EU stance and increasingly warm relations with Russia risk undermining one of the great legacies of his closest political counter-part, Ronald Reagan, the former Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Monti, has said. The ...
There's a new book on Ronald Reagan that's among the most unique and touching ever done on the man. It's called The President Will See You Now, and it's an account of his final years by Peggy Grande, a young woman who right out of college in 1989 ...
One of the highlights of Rickles' career was his televised 1973 roast of Ronald Reagan, hosted by Dean Martin, who takes as much fire from Rickles as his ostensible target.
The late comedian Don Rickles proved that no one was truly safe from his caustic wit - even future presidents. Then-California Gov.
#Steamboat Springs - Longtime Steamboat residents in their 70s and 80s who have really good memories might recall the time future president Ronald Reagan played the Chief Theater in downtown Steamboat Springs. #To be clear, Reagan, who would ...
With all the scandals bursting around Trump and the White House these days, with FBI and Congressional investigations into possible crimes committed by the President's men, many Pundits and commentators are making the obvious comparisons with ...
Republican decorum was famously characterized by Ronald Reagan as the "Eleventh Commandment," which declared, "Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.
Day dated future POTUS Ronald Reagan while they starred in the 1952 film The Winning Team, shortly before she married her third husband.
The Democratic-controlled Legislature is viewed more favorably by voters than at any time in nearly three decades, and Gov. Jerry Brown's job performance has hit record highs, according to a new statewide poll released late Tuesday.
A bipartisan discussion around Trump's desire to cut taxes needs to start with two key principles, Jason Furman tells CNBC.
"The challenge of playing such an iconic figure as Ronald Reagan really appealed to me and terrified me at the same time," said actor Tim Matheson when we talked to him last fall about his role as President Reagan in the NatGeo telefilm "Killing Reagan.
Even further back, conservatives hailed Ronald Reagan's description of the Soviet Union as "an evil empire." Reagan ran a brilliant ad during his 1984 re-election bid that showed a bear roaming through the woods.
dismissed the idea that there are any comparison between President Trump and former President Ronald Reagan. In an interview with David Axelrod for his CNN podcast "The Axe Files," that aired on the network on Saturday night, the former Obama adviser ...
As you might imagine, we get more letters to the editor here at PennLive Opinion than we could ever hope to run. Some are turned down because they're too long.
The Axe Files, featuring David Axelrod, is a podcast distributed by CNN and produced at the University of Chicago Institute of politics.
The fundamentals of tax overhaul were strong some 30 years ago. A popular president, Republican Ronald Reagan, pushed the landmark 1986 measure.
The party's most popular national figure, Ronald Reagan, later said he was open to changing the party's name. An analysis in The New York Times pronounced the Republicans "closer to extinction than ever before.
On this day 36 years ago, the figure head and most secured man of the United States was shot in attempt to end his life. This man was the 40th President of the ...
... AND STRIPES Published: March 30, 2017. YOKOSUKA NAVAL BASE, Japan - A civilian contractor who died recently after an incident aboard the USS Ronald Reagan has been identified as George Gozdziak, his company and navy officials said Friday.
TO BRING House Republicans good luck in passing their replacement for the Affordable Care Act, Representative Pete Sessions of Texas wore a brown suit to the chamber, in honour of Ronald Reagan. After the vote was pulled from the House floor, ...
In 1981, President Ronald Reagan was shot and seriously injured outside a Washington, D.C., hotel by John W. Hinckley Jr.; also wounded were White House Press Secretary James Brady, secret Service agent Timothy McCarthy and a District Of Columbia ...
U.S. President Ronald Reagan winces and raises his left arm as he was shot by an assailant as he left a Washington hotel, Monday, March 30, 1981, after making a speech to a labor group.
Vladimir Putin misquoted one of the most famous U.S. presidential catchphrases of all time on Thursday, using the garbled expression to deny his government interfered in the American presidential election.
On this day in 1981, President Ronald Reagan was shot in the chest at the side entrance of the Washington Hilton on Connecticut Avenue by John Hinckley Jr.
House Speaker Tip O'Neill, a Democrat, and President Ronald Reagan worked together in the 1980s. (The New York Times). In the aftermath of the debacle over the Republican effort to repeal and replace Obamacare, President Trump can learn a valuable ...
With the ignominious collapse of the Republican effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, some observers are already talking about a crippled Trump administration.
My usual approach is to remind them that Ronald Reagan adopted a bunch of supposedly unpopular policies, yet he got reelected in a landslide because reducing the burden of government allowed the private sector to grow much faster.





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