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This is the first time that the newspaper has endorsed a Democratic candidate for president since 1932, when it supported Franklin D. Roosevelt over the Republican incumbent, Herbert Hoover. (Even then, the Omaha paper was an outlier. FDR garnered the ...
The law firm handled all of FDR's legal affairs throughout his presidency, including handling Roosevelt's estate when he died.

Two authors will discuss the story of the 32nd president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, at 3 p.m. today at the Athens-Clarke Library.
The new series - which won't have a cover charge at the door - begins tonight with a party called "Meet Me in Berlin," which will include a 1930s Berlin Cabaret-inspired show.
If our "in-place" infrastructure is an indicator of our future state, the gradual degradation of oil pipelines is inevitable. Can we not see the total disregard these multinational Corporations hold toward us and our future?

A packed room watched with rapt attention as local author and former Troup County Archives Director Kaye Minchew scrolled through photos of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and discussed his strong ties to Georgia. Minchew talked about her new book 'A ...
After five successful years in Donegal Town, FDR Car Sales and Services are moving to a bigger and better premises in Ballintra.
The Presidents' Circle, an assembly of five presidential bronze statues, will gain a member on Monday, Oct. 17. The Public Committee will dedicate the President Franklin D. Roosevelt statue at 11 a.m. in Fountain Park along Saguaro Boulevard.
In 1933, a new president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) took office after a landslide victory. In his speech accepting the nomination of the Democratic party, he said: "I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people.
"In his opening sentence at Omaha, Mr. Roosevelt appealed to 'those who are devoted to good government, clean government, representative government.
HYDE PARK >> Miriam Latzer of Clermont's Good Flavor farm will present the benefits of community-supported agriculture at a "Farm to school" workshop at 10:30 a.m.
... disparate backgrounds but awakened by a common threat: Franklin Delano Roosevelt and unprecedented accretion of executive power," Richman wrote.
Just before he was re-elected to his third term as president, Franklin D. Roosevelt assured the public that America would not go to war.
Seventy-five years after Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered the State of the Union address that came to be known as the Four Freedoms speech, the freedoms he enumerated, and the lack of them, are embodied in a single, divided country: Korea.
The notable visitors riding in an open-air limousine included President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his wife, Eleanor. FDR had come to Dowling on Oct. 9 to dedicate the school's therapeutic swimming pool, but his whirlwind Minnesota visit had a ...
Only weeks before he was to be elected to his second term as president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt visited Buffalo to dedicate the city's new federal building on Niagara Square.

For president, the incumbent Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt was running against Republican Kansas Governor Alf Landon. Taking nothing for granted, on Tuesday afternoon Oct. 6 the "Roosevelt All-Party Agricultural Committee" caravan rolled into town ...
Dr. Rafael Medoff, director of the David S. Wyman Institute for holocaust Studies, said the "kikes" anecdote is "consistent with President Roosevelt's own private remark about 'Hebraic noses' and his grandson's statement that FDR enjoyed telling 'anti ...
Truman's distaste for the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover -- with whom FDR had a good relationship -- may have indirectly led to McCarthy's influence in another way.
Only weeks before he was to be elected to his second term as president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt visited Buffalo to dedicate the city's new federal building on Niagara Square.
HYDE PARK - The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum is pleased to present a screening of the documentary film CROSSING WATERS - about immigration and Poughkeepsie's First Ward.
The exhibition, titled "The Landscape Architecture of Lawrence Halprin," will feature works like the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, the IRA Keller Fountain in Portland, Oregon, and several residential projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. The ...
Mayor Seymour Gelber is a distinguished public servant, but his memory of history in Sunday's Miami Herald ("I'm with her," Oct. 2) is inaccurate.
"FDR was a Victorian," Roosevelt wrote. "You do not display your illness, and if somebody asks you how you are, you say, 'Fine.
The grandsons of the three World War II leaders,Soviet Union's Joseph Stalin, Britain 's Winston Churchill and US Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jevgeni Dzjoegasjvili, Curtis Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, pose on 01 October 2005 in Maastricht on a ...
The Pennsylvania Department of education Thursday released results from the 2016 Pennsylvania System school Assessment, better known as the PSSAs.
From very early childhood, Franklin Delano Roosevelt summered with his parents at remote Campobello Island, off the Canadian province of New Brunswick.
Kaye Lanning Minchew will discuss her book "A President in Our Midst: Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Georgia" at 6:30 p.m.
More than 70 years have passed since the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in April 1945, but the public controversy surrounding our 32nd president continues to intensify.
"The FDR Library and Museum mourns the loss of Curtis Roosevelt," director Paul Sparrow said in a statement. "He was a wonderful writer, educator and a strong supporter of the library.
In June this year, work got underway on Rockefeller University's modular expansion over the FDR Drive. The first phase of this convention-bending project would see the installation of 19 prefabricated sections over the course of the summer.
Willkie gave Franklin D. Roosevelt his closest race yet, drawing 22.3 million votes. This was more than any GOP presidential candidate had ever received, and 5.6 million more than Alf Landon garnered for the Republican party in 1936.
FDR's Floating White House. The USS Potomac is fully restored and berthed in Oakland, California. Credit Thomas Wilmer.
"People knew she had that kind of influence, and she could bring FDR around to them or their way of thinking," she said.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington DC, features a bronze statue of FDR and his dog Fala by Neil Estern. Photograph taken by Carol M.
Willkie gave Franklin D. Roosevelt his closest race yet, drawing 22.3 million votes. This was more than any GOP presidential candidate had ever received, and 5.6 million more than Alf Landon garnered for the Republican party in 1936.
The Redhawk Native American arts Council recently held their 24th annual FDR Pow Wow and Native American Festival at FDR State Park in Yorktown Heights, New York. / Dancer: Jaden Parker, Tonawanda Seneca.
Editor's note: This is one in a series of essays that lead to the celebration of the Indiana Bicentennial in December 2016. Though many might be tempted to ...
Hillary Clinton would do well to borrow a page from FDR's playbook. This year, as in 1936, the Republicans held their national convention in Cleveland and the Democrats held theirs in Philadelphia, but the historical parallels between the two elections ...
Joseph Lelyveld's "His Final Battle" explores the challenges of Franklin Roosevelt's final months in office, including his declining health.
It was a moment that recalled Franklin D. Roosevelt's first inaugural address in 1933, after he was elected in the midst of the darkest part of the Great Depression, during which he uttered his famous words, "the only thing we have to fear is fear ...
YORKTOWN, N.Y. - New York has committed $2.5 million to build or improve 13 playgrounds at 11 of New York's State Parks, including one at Franklin D. Roosevelt Park in Yorktown. The new playground will be built near Parking Lot 6, one of the most ...
Yandle "was always a great admirer of FDR," said Smith, the longtime book columnist for the Anderson (S.C.) Independent.
The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum is hosting a "Listening to the Roosevelts: Franklin D. Roosevelt - The war Years" event at 7 p.m. Sept. 28. The event will take place at the Henry A. Wallace Center at the FDR Library and Home ...
The last Suckley to live in the house was Daisy, best known as a confident of her sixth cousin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who lived downriver at Hyde Park.
Editor T. Price Wilson was an outspoken critic of FDR and his "autocratic New Deal political rule." During election years, he opposed Roosevelt in his editorials.
I was prompted to re-read Franklin D. Roosevelt's historic "Rendezvous with Destiny" acceptance speech before the 1936 Democratic convention in Philadelphia, after reading this month's covers story in The Political Bandwagon, a monthly newspaper for ...
That may seem like pointless wondering until you consider the hard realities of the answer: There's no way Roosevelt (known in shorthand as FDR) could ever be elected president in this age of unrelenting public and media scrutiny and ravenous political ...
On this day in 1940, some two weeks after the outbreak of World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a Selective Service Act that required men between the ages of 21 and 30 to register with their local draft boards.





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