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updated Sun. June 25, 2017

Regarding the article on the absurd, repugnant and sickening defense proposed by two men accused of killing a University of Kentucky student: They want to avoid the death penalty because their brains aren't fully developed and they can't think straight?
... two daughters and their husbands, Charlamaine and John Mitchell of Massena; and Rebecca and Timothy Jenner of Jeffersonville; 4 grandsons and 5 granddaughters; 5 great grandsons and 6 great granddaughters; his brother, Earl Pitts of Massena; and ...
The second FBI agent caught spying for Moscow was Earl Pitts, who volunteered to become a mole for the KGB in 1987. He handed over classified information to the Russians until 1992, by which point they'd paid him more than $220,000.
In closing, I'd like to change the sign-off I've used for years in my letters to the editor, which I originally borrowed from radio commentator Earl Pitts. Instead of "Wake up, America!," I'd like to use, "Stay awake, America!" David F. Heimrick ...
Happy Timers: James Thorpe, 218; Cecil Lake, 238; Darold McCardle, 279; Larry Sander, 226; Judy Hammond, 228; Margaret Scott, 212; Joseph Miranda, 206; James Jenkins, 245/658; Claudine Thomas, 213; Tim Patterson, 233; Stephen Hill, 235; and ...
Gary filled the airwaves with a crazy cast of characters: redneck commentator Earl Pitts; the Synonymous Bengal; newsman Dan Buckles; former Reds owner Marge "Saint CEO" Schott; Bengals owner Mikey Brown in the daily "All My Bengals" soap opera; ...
He was an avid fan of "Earl Pitts" and Tradio on WCJW Radio. Alan always had a helping hand and was able to offer one-liners to anyone.
Either that or you be outrageous like Rush Linbaugh or that redneck Earl Pitts. No punches pulled. Here is where Arnab was handicapped.
As Earl Pitts used to say "Wake up America." I agree that it isn't fault of gay people. Radical Muslims just hate.
An FBI agent Earl Pitts (born 1953) was found guilty of selling information to the Soviet KGB and continued to do so even after the Soviet Union had disintegrated.
On Monday November 23, whilst still limping from his injuries, Earl Pitts Junior was escorted to the Belize city Magistrate's Court to be read three offenses of manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct and driving without due care ...




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