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Henry H. Kennedy, Jr.
Henry H. Kennedy
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updated Sun. January 1, 2023

Students in grades 3-12 presented research projects for judging. Categories including biology, chemistry, engineering, and computer science. Kids thought of fun topics like "Do you need your nose to taste skittles?", a project by Branner Rock and Garth Beck. Another student, Henry Kennedy, tested how far ...

12th grade: Hailey Ahlvin, Kate Appleman, Madison Arpin, Jordan Bass, Alaina Baumgart, Shelby Bauwens, Sarah Bell, Drew Beussink, Grant Beussink, Brooke Blankenship, Lauren Boswell, Allison Bray, Elise Bruenderman, Tyler Bruns, Cody Bunger, Hattie Burdin, Alexander Burger, Troy Carman, Hogan ...
Kieve-Wavus Education Inc. Executive Director Henry Kennedy said the organization decided not to pursue the property, which it had under contract, after the plan met with opposition from the condominium association. During the Newcastle Board of Selectmen's meeting on Monday, June 12, Kennedy ...
Kieve-Wavus Education Inc. Executive Director Henry Kennedy presented the organization's plans for the boathouse during the selectmen's Monday, June 12 meeting. Members of the condominium association also attended the meeting, including developer Xavier Cervera, who purchased the property in ...
Henry Kennedy, considered Naples' local gadfly, dons a suit and religiously attends City Council meetings, speaking out on everything from boat speeds ... After a roughly hourlong trial, a shocked Kennedy was taking off his gray pinstriped suit coat after County Judge Mike Carr sentenced him to 30 days in ...
Older brother Henry H. Kennedy Jr. is now a retired U.S. District Court judge for the District of Columbia; younger sister Angela Kennedy Acree is a public defender in Washington. The name of Thurgood Marshall “was very present” in the family home; in those years Marshall, a National Association for the Advancement of ...
The report – deeply critical of the diocese under his predecessor, Bishop Henry Kennedy – highlighted poor record-keeping, ineffective assessments and ... Federal Court judge Antony Whitlam, QC, was commissioned to conduct the inquiry after allegations against the priest and claims of a cover-up were ...
U.S. District Chief Judge Royce Lamberth announced late Thursday that two judges from the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia are retiring. U.S. District Judge Henry Kennedy Jr. will retire effective Nov. 18, opening up a new vacancy on the bench. U.S. District Senior Judge Ricardo Urbina will ...
This is a sad commentary but Black Judges like Alex Williams, Bill Missouri, Eugene Hamilton, Henry Kennedy Jr., Paul Webber and every black judge who sits on the bench at DC Superior and Prince Georges County Courts all stand on the shoulders of Judge Harry T. Alexander. They were nowhere to be ...
Bio excerpt: “Stuart Baum is a passionate and hardworking sophomore, majoring in Public Affairs and minoring in Criminal Justice. Asa Student Senator, he .... Henry Kennedy-Cobb. Class standing: ... I hope that I can have a voice in the student senate that reflects on my work in social justice.” Jabed Khan.


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