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updated Wed. January 4, 2023

It comes ahead of planned summits between the rogue nation and the US. “The statements by North Korea must be followed by verifiable steps that they are going to comply with the numerous UN security council resolutions that ban North Korea nuclear weapons and ballistic programs,” Ms Bishop said.
Ahead of this week's inter-Korean Summit, Pyongyang announced it will freeze its weapons programs. It also said a nuclear test site had ... U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted that it was “big progress” and that he was looking forward to his summit with Kim. The news was also welcomed in Beijing, Seoul ...

Each year Physicians for Social Responsibility Los Angeles calculates the costs of all nuclear weapons programs to communities across the nation. The Nuclear Weapons Community Costs Project has identified that this tax day the United States will spend $62.7 billion on these now illegal weapons.
On April 7, unnamed American officials told reporters that they had confirmed that Kim Jong Un was willing to discuss the denuclearization for the entire ... Rex Tillerson, also called for North Korea to "take concrete steps to reduce the threat that its illegal weapons programs pose to the United States and our ...
Report: OMB Requests Repurpose of $65M DOE Funds for NNSA Weapon Development ... NNSA announced plans to create the W76-2 warhead based on the W76-1 payload of the U.S. Navy's Trident missile and issued the Nuclear Posture Review in February that resulted in the non-inclusion of the ...

U.S. missile strikes 'significantly crippled' Syria's chemical weapons programs. Pentagon official says it's possible Syrian chemical weapons facilities were evacuated before missile strikes. more.