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updated Sun. October 15, 2023

A search is quietly being conducted by the Pentagon to see if there is a four-star military job suited for McMaster, these officials said. .... However, one top Pentagon official said McMaster's role in the administration should not prevent him from earning his fourth star, comparing his transition to other military ...
Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve and its partners continued to strike Islamic State of Iraq and Syria targets in designated parts of Syria and Iraq between March 9-15, conducting 23 strikes consisting of 37 engagements, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.

Chief Pentagon spokesperson Dana W. White said Russia bears responsibility for the massive casualties of innocent civilians in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta. White and Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., the director of the Joint Staff, briefed reporters during a weekly news conference.
The United States is in an era of constant science and technology competition from countries such as Russia and China, a senior Pentagon official said on Capitol ... In such a competitive environment, DoD must pay much more attention to future readiness and ensure its conventional overmatch remains on ...
One day after Air Force leaders severely restricted media contacts, Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan encouraged Pentagon officials to engage more with ... To drive home his point, he included two pages of “DoD Myth-Busting on Communications with Industry” and two of ethical boundaries.
By Terri Moon Cronk and Marine Corps Sgt. David Staten DoD News, Defense Media Activity. PRINT | E-MAIL | CONTACT AUTHOR. WASHINGTON, March 14, 2018 —. The military service chiefs of cybersecurity see an upward trend in the capacity, capabilities, sophistication and persistence of cyber ...

To drive his point, he included two pages of “DoD Myth-Busting on Communications with Industry” and two pages of ethical boundaries. Earlier this month Air Force joined the Navy in its crackdown on engagements with the press. Air Force leaders say public affairs officials must go through operational security training.
The Defense Department is seeking an enterprisewide cloud infrastructure to ensure warfighters have access to real-time, mission-critical data, DoD officials said March 7 at an industry day for the Joint ... The Industry Day event, held at the Sheraton Pentagon City near the Pentagon, was open to the public.
But Pentagon officials, citing the cost, logistical difficulties and rarity of large-scale military parades in the United States, have sought to shift the focus to celebrating American history and ... It is unclear whether Trump will be satisfied with the Pentagon plan, which one official said was still a work in progress.
Department of Defense officials say that initial problems with the MHS GENESIS health system are part of the development process. (Oleskly Mark). Negative user feedback was all part of the plan for a new electronic health care system, said Department of Defense officials and their private sector partners.

Sen. Bernie Sanders wants to know why so much of taxpayer money goes to the CEOs of defense companies. The CEOs of the top five defense contractors in the U.S. earned a combined total of $96 million in compensation last year. Lockheed Martin takes the lion's share of DoD funds with nearly 90 ...
WASHINGTON – The Department of Defense needs to accept a greater amount of risk in its military space systems, the Pentagon's top technology officer said ... But despite vocal support from Pentagon officials for such a shift, the slow speed of both the Pentagon bureaucracy and the long lead times ...
Officials say this isn't enough time to give the people the aid they need. With a failed cease-fire, Russia's commitment to de-escalate violence and negotiate a political solution is questionable. “Russia's inability to exert control over portions of the battlefield where they operate is troublesome,” White said.
Pentagon officials are worried about giving money back after claiming that mandatory spending caps since 2011, known as a sequester, had affected ... Adjusted for inflation, the account "has grown fairly steadily since 1980 and, over that time, taken up an increasing share of DOD's base budget," the report ...
The same day that Russian President Vladimir Putin touted new weapons that can travel at more than several times the speed of sound, a senior Pentagon official told reporters that the United States is underfunding its own research base for similar work. Putin claimed in a lengthy address on Thursday that ...
DoD leaders want to ensure the U.S. military can fight and win a high-intensity conflict, but the best solution is to compete at the level of the adversaries and win there before actual combat occurs, he said. “This is where the [special operations forces] enterprise can, and must, play a significant role,” he ...
More than a dozen working groups from across government have been studying the defense-industrial base to recommend ways to cover gaps and weaknesses. Those groups include representatives from the Pentagon and other agencies like the departments of Commerce and Homeland Security.
The recently released Nuclear Posture Review is grounded in a “realistic assessment” of the current security environment, and tailored to deter threats and reassure allies, Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Policy David J. Trachtenberg said here yesterday. A pilot sits in a cockpit while operating an ...
“Coalition advisors were with the SDF, and this action was taken in self-defense,” White said. “Pro-regime vehicles and personnel that were turned around and headed back west were not targeted.” The coalition observed a slow buildup of pro-regime forces over the past week, she added. Coalition officials ...
He said his office saw a significant increase in the number of complaints alleging misconduct by senior DoD officials from fiscal year 2008 to fiscal year 2012, and, since then, the number of ... “However, I want to make clear our recognition that any misconduct by a senior official is unacceptable,” Fine said.


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