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 U.S. Army Lieutenant General Raymond "H.R." McMaster

Herbert Raymond "H. R." McMaster (born July 24, 1962)[1] is a Lieutenant General in the United States Army, author, and President Donald Trump's designee to serve as the 26th United States National Security Advisor. His current military assignment is Director, army Capabilities Integration Center and Deputy Commanding General, Futures, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command. His previous assignment was commander of the Maneuver Center of Excellence at Ft. Benning, Georgia. McMaster previously served as Director of Combined Joint Interagency Task Force-Shafafiyat (CJIATF-Shafafiyat) (Transparency) at ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) Headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan. He is known for his roles in The Gulf War, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

U.S. Army General H.R. McMaster
U.S. Army General H.R. McMaster
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updated Tue. May 23, 2017

Amidst all of the confusion, the lies and the damaged norms of the Trump administration, one of the best hopes for good governance has been tied to a handful of respected, trusted senior officials with military backgrounds.
National security adviser H.R. McMaster said Sunday he doesn't really remember what President Donald Trump said in a meeting with Russian officials earlier this month.
President Donald Trump's national security adviser declined to say if the president confronted Russian officials about the country's interference in the 2016 U.S.
In the wake of H.R. McMaster's May 15 press briefing on the president's alleged sharing of classified information with the Russians ("The story that came out tonight is false," McMaster insisted), there was no shortage of voices saying that Trump's ...
As part of his first foreign trip as president, Donald Trump on Sunday will deliver a major speech to leaders of more than 50 Middle Eastern countries, which his national security adviser, Lt.
As President Trump travels for his first foreign trip, White House National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster comes exclusively to "This Week" Sunday. House Oversight Committee Chair Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, and ranking member Rep.
Washington (CNN) As President Donald Trump heads overseas for his first international trip as President, many in the international community will be watching his national security adviser, Gen. H.R. McMaster, who has just experienced one of the most ...
Not long ago, the National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. ... It is no secret that McMaster has been under systematic attack by close associates of Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon, as have Flynn's network, who kept their positions inside the White ...
The trip's objectives, his national security adviser, H. R. McMaster, has told reporters, is to "broadcast a message of unity to America's friends" and to pay his respects to the "homelands and holy sites of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths.
Specifically, by dampening Republicans' anxiety on Capitol Hill. "I take General McMaster at his word," said another military veteran, U.S.
When President Trump selected General H.R. McMaster to replace Michael Flynn as his national security adviser, the decision was met with near-universal praise.
"We had a very, very successful meeting with the foreign minister of Russia. Our fight is against ISIS, as Gen. McMaster said," Trump said in response to a shouted question from a reporter, referring to the briefing that national security adviser H.R ...
WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) - National Security Adviser Gen. H.R. McMaster said the information President Donald Trump shared with top Russian officials was "wholly appropriate," reaffirming his earlier belief that a report suggesting Trump ...
Yet there are no season finales to tie things together in the White House, and Trump's lapses of judgment will have real-life, global consequences.
Trump's most credible messengers are being accurate. But they're not being honest.
ROGER STONE: I want to raise this question, though. Why is it that General [James] Mattis, General [H.R.] McMaster, John Brennan, formerly of the CIA, Michael Hayden, formerly of the CIA, and James Clapper. Why do these guys all have shaved heads?
I asked several officers who know Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, President Donald Trump's National Security Advisor, how they would advise McMaster about his ...
President Trump planned to fire FBI director James B. Comey even if his attorney general had not recommended his dismissal, Trump said in an interview Thursday, contradicting his previous written statement and the accounts White House officials have ...
Speaking to reporters at the White House, H.R. McMaster called Trump's conversation "consistent with the routine sharing of information" between the president and a foreign power.
National Security Adviser Gen. H.R.. McMaster fielded questions again about reports Monday that President Trump had shared classified information with Russian officials at the White House last week. After the stories were posted, he delivered a brief ...
In a pair of Tweets Tuesday morning President Donald Trump seemingly confirmed and defended his decision to share confidential information with senior Russian officials in the Oval Office.
As a U.S. Army officer, H.R. McMaster has faced down Iraqi tank divisions, al Qaeda terrorists and Taliban insurgents. But as President Donald Trump's national security adviser, McMaster, now a lieutenant general, is navigating the strange environment ...
Washington, DC - National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster on Tuesday defended President Trump from reports that he revealed classified intelligence to Russian officials last week, saying what Trump did was "wholly appropriate." He also implied that ...
The latest well-regarded official to find his credibility pulled into Trump's maelstrom of scandal is National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster. "The place that has the highest risk is in the White House," said Eric Edelman, a former Bush ... "Nothing in ...
We were just watching General McMaster's press conference - which has taken the place of Sean Spicer's briefing today.
On Tuesday, the New York Times released a report which states that "Mr. Trump, who still openly laments having to dismiss his first national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, has groused that General McMaster talks too much in meetings, and the ...
the White House has insisted that reports about Donald Trump's meeting with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador are false - but has not denied he leaked classified information.
Washington, DC - MAY 16: National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster answers questions during a press briefing at the White House May 16, 2017 in Washington, DC.
WASHINGTON (CNN) - President Donald Trump's national security adviser, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, was shoved in the spotlight this week, addressing reporters at the White House twice in less than 24 hours after reports emerged that Trump may have ...
Even beyond the tempests surrounding the president, Israeli officials expressed alarm about the unwillingness of Mr. Trump's national security adviser, Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster, to publicly affirm that the Western Wall, ... on Monday, saying it did not ...
National Security Advisor General H.R. McMaster opened Tuesday's daily White House press briefing with a joke. Taking over for Press Secretary Sean Spicer, McMaster said he'd be offering a detailed itinerary of Trump's first trip abroad as president ...
Donald Trump did not know where the intelligence he shared with Russian officials was from, the White House has revealed in an admission that stunned many in an already reeling Washington.
(CNN) National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster faced the press Tuesday afternoon in hopes of quieting the storm caused by a Washington Post report that the president had shared classified information with two top Russian officials during a visit to the ...
Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump's national security adviser, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, was shoved in the spotlight this week, addressing reporters at the White House twice in less than 24 hours after reports emerged that Trump may have disclosed ...
"I read the Washington Post story and I read Gen. ... Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell, R-Ky., said Tuesday members of Congress could use a "little less drama" from President Trump and the White House following the media reports that the ...
President Trump has delegated the authority to set troop levels in Iraq and Syria to his Defence Secretary James Mattis, but decisions on Afghanistan would be from the White House.
"At no time" were intelligence methods or assets discussed during the meeting, McMaster added. Nothing Trump said constituted information that was not previously publicly known, according to the general. The Post previously reported that Russian ...
H.R. McMaster, President Trump's national security adviser, reportedly made a quick turnaround after accidentally running into reporters at the White House, according to reports on twitter.
National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster is scheduled to hold a press conference at 11:30 a.m. (ET) on Tuesday. McMaster is expected to address reports that President Donald Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russian ambassador and ...
White House national security adviser H.R. McMaster just emerged from the White House to declare that The Washington Post's story about Trump giving highly classified information to Russia "as reported, is false." ... Spicer issued a similar, "100 ...
Here's my take on General McMaster's statement, delivered in person a few moments ago outside the White House. First, here's the text.
CNN counterterrorism analyst Philip Mudd ripped into H.R. McMaster by saying that the White House National Security Advisor was "playing us for fools" with how he denied the explosive report from Washington Post tonight.
LT. Gen. H.R. McMaster, NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER: I have a brief statement for the record. There is nothing that the president takes more seriously than the security of the American people.
One of the few people willing to deliver harsh truths to Trump is Flynn's successor as national-security adviser, H.R. McMaster. The general has told Trump that his focus on the phrase "radical Islamic terror" is counterproductive, and smoothed over ...
WASHINGTON: US National Security Adviser Gen H.R. McMaster has said that the Trump administration is working on a policy which would apply to both Pakistan and Afghanistan, and would be announced soon.
Call for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from deciding Comey's replacement, given the new FBI director will be overseeing the investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia during the election. Extract a full ...
US President Donald Trump strikes back at Washington's Russophobes, Russian economist Ivan Danilov wrote for RIA Novosti, adding that, nevertheless, the ...
MR. SPICER: Wow, we got a full house today. Good afternoon. It's good to be back with you. Apparently I was a little missed. We're one week out from the ...





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