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updated Mon. March 11, 2024

In 2010 she founded her own independent nonprofit media company called the Futuro Media Group, from which she produces the longest-running Latino-focused program on U.S. public media, “Latino USA.” Among her projects is “In the Thick,” a podcast covering race, identity and politics that began in ...

Children always provide a good flag to wave when it comes to issues being argued at a higher level (for example, “Save Big Bird” as the emblem of US public media funding). For the most part, though, the problems and the points of impact are over the heads of kids. These are, for the present, C-Suite ...
Public media in the United States is a decentralized service that provides content across broadcast and digital platforms. The organizations are not governmental agencies, but rather local public institutions funded by a mix of federal funds, individual supporters and corporate and foundation sponsors.
The U.S. public media system is far from perfect. It remains underfunded compared to other countries, and what little funding it does receive from the government is regularly attacked by free-market and socially conservative forces. In addition, despite its success at reaching audiences across the country, ...
One way is to increase government support for U.S. public media, the worst-funded in the Western world. Research shows that public media tend to be more independent, ideologically diverse and critical of dominant policy positions compared to commercial news organizations. Furthermore, strong public ...
The public broadcaster is primarily funded by a license tax on households with TVs, a system that has frequently been attacked by conservative politicians in the U.K. Failure to pay the fee is a crime. (PBS, NPR and other U.S. public media outlets have a different funding model, which includes federal funds ...
U.S. public media orgs raise the rest of their money through a combination of donations and advertising (even if they don't call it advertising), the same way that nonprofit media orgs do — nonprofits like ProPublica and the Texas Tribune. Does that mean that, in the United States, nonprofit media and public ...
NPR's Latino USA with Maria Hinojosa, produced by the Futuro Media Group, is the longest running Latino-focused program on U.S. public media. In 2014, the program won a prestigious Peabody Award. Latino USA is a journal of news and culture, and is the only national, English-language radio program produced from a ...
... said he did not see the need for registration. “We're going argue that three hours a day shouldn't necessitate us having to doing all of this,” he said. Current, "a nonprofit news service for and about public media in the U.S.," was first to report on RT going dark on local cable systems in the nation's capital.


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