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updated Sat. March 25, 2017

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Why do we allow schools that short-change our students to linger on for so long before granting parents access to nearby high-performing public schools? The Texas Constitution clearly requires the Legislature to provide an efficient system of free ...
Raising concerns that New York state lawmakers plan to fund charter schools at the expense of public schools, the group of about a dozen educators marched and chanted for nearly an hour outside Young's West State Street office.
The Aiken County public school District named its finalists for 2017-18 teachers of the Year and 2016-17 Giving Even More (GEM) award winners.
Support public schools, vote Tony Evers for state superintendent of public instruction.
The Cherokee Nation gave a record $5 million to 107 school districts during the tribe's annual public school Appreciation Day.
... after Culleoka Unit school freshman Elizabeth Thomas was allegedly abducted by her third period health science teacher Tad Cummins, Maury County public schools has announced the formation of a new task force to review parental-notification policies.
The state capital, Jackson, is experimenting with charter schools, which are publicly funded but privately operated. Darlings of the "school choice" movement, charter schools are generally more racially segregated than traditional public schools. A ...
Further, many public school advocates argue that either vouchers or tax credits will adversely impact public school education by siphoning tax money away from struggling public schools. The principle of subsidiarity - the idea that liberty is ...
Classrooms or other areas designated for prayer are not that unusual in public schools. Legally, schools can make accommodations for students who want to ...
Earlier this year, Chance donated $1-million to Chicago public schools, the system in which he was educated, after an "unsuccessful" meeting about education in the state with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner.
The New York state Senate has voted to make St. Patrick's Day a holiday for New York City pubic schools.
Whites' plan would revamp the way public school letter grades are calculated. It would also put public schools on a course for more rigorous academic standards, and change the way student performance is measured.
Emerado (N.D.) public school has been ranked as's best public elementary school in North Dakota for 2017. schools are ranked based on academics, teachers and diversity.
Solomon SUPES Academy won a lucrative $20.5 million no-bid contract from CPS to train principals after admitted to bribing schools CEO Barbara Byrd Bennett.
Minnesota Senate proposal would allow students to take one-third of classes at religious schools.
With the passing of the bond issue Feb. 14, $74 million will be given to Stillwater public schools for school renovations, more convenient and resourceful forms of transportation, increased maintenance and an expansion in security.
Frederick, MD. - population is booming in Frederick County, and with that comes more students the school system has to cater to. To help relieve overcrowding in elementary schools, and balance enrollment, construction for the new Butterfly Ridge ...
EDITOR: The Stevens Point Area public school District Board of education recently passed a resolution calling upon the governor and state legislature to adequately fund public schools in Wisconsin. I thank them for taking this action. Restoring funding ...
school resource officer Ed Richardson greets students at Mullan Road Elementary in Spokane on March 9, 2017. Spokane public schools has approved a change in policy regarding use of force. (Kathy Plonka / The Spokesman-Review). By Eli Francovich ...
Kansas City, MO. - During Wednesday night's school board meeting, Kansas City public school board members unanimously voted to pass the Safe and Welcoming schools resolution, which disallows U.S.
"You may hear it said sometimes that prayer's been kicked out of public schools," said Joy Baskin, director of legal services with the Texas Association of school Boards.
Boston, MA - It took 382 years, allegations of racially charged incidents that made national news and a civil rights Act violation, but the nation's first public school finally has a "person of color" in charge. Rachel Skerritt has agreed to become ...
Florida's public schools would have to let students lead religious prayers during the school day and at school-sanctioned events, under a controversial proposal that the state Senate approved Thursday, mostly along party lines.
You'll hardly see WAFB's Donna Britt and East Baton Rouge Parish school Superintendent Warren Drake hosting an Entertainment show, but on Friday night, they'll showcase some of the finest talent in the public school system's music programs.
(KTUL) -- A committee looking at the future of Broken Arrow public schools says the district needs four 9th through 12th-grade high schools.
Seven Santa Fe public school buses shuttled students, teachers and parents to a rally at the Roundhouse last week for those interested in protesting education budget cuts, according to a district spokesperson.
It's a "Zoom" school that receives additional state money and resources to help students who don't speak English, and a weighted funding formula just introduced in the Legislature would expand such support to qualifying students at all public schools.
Parents and educators across the country denounced DeVos' nomination and her subsequent confirmation as education secretary, often citing her lack of experience with public schools. During her confirmation hearing, DeVos also made headlines with her ...
I recently read a news article about the public school union uproar behind the visit of President Trump and education Secretary Betsy DeVos to a Florida private school and had to chuckle at the irony of it all.
On March 10 Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh and Delegate Maggie McIntosh announced a proposed city and state plan to provide $180 million in additional funding for city public schools, to be distributed over the next three years. "I have asked my staff ...
Chicago public schools' CEO Forrest Claypool lashed back at Gov. Bruce Rauner on Wednesday, saying the governor's recent assertion that Mayor Rahm Emanuel was causing a crisis at the school district was "a statement of 'Alice in Wonderland' absurdity.
Some school leaders are pushing the Legislature to relax accountability standards instead of improving the current standards. Bob Booth Special to the Star-Telegram.
All parents want the best for their children. But what are the pros and cons of a private versus public school education? In San Luis Obispo County, there.
School board Chairman Mike Lee says the Durham public schools has to do a better job of marketing its programs to compete with the county's growing number of charter schools.
FALLS CHURCH, Va. (ABC7) - For more than 30 years high school students in Falls Church City public schools have been exposed to the International Baccalaureate program.
Annie Kosek, the principal at Littlebrook Elementary school, has been named the new assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction for the Princeton ...
A tax settlement between consumers Energy and the city of Zeeland has cut some of Zeeland public schools' local funding millages.
In anticipation of more budget cuts the superintendent of Oklahoma City public schools has proposed closing five schools to save money.
Peoria public schools is making the best of a national teacher shortage. With 32 open positions currently across its schools and 28 teachers expected to retire at the end of the school year, the district says it won't make the reduction-in-force cuts ...
Following an internal investigation that remains ongoing, officials with Maury County public schools (MCPS) released additional information today on the timeline they have confirmed transpired in the wake of an initial report of alleged inappropriate ...
Many families have children in both charter and regular public schools. Charters are part of the system of public schools, completely answerable to the Commonwealth. All of the children are public school students. All of us who believe in the ...
Wisconsin's K-12 public school Libraries will receive $32.1 million.
ROCKVILLE, Md. - Five days after two Rockville high school students were charged with the rape of a 14-year-old classmate inside the school, Montgomery County public schools superintendent Dr. Jack Smith held a news conference to highlight that their ...
Our family's decision to send one of our children to the Montessori school was driven by the harsh reality that the public school he attended simply did not work for his needs. Even with an Individualized education Program, the environment his school ...
The lawsuit - filed by numerous public school advocates against the state and Governor Rick Snyder - says that is unconstitutional and asks for a preliminary injunction to prevent the state from giving out any funds until the court completes a full ...
The Alabama State Department of education is moving forward with plans to test the drinking water in all of the roughly 1,500 pre-K through 12th grade public schools in the state for lead content within the next three years. The testing is not required ...
After being hit hard by medical claims the past two years, Washington County public schools' health insurance pool was in the red by nearly $2.5 million at the ...
New Jersey-based NRG Energy donated solar panels for the roofs of seven Waukegan schools, including these at Washington Elementary School, said a spokesman for the company that donated the design and engineering work, the equipment, the ...






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