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updated Thu. March 23, 2017

They said the City Administration, Ethiopian Red Cross Society and various NGOs are providing some emergency relief aid to withstand the tragedy temporarily.
Ethiopia is India's gateway to Africa and Ethiopia wants India, more than China, to come and participate in its development.
They met through their mothers, who were both born in Ethiopia and had become neighbors in the same apartment complex in Phoenix.
After the downfall of the Derg regime in 1991, the then transitional government of Ethiopia did try to do its level best to establish the judiciary body relatively to be independent of the executive branch of the government.
Inaccessibility and proper executions of mandates are setting barricades along the path of Ethiopian Institute of Ombudsman (EIO) limiting its noble goals of ensuring rule of law, protecting human and democratic rights as well as rectifying ...
A commendable new trend is emerging among professional Ethiopian Diaspora to contribute in knowledge sharing and technology transfer in an organized fashion featuring in multifaceted sectors, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The agreements were signed during the president's official visit to Ethiopia from March 16 to March 18. Besides the agreements they signed which concern their countries, both leaders spoke about regional issues of common concern.
Editorial - Ethiopia's foreign policy is shaped by the unique circumstances and the geopolitical landscape of the region. A home for more than 100 million people ...
Health State Minister Dr. Kebede Worku said Ethiopia has shown greater commitment towards ending tuberculosis. Opening the 12th TB Research Annual Conference and Commemoration of World TB Day yesterday, the state minister cited a plenitude of ...
The United States Agency For International Development (USAID) announced that it has made a successful activity with Ministry of Health to improve Ethiopia's access to pharmaceutical services. In a press release sent to The Ethiopian Herald, USAID ...
For more than a couple of decades, Ethiopia has been registering high economic growth. The development of infrastructures such as roads railway and energy is playing crucial role in encouraging investment flow.
Ethiopia's agricultural extension technologies and practices need to be replicated and applied to a pastoral sector. The remark was made by Dr.
Ethiopia's largest economic partner in the region and the third biggest export destination, Saudi Arabia, for instance, imports around 80 percent of its food requirements from foreign countries and has set plan to stop producing wheat and other ...
Recently, Ethiopia has launched the new Agricultural Extension strategy, which is considered to speed up the transformation of Ethiopian agriculture. The Ministry of Agriculture and natural resources had recently tabled the new Strategy for discussion ...
We had no way to clean up, because this massive, overcrowded hospital in Ethiopia hadn't had water in six weeks. We left covered with blood.
There's a new way of doing diplomacy in Ethiopia's capital, one that forsakes communiques and speeches in favour of music, sweat and bare feet.
Habeteselassie Tafesse who coined previous tourism brand '13 months of sunshine' and dubbed as the father of Ethiopian tourism, gets recognition for his excelled contribution to Ethiopia's tourism development and growth. The Amharic version of the new ...
5.6 million people in need of relief assistance. 4.7 million are targeted in the joint WFPGovernment of Ethiopia (GoE) response, with the balance assisted by the NGO consortium Joint Emergency Operations Programme (JEOP).
Addis Ababa March 21, 2017 World Food Programme (WFP) has donated 600,000 USD worth laboratory equipment and vehicles to the Ethiopian Strategic Food Reserve Agency today. At the handover ceremony, WFP Representative and Country Director, ...
On March 20, 2017 local time, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn of Ethiopia met with State Councilor Yang Jiechi in Addis Ababa.
During the Lent lead-up to Easter, Ethiopian Orthodox Christians fast for 55 consecutive days (Catholics fast for 40 days).
Ethiopian Railway corporation (ERC) gets a new board chairman Seleshi Bekele (PhD), minster of Water, Irrigation and Electricity replacing the former board chairman Arkebe Oqobay (PhD), special advisor to the Prime Minister.
They were gassed on the ground and strafed from the skies. Ethiopia was overwhelmed. Bruno Mussolini, son of the Duce, wrote newspaper articles about clusters of Ethiopians "bursting open like a rose" when bombed from above.
Though Ethiopia is the first African country to make modern laws, including the stipulation of establishment of business organizations back in 1960, the concept of holding company has not been accepted by law for the last half a century.
Months ago a delegation comprising the government, United Nations and Non-Governmental Organizations had assessed the drought affected areas of the eastern and southern parts of arid areas of the country and proved that 5.6 million people are in need ...
March 20, 2017 (Addis Ababa) - The Great Ethiopian Run association in collaboration with an Ethiopian investor said it organizing the first ever Great South Sudan Run, which aims at promoting peace.
Back from recess after the first half of the current fiscal year, the all EPRDF and allies dominated Parliament heard from the Prime Minister, who chose to focus mainly on macroeconomic issues.
In a bid to understand and explain the challenges of resource governance in Africa, the Tana Forum chose to focus on the issue of natural resources Governance in Africa for the sixth summit scheduled to be channeled in April 2017 in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.
The family of an Abbotsford teen who was fatally stabbed in November plans to honour her memory with a project benefiting a cause close to her heart.
Friends and employees who knew Ibex Ethiopian Bar & Restaurant owner Gitem Demissie said he was always thinking of others - from encouraging children to do their best or helping people down on their luck.
Livestock assistance in drought affected areas includes animal health, destocking and animal feed support. The map below indicates ongoing and planned livestock related activities of organizations that support the drought response.
Unless funding is received in a timely manner, the gains made over the last one year will be rapidly eroded. Uncertainties around available resources in the government of Ethiopia's (GoE) pipeline poses a challenge to preparedness planning for WFP and ...
Ethiopia and China have agreed to take their trade, investment and infrastructural cooperation to a higher level. President Dr.
ARRA and UNHCR jointly organized two meetings with external stakeholders to discuss the roadmap and the associated structures meant to create a legal environment conducive to the implementation of the set of pledges the Ethiopian government made at ...
Rainbow for the Future hosted the second annual sports for Ethiopia March 17-18 at the Rotary Spirit Centre to raise funds for Ethiopia. For the past two years Sarah Redding has been the top individual fundraiser and managed to raise $8,755 for the cause.
Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn said Ethiopia committed to strengthen its strategic partnership with the European Union (EU).
The two consulting firms chosen to conduct studies on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dam (GERD) have been carrying out their operations as per schedule, according to Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity.
Russian Ambassador to Ethiopia Vsevolod Tkachenko said Russian companies crave to invest in Ethiopia is increasing while eyeing the energy sector as a priority.
At least 113 people, according to the latest government estimate, were killed when part of the Repi landfill, in the southwest of Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa, collapsed. In the days since, grieving survivors have been tormented by a pressing ...
Addis Ababa - On the flight from Rome to Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, flight attendants hand out Chinese-language magazines.
The U.S. and Ethiopia Military on Monday began training soldiers from the African Union mission in Somalia (AMISOM) aimed at countering the threat from the radical Islamist group al-Shabaab.
British Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs State Secretary Boris Johnson lauded Ethiopian's fast growth during his visit to the largest and most modern Ethiopian aviation Academy and state-of-the-art flight simulators at Ethiopian Headquarter Thursday.
The scuffle between the two nations over the dam reached a low point in 2013 - Zawya Mena Edition.
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was in Ethiopia on 16 March as part of a three-day tour of East Africa. He met with Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and Foreign Minister Workneh and discussed regional security and expanding cooperation in ...
Six members of Sheffield Health Action Resource for Ethiopia, (SHARE), recently visited St Pauls hospital in Addis Ababa and Ayder Referral Hospital in Mekelle.
WEATHERFORD, Oklahoma -. A community has wrapped its arms around a young boy from Ethiopia. He was adopted by a family in Weatherford and shortly after diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy.
Harar is one of the ancient cities in Ethiopia and the fourth holiest city of Islam, owning 82 mosques. It served as the capital of Harari Kingdom from 1520 to 1568 until its integration with Ethiopia in 1887. It has been officially registered as an ...
Last Tuesday, the D.C. Circuit ruled in Doe v. Ethiopia that Ethiopia cannot be sued in U.S. court for allegedly hacking the computer of a political dissident living in Maryland.
When it's finished, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dam will be Africa's largest hydroelectric plant. But not everyone is happy about its construction.
Addis Ababa - On the flight from Rome to Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, flight attendants hand out Chinese-language magazines.






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