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"We now have confirmed reports in a number of areas in the most severely affected region of the country, which is the south, that food is being distributed to people who are members of Mugabe's political party and is not being distributed based on need. The children of opposition party members have been driven away from school supplementary feeding programs in rural areas."
Andrew Natsios, the administrator for the United States Agency for International Development, testimony before Congress, 8/2002 logo
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updated Wed. April 26, 2017

Section 213 further says only the President as Commander in Chief of the Defence Forces has power to authorise the deployment of the Defence Forces in defense of Zimbabwe in support of the police service in the maintenance of order or in support of ...
ZISPA (the Zimbabwe Internet service providers' Association) is an independent and voluntary association established to represent all the major ISPs in Zimbabwe and deal with matters relating to the provision of Internet access in Zimbabwe. ZISPA's ...
Zimbabwe can, of course, grow some of its own wheat. But this has to be grown under irrigation which drives up costs. Generally imported wheat, grown by dry-land farmers, will be cheaper than Zimbabwean-grown wheat, even when transport and other costs ...
PRIMARY and Secondary education Permanent Secretary, Sylvia Utete Masango has blamed the land reform programme for the miserable state of schools in rural Matebeleland.
Zimbabwe professional golfers once again failed to stamp their authority at the Zimbabwe Open, which was dominated by South Africans at Royal Harare on Sunday.
The Swedish government has signed a funding agreement worth $773 000 with UNICEF, that will see the creation of employment for young Zimbabweans.
ALONG a post-independence fabric liberally blotted with death and suffering, the Matabeleland killings of 1983-4 remain Zimbabwe's most glaring. Thousands of Ndebele civilians were murdered and maimed by Mugabe's North Korean-trained 5th Brigade in ...
China remains the top destination for Zimbabwean tobacco, buying 13,8 million kg worth $114, 4 million at an average price of $8,28 per kg.
Harare - THE dark clouds dangled threateningly in the sky with the unmistakable promise of more rain. The wintry breeze, rather biting in its chill, blew through the open street, just outside the empty Masterson Home at 85 Baines Avenue in Zimbabwe's ...
Manufacturers of the only non-surgical male circumcision device, prepex, are working on improving the process to mitigate associated risks like tetanus.
Geingob will also address Zimbabwean representatives of various industries at Harare, and is then expected to officially open the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) at Bulawayo on 28 April. A select group of Namibian business people will be ...
People's Democratic party (PDP)'s Elvis Mugari, speaking during the same forum, said they want to force President Mugabe out of office before the 2018 elections.
The recent much publicised public spat between Phillip Chiyangwa and Saviour Kasukuwere disclosed shocking details about the activities of land barons in Zimbabwe. The MDC is deeply concerned that whilst millions of Zimbabweans are homeless and ...
Yes they are from Zimbabwe." " There are people who come from Zimbabwe and cross the line here. They run away from the military in Zimbabwe and they come and promote criminality here in South Africa. That is the truth, where should I tell that truth ...
A year after a state of emergency was declared in Zimbabwe, the country is now able to export excess food. Last year, the Command agriculture programme was launched in response to the shrinking agricultural output and drought.
Tshwane - Zimbabwean ambassador in South Africa, Isaac Moyo, on Tuesday night responded to remarks made by police Minister Fikile Mbalula to the effect that members of the Zimbabwe National army, fleeing from the military service in their country are ...
THE Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company says revenue inflows have increased by over 35 percent since the adoption of the prepaid meter system, which has also helped to significantly whittle down debts.
Information, communication technology, Postal and Courier Services Minister Supa Mandiwanzira's sister Loveness Susan has died.
Zimbabwe will repatriate hundreds of Rwandan nationals staying in the southern African country as refugees in compliance with the Cessation Clause which ...
Comexposed, the source of all things comics in Zimbabwe, held a Comic Book Day in Harare over the weekend. Called Comic Day 5 the event is sort of a mini ...
After the brief interlude last week, this blog concludes the series of five pieces on youth in the new resettlement areas. Our studies across Zimbabwe have shown how school leavers imagine their futures, but also how in practice these visions are often ...
Bulawayo giants Highlanders returned to winning ways in style after netting three goals in a thrilling second-half to edge visiting ZPC Kariba 3-2.
"The National Bakers Association of Zimbabwe in liaison with the Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe is hereby requesting a meeting with you at the earliest possible time to discuss issues that came out of a joint meeting held on Tuesday April 19 ...
While I understand our Zimbabwean penchant for making jokes out of our every misfortune and calamity, I want us to stand back and look at this proposition again.
The Zimbabwe Broadcasting corporation (ZBC) television will now broadcast news in Chewa, Ndau, Kalanga, Xhosa and Shangaan.
In this analogy of the Zimbabwe bus, South African based writer, Chivhu Mudhara, poses a thought provoking query: can the bus driver be trusted with the lives ...
Harare - Zimbabwe will not be adopting the rand, the country's central bank chief has said, arguing that the southern African country's cash woes are stemming from high imports and poor local production.
'37 years of Zimbabwe Independence' read one poster. '37 years of Mugabe slavery' read another. Exiles in the UK marked Zimbabwe's national day with a mixture of anticipation and fear - the bitter fruits of 'liberation'.
By comparison the crude attempts of the Zanu PF Party in Zimbabwe after the transition in 1980 have been ineffective and poorly conceived and managed.
Harare - Some few years ago, Soul Jah Love real name Saul Masaka, was a homeless man, a roving ruffian of no fixed abode, but today his music is touching souls, and leaving a mark on the crowded music scene.
A woman believed to be in her 60s died after being bitten by a spider while attending a neighbour's funeral wake weekend. Sibekiwe Ndlovu-Moyo, a resident from the border town's Mfelandawonye suburb, was taken ill at Victoria Falls District hospital ...
Brian Chakwenya scored with brilliant free kick as Yadah FC stunned log leaders Ngezi platinum 1-0 on matchday 4 in the Zimbabwe Premier League. Ngezi had won their first three matches of the new campaign to ease to the top of the standings and were ...
Bulawayo - A Zimbabwean thief, who got stuck in a chimney in March has been sentenced to 36 months in jail, says a report. According to the state owned Chronicle newspaper, Andrea Zunga, 33, was facing charges of unlawful entry, and theft.
After years of relying on food handouts, Zimbabwe expects this year to have a substantial maize harvest. But the government must make the crop more attractive to farmers to further ease the perennial hunger problem.
It is in this regard that the National Gallery of Zimbabwe is looking for 100 Zimbabwean Hair Stories. The contestants should come up with a one minute video clip sharing their hair story and stand a chance to be featured in the upcoming Zimbabwe In ...
Contrary to allegations that Western governments "did nothing" when Mugabe's army went on the rampage in the early 1980s, they may have helped prevent total slaughter.
Since its formation, in 1980, Zimbabwe has never seen such low moments. It is remarkable, given that we have hogged the bottom of the barrel from inception.
Ten years ago, former bricklayer, Samuel Musengi was allocated a nine-hectare plot to cultivate in Zimbabwe, as part of an accelerated phase of land reform programme that saw tens of thousands of black families resettled on what were once vast, mostly ...
Zimbabwe is yet to impose a ban on the harvesting of amacimbi (imbrassia belina) delicacy which is facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild due to over-harvesting and deforestation in the southern parts of the country.
The reason why the rand stopped being welcome in Zimbabwe - certainly in the capital, perhaps less in Bulawayo - was two-fold: the rand lost value so there were quarrels over the exchange rate of the day and Zimbabwe brought in bond coins, which meant ...
Zimbabwe is likely to suffer a huge reduction in aid funding following a proposal by the United States to cut allocations to the State Department and United States Agency For International Development (USAID).
A Zimbabwean woman, Sharon Khethiwe Ngwenya, who walked with a lion in Victoria Falls a year ago and had her video posted on You Tube, says she is not afraid of lions.
Zimbabwe 's commercial banks maybe compelled to accept livestock such as cattle, goats and sheep as collateral for cash loans to informal businesses under a new bill presented to parliament last Tuesday.
Zimbabwe has been hit hard with a string of hardships. After months of drought last year, the rainy season residents prayed for ended up causing serious flooding that affected over 300 people.
After years of relying on food handouts, Zimbabwe expects this year to have a substantial maize harvest. But the government must make the crop more attractive ...
Officials have warned villagers living near the Save River in southeastern Zimbabwe to move around in pairs for their own safety after a man was savaged by a ...
In this Sunday, March 11, 2017 photo, children fight in a boxing ring in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. Zimbabwean boys as young as 10 hurry every weekend to a boxing ring whose nickname, Wafa Wafa, in the local Shona language suggests that whoever enters ...
A Zimbabwean woman, Sharon Khethiwe Ngwenya, who walked with a lion in Victoria Falls a year ago and had her video posted on You Tube, says she is not ...
Harare - President Robert Mugabe's grip on power has faced little recent threat from Zimbabwe's splintered opposition, but efforts to forge a unified alliance in next year's election could test his supremacy.
Oxfam is responding to floods crisis directly in Mberengwa, drought crisis directly in Masvingo, Matobo and Gutu Districts. Oxfam is also working in some cases with partners WFP and aquaculture Zimbabwe in Masvingo District and ORAP in Matobo District.





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