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updated Wed. October 18, 2017

The office noted that the stated sum would be secured from bond sells, GERD trophy tours, SMS, lottery sale, among others. Ethiopians home and abroad have so far made a 9.6-billion Birr contribution for the 6,450MW hydro-power project, the office stated.
In the 1980s and 1990s, tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jews moved to Israel in two waves of mass immigration organized by the Israeli government.
Ethiopian-diaspora-support-GERD March 21, 2017 - Ethiopians Diaspora from different part of the world has warmly welcomed the launching of the construction of the dam, said Diaspora Engagement Affairs Director-General, Demeke Atnafu, according to ...
In my belief, the ever growing power generating capacity of the grand Renaissance dam shows that the unity the people of Ethiopia and the path towards their Renaissance is both flourishing. I don't think the change seen by the dam for the past six ...
Accordingly, the research attests to the genetic diversity of Ethiopians and emboldens the level of diversity even further than the normal ethnic and linguistic lines.
They were gassed on the ground and strafed from the skies. Ethiopia was overwhelmed. Bruno Mussolini, son of the Duce, wrote newspaper articles about clusters of Ethiopians "bursting open like a rose" when bombed from above. He admitted to finding this ...
Addis Ababa - On the flight from Rome to Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, flight attendants hand out Chinese-language magazines.
RIYADH: Border Guards recently thwarted several attempts to plant land mines, and smuggle weapons and more than half ton of hashish at the southern border, ...
police sources revealed to the that the officers had received confidential information that the Ethiopians were "being tracked by a higher authority within the police and planned to cash in on the intelligence.
Awramba Times (Addis Ababa) - Two prominent Ethiopians have received Awards of Golden Order of Merit from the Confederation of African football (CAF) on Thursday.
The slums surrounding the massive garbage dump are home to the most economically marginalized and poorest Ethiopians. Survivors of the landslide reported that the government was slow to organize a rescue operation.
In all the efforts, Chinese firms have been playing vital roles. Their work has changed not only the landscape of Ethiopia, but the lives of individual Ethiopians. Tewolde Tikue, aged 40 and an engineer by training, employs more than 200 manual workers ...
People wrote columns," co-creator Shai Ben-Atar said in a promotional video, referring to 2015 demonstrations protesting police brutality against Ethiopians. "Our demonstration is a demonstration of love. We come to the audience with love. We come with ...
Ethiopians kidnapped, shot by South Sudanese gunmen Gunmen from South Sudan killed 28 people and kidnapped 43 children in neighbouring Ethiopia, a government official said on Wednesday, another demonstration of how Sudan's civil war threatens ...
Ethiopians Demand Answers Following Koshe Landslide. Last Updated: March 15, 2017 2:10 PM. Salem Solomon. FILE - rescuers work at the scene of a garbage landslide, on the outskirts of the capital Addis Ababa, in Ethiopia.
Addis Ababa - Ethiopians in the east African country have told Eyewitness News they received the news of attacks on foreign nationals in South Africa on home soil with shock and sadness and are calling on the SA government to protect non-nationals.
With the understanding of the countless suffering of Ethiopians like the Amhara, today, I am specifically here to speak about three generations of pain, agony and political oppression against the Oromo people.
Addis Ababa - In rural and urban Ethiopia, Chinese contractors are busy building railways that are counted upon to speed up the industrialization of the east African country.
In recent years, the country has been one of Africa's top-performing economies and a magnet for foreign investment, with growth in near-double digits and huge infrastructure investment.
Addis Ababa: In rural and urban Ethiopia, Chinese contractors are busy building railways that are counted upon to speed up the industrialization of the east African country.
More than a century ago, when expedition by the European superpowers to the rest of the world was but normal, and that the former acted as if they bore the responsibility of "civilizing" the later, the Italians waged war to teach the Ethiopians a ...
I am told around Johannesburg here, there's between 40/45 000 Ethiopians in the greater Johannesburg area. You never ever hear of an attack against Ethiopians." Meanwhile, a group calling themselves the Coalition of Civics against Xenophobia has ...
90 million Ethiopians have come to know in the last 26 years that Waynes main priorities and goals are to make yourselves as wealthy as the likes of Bill Gates!
Since the coming of EPRDF into power in 1991, Ethiopians have determined to harness their natural resource so as to alleviating poverty and ensuring sustainable socio-economic development.
The battle of Adwa illustrates the high-mindedness of the Ethiopian people and show-cased the meanness of the invading European colonial force, i.e.
It is considered as the symbolic month of victory by many Ethiopians since they have won outstanding achievements that played pivotal role in their current situation.
He also noted that the visit which coincided with the period the Ethiopian people defeated Italian imperialists on 2nd March 1898, reminded him of the great heroism of the Ethiopian people who defended themselves against imperialism leaving Ethiopia ...
Nairobi, March 6 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Millions of drought-stricken Ethiopians needing food, water and emergency medical care are not receiving it due to funding shortages, the United Nations said, warning the crisis will worsen if spring ...
All those Ethiopian patriots fought for our country as Ethiopians FIRST and foremost. Our heroic ancestors did not claim to be "Oromo-first"or "Amhara-first.
When the Tessema family started their business making injera - a staple in Ethiopia, their target market was residents who lived near the factory, but 15 years later the bakery has a growing market of clients abroad.
For example, during the difficult times of the 1980s where many parts of Ethiopia were stricken by recurrent drought and war and even with the then dictatorial military regime: the Derg, tens of thousands of Ethiopians left their political differences ...
... had traveled from Eritrea to the dam in order to act out their attack, Zadig told. The dam's construction began in April 2011, costing about $5 billion for the entire project fully funded by Ethiopian people and government. ( ...
The Ethiopian Empire stunned the world on March 1, 1896, when it won a decisive victory against the Kingdom of Italy at the Battle of Adwa, cementing Ethiopia's sovereignty against Italian encroachment.
I would not be sceptical for a while that the Ethiopian people will be ready to construct this dam." Buying his noble dream, all the citizens have been extending their unreserved support through different mechanisms for the construction of the Dam ...
In the same token, the victory was not only the pride of Ethiopians but also all Africans and other black people living all over the world who were considered as inferior and incapable of withstanding the white supremacy.
No-Rule-Change-US-Embassy-Official February 28, 2017 - The U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa said Ethiopians can apply for visas as usual, according to FBC.
You bloodyhand remorseless Woyanes are hated because of your unprecedented bone chilling, unspeakable, horrifying crimes you have committed against peaceful, innocent Ethiopians from E, W, N and South of Ethiopia!!! You think evicting Gambelans ...
Thousands of runners braved chilly morning winds on Sunday at the Hainan Marathon in Sanya, with Ethiopians dominating in both divisions, except China's Su Xueting, who finished third in the women's race.
In the same token, the victory was not only the proud of Ethiopians but also all Africans and other black people around the world who were considered as incapable of withstanding the white conquerors.
EU incentivises rural Ethiopians against migration An Ethiopian covers his face as he waits in Djibouti for a boat to Yemen, Feb. 22, 2015.
Mr Tewolde said, "education is the greatest Equalizer in our highly integrated world today and for this reason we are putting great emphasis in training young Ethiopians and our African brothers and sisters in order to enable them to develop the ...
The men's race in at the 2017 Tokyo Marathon, featuring stud Wilson Kipsang, is the one to watch Saturday night but there are a few storylines worth monitoring in the women's race.
There has been a growing exodus since 2015. About 740,000 Ethiopians now live abroad. Ethiopia itself is home to the largest number of refugees in Africa, housing 670,000 refugees in camps along its borders with Eritrea, South Sudan, and Somalia.
"It will be something good for us, South Sudanese and Ethiopians, should these two leaders put into action what they will agree on.
Tributes to Silvia Pankhurst, who published series of articles regarding Ethiopians' patriotic struggles in a newspaper she founded and edited, New Times and Ethiopia News.
Wilbroad Mutafungwa, Kilimanjaro Regional police Commander, said that the illegal immigrants had no relevant documents and were also said to have established a temporary camp in an area that is close to the Tanzania-Kenya boarder.
While the government and humanitarian partners implemented a remarkably effective response with generous donor support last year, millions of vulnerable Ethiopians are still facing prolonged drought. "The CERF grant covers only a small portion of what ...
However, after the overthrow of the regime in 1991 by the Ethiopian people Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) led coalition force, Ethiopia has been breathing fresh air of peace, equality, democracy and prosperity.
Khartoum - On Saturday, a Khartoum court sentenced 65 Ethiopians to 40 lashes and a large fine for staging a demonstration.
Their gallant deeds, at home, were not veiled from the face of the international community. Tributes to Silvia Pankhurst, who published series of articles regarding Ethiopians' patriotic struggles in a newspaper she founded and edited, New Times and ...