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updated Wed. April 26, 2017

His book begins, "For all I knew at the time, I could have been a mass murderer that escaped from a maximum security prison and I came to the U.S.
When asked why his client committed the crimes, Perrone compared McAtasney to Charles Manson, the convicted mass murderer and charismatic cult leader.
That's right, terrorist mastermind, mass murderer and part time dieter Marwan Barghouti, called for a Palestinian security prisoner hunger strike recently, the same Marwan who was caught in the past on video cheating, eating food, while his comrades ...
Add to this the Direct Girls-raping-murders covered by police, AND now by Hinduism Bigotry, Add to this Direct Wife-killings for a few Dowry more, and Indians have the terrible record of surpassing mass murderers like MAOTSETOUNG, STALINE, HITLER ...
Diplomatic efforts to curb the weapons' use by Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, a mass murderer who has previously attacked his own citizens with poison gas, haven't worked.
mass murderer Charles Manson lost his eighth bid for parole and will have to wait five years for another chance for freedom.
The judge in the case of admitted mass murderer Scott Dekraai might remove execution as a possible penalty because of the misuse of jailhouse informants by local prosecutors and sheriff deputies.
Cetin will go to his grave as a mass murderer with an asterisk: *Never convicted. The confessed mall shooter had been transferred temporarily to the SnoCounty jail in Everett from the Skagit County Jail in Mount Vernon to await a hearing on his ...
Fresno police were busy Wednesday preparing official reports in the wake of a deadly crime rampage that ended in four homicides - killings that could result in a death sentence for accused mass murderer Kori Ali Muhammad. Once the police reports are ...
The Alberta Review Board has granted additional freedoms for Matthew de Grood, the young man responsible for stabbing five people to death inside a Brentwood home in 2014.
In the past, critics have argued that mainstream media has had a major role in publicising mass murderers and giving them the very thing that they crave.
Who was next for this mass murderer? Where might he pop up again? Maybe it's an irrational fear, but it's my fear, our fear, so it feels perfectly rational.
No one thought he would turn out a mass murderer. Upon becoming president, he returned to London with his glamorous and accomplished wife, herself a cardiologist's daughter, who presumably possessed insight into a doctor's obligations.
talking heads should remember Hitler as the cold-blooded mass murderer he was. His name is not an all-purpose zinger to be used with reckless abandon.
Idaho Falls - Alissa Parker's world was shattered Dec. 14, 2012 when a mass murderer killed her daughter, Emilee, during a shooting rampage at Sandy ...
Churchill and Roosevelt worked with Stalin, whom they knew to be a mass murderer, to ensure that Hitler was beaten. In order to bring peace to Northern Ireland the Queen shook hands with Martin Mcguinness and Gerry Adams.
The people of Georgia have no reason to love Joseph Stalin. And yet they do, despite the fact the Soviet dictator invaded the country in 1921 and, in the years that followed, oversaw the deaths of at least 200,000 people.
Then a couple of days later Cherie looked him up on Google and what an embarrassment, it turns out he's a mass murderer. Blair justified his friendship at the time by saying Assad was a "moderniser", and he's certainly that. Huge chunks of his country ...
Suspected mass murderer Jason Dalton's lawyers are in court today for a pre-trial hearing to argue that some of the statements that the Cooper Township man made to detectives after his arrest should be suppressed.
socialism is the Opiate of the Highbrow intellectual It is not just that Marxist socialists are the most prodigious mass murderers in history, "they are mass murderers as a matter of confirmed moral principle."(FEE). It was Karl Marx who despairingly ...
FLORENCE, Ky. -- Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell said Tuesday any future for Syria can't include its current president, Bashar Assad, "because he is a mass murderer." McConnell, who opposed then-President Barack Obama's proposal for U.S. ...
The mass murderer tried recently, without success, to get cash from the Victims of crime Assistance Tribunal. Knight, who is in a maximum security jail, alleges he was sexually abused by a woman on a bus in Wodonga when aged 13.
Billy Sunday Birt, the infamous Barrrow County native reputed to have murdered dozens of people and also to have been affiliated with the "Dixie Mafia," has died at Ware State prison in Waycross, where he was serving a life sentence for three murders ...
King Abdullah of Jordan is visiting President Donald Trump at the White House on Wednesday, and the two leaders will no doubt discuss the plan to hold a peace summit that must solve what Trump calls "the problem of the century" - the Palestinian ...
In reading of the blatantly heinous acts of individuals like Jackson, Roof, and Alexandre Bissonnette (the mass-murderer who shot and killed six individuals and injured 19 others at the Islamic cultural Centre of Quebec City this past January), it's ...
The most eventful individual on the other end of the ethnic divide, Velupillai Prabakaran was a coy trigger-happy mass murderer. He mesmerized a much larger section of Tamils at home and abroad through his resort to untrammeled violence directed ...
"A defense attorney calling you up and saying 'we've got a man that wants to confess to being a mass murderer in your community' ... you know from that point on it's going to be strange." Laurel County, Ky., Circuit Judge Lewis Hopper sentenced Harvey ...
CANNES: mass murderer Charles Manson's grandson will feature in a new television reality show about the families of infamous criminals.
A lawyer fighting a long-running extradition battle says his murder-accused client will be at the mercy of "terrorists, barbarians and mass murderers" if sent to face trial in China. human rights lawyer Tony Ellis told a court New Zealand could not ...
Sanders filed his brief as part of an evidentiary hearing related to the case of admitted mass murderer Scott Dekraai, who killed eight people in Seal Beach in 2011.
"A defense attorney calling you up and saying we've got a man that wants to confess to being a mass murderer in your community, you know from that point on it's going to be strange.
Jeff Guinn knew he was getting close when the guide handed him a machete and told him to start hacking. Guinn and his photographer, Ralph Lauer, had landed in a small plane in Guyana, just outside a former jungle hideaway called Jonestown.
For Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim, very little has been sacred in the five years of the show: they've rewritten backstory from the ground up, turned the main character's mother into a mass murderer, killed off the Black Canary, and more. But ...
He was a gentleman who happened to be a cold-blooded mass murderer. Yet his demeanor enabled him to mingle with all kinds of people.
CONVICTED mass murderer Dylann Roof, who shot dead nine black people at a church, is set to plead guilty to state charges of murder in a bid to avoid a second death penalty.
Dimitrious Gargasoulas has been charged with a sixth count of murder and numerous other charges following the alleged Bourke Street attack in January.
However, it does speak to the persistence of mass murder. facebook, passionate rhetoric and emotional imagery don't stop mass murderers. Protecting civilians from mass murderers requires police and military power sufficient to deter the thugs and, when ...
The government must take away the passports of the hate preachers who are turning footsoldiers like Khalid Masood into mass murderers. And then must consider the human rights of prospective victims, not the rights of the terrorists, says David Mellor.
State Attorney General Xavier Becerra said Wednesday he will continue to seek the death penalty against mass murderer Scott Evans Dekraai, who shot and killed eight people in 2011 in the deadliest shooting in Orange County's history.
The Eighth District Court of Appeals on Thursday ruled that relatives of the victims of Cleveland mass murderer Anthony Sowell can sue a Cleveland police detective who admitted to not reviewing evidence in a 2008 complaint against Sowell.
State AG to Seek Death Penalty for O.C. mass murderer Scott Dekraai. BREAKING: The worst mass killer in Orange County history now faces a jury penalty trial for the 2011 slaughter rampage.
Xavier Becerra, California's new Attorney General, plans to seek the death penalty against mass murderer Scott Dekraai.
The point is, it's you, and this mass murderer guy, who has and is and will continue bombing and imprisoning and killing his own people indefinitely unless someone stops him, and nobody else looks like they're gonna do it, so there you are.
Khalid Masood, the Westminster attacker, has joined a growing list of domestic violence perpetrators-turned-mass murderers.
State AG to Seek Death Penalty for O.C. mass murderer Scott Dekraai. BREAKING: The worst mass killer in Orange County history now faces a jury penalty trial for the 2011 slaughter rampage.
As fears grew that Khalid Masood had not been the lone wolf many had originally assumed, more details emerged of the seemingly rootless, troubled life of the Westminster terrorist attacker.
"Dmitry Grechukhin is a mass murderer -- that is an established fact," Karagodin says. "It has been confirmed repeatedly by the government itself, the same government that in fact hired him to carry out that work.
Columbus, Ohio -- The U.S. Supreme Court has extended the deadline for Cleveland mass murderer Anthony Sowell to appeal his murder convictions and death sentence.
There's something different going on here; there's something happening culturally. The mass murderer's mentality is: I don't care if you like me, I don't care if you hate me, in fact I want you to hate me, I know you won't respect me, but you will ...
THE CAST of characters at Gordon Wood's malicious prosecution case got even more bizarre today with both Kathy Lin and her estranged niece Brenda Lin sitting in the back of the courtroom.





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