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It "removes the monster from the monstrosity, and this play is really about that," he says, making a reference to the "banality of evil" subtitle of Eichmann in Jerusalem, Hannah Arendt's famous 1963 account of the trial of Nazi mass murderer Adolf ...
The mass murderer then added that people in Kashmir would not settle for anything less than freedom. He said, "Instead of the US, you (government) should build ties with India.

11, 2001, want mass murderers and their backers held to account. They want a safer America. Elected officials want to show the families respect and support.
We've seen him play a mass murderer, a wrongly accused man who was touched by aliens, a lobster-handed freak, and a murderous hotel owner.
Orange County Superior Court Judge Thomas Goethals said authorities failed to turn over important evidence in the case against accused mass murderer Scott Dekraai. Orange County Superior Court Judge Thomas Goethals said authorities failed to turn ...

In this still image from video provided by WCAX-TV, a worker attaches a wrecker cable to a vehicle on Interstate 89 early Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016, in Williston,Vt.
On October 6, Los Angeles' Loyola Marymount University invited ex-Thai prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra to give a talk on the subject of "The secret of Reducing Poverty and the Rich-Poor Gap: The Power of Political Will.
Does your child really need to know about a mass murderer, or when and where a woman was gang-raped? If the news is about electing the prime minister or about a space mission, then yes, the child needs to know about these things, but not everything ...
Amara and Katrina before they were tragically murdered by mass murderer William Mitchell. Photo: Supplied. Now consider how you might feel if your loved one was brutally murdered.
But the UN chief refrained from answering a question on whether he considers Assad to be a mass murderer, saying that it was for other institutions to decide.
Hardstark had previously taken a deep, dark look into the stories of accused murderer Gable Tostee and mass murderer Martin Bryant.
The attack, which left more than a dozen dead and many more injured, remains among America's most infamous mass murderers. Director Keith Maitland's new film The Tower combines archival footage and rotoscope animation to detail the events of that ...
Canoe conman John Darwin's wife Anne was mistaken for Gloucester mass murderer Rose West during her time in prison. In her book Out of my Depth, published this week, she tells how new arrivals at Low Newton jail, Co Durham, thought she was the serial ...
In 40 years of Project children, for Pat Mulcahy the saddest part was the story of one teenager who went on to become one of Northern Ireland's most infamous terrorists.
On the one side, there's Moggie the mass murderer, which sees cats as directly responsible for the extinction of many species of mammal, bird and reptile (63, according to a recent PNAS paper).

Yet in much of the developing world, where ignorance regarding the holocaust and Hitler's fantasies of world domination is rife, he is perceived less as a mass murderer and ideologue of global conquest than as a stern disciplinarian who addressed ...
The problem, Mr Chairman, because that Mr Matobato was allowed here without vetting him, without disclosing that case, BBC, CNN, New York Times, and The Washington Post put on their front page that the President is a mass murderer," Cayetano said.
Trials of these international mass murderers will let history record their heinous acts for posterity. And as ISIS's military continues to erode, those followers will disperse, fleeing back home or elsewhere to continue terrorizing innocent people ...
Canoe woman Anne Darwin has revealed fellow inmates mistook her for mass murderer Rose West during their time behind bars together.
Antonio Trillanes' truth is that Matobato is not inconsistent (after he checked the transcripts of the hearing and corroborated the witness' claims with other sources), and that we have a president who can be considered a mass murderer. Cayetano's ...
MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte should not be compared to Adolf Hitler, and his reference to the holocaust was an "oblique deflection" of claims he is a mass murderer, his spokesman said on Saturday, as anger smouldered over his ...
History had given him - born in the forgotten, desperately poor coal-fields of West Virginia - the unique, dubious privilege of keeping watch over some of the most notorious war-mongers, haters, and mass murderers that it had ever produced. My uncle ...
This makes reading somewhat slower and more methodical than the average skimming-a-page technique, since the detailed minutiae of mass murderers as well as lone wolves creates chilling comparisons and assessments and requires serious attention.
Manila. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's spokesman says the president rejects being labeled as a mass murderer or linking himself to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, Voice of America reported.
Never before have I seen her "genius tip": wear a protective plastic cape until ready to leave the house, like a mass murderer. And it's rare, at least outside the pages of Viz, to find hints on extracting measurable value from friendships. True, Mrs ...
He knew what people thought of parents of mass murderers. He believed they would be ostracized in their community, blamed for not knowing the evil their child was capable of.
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte should not be compared to Adolf Hitler, and his reference to the holocaust was an "oblique deflection" of claims he is a mass murderer, his spokesman said on Saturday, as anger smouldered over his incendiary remarks.
One good thing of being abroad is that one gets away from the madding crowd. It not only helps one to contemplate but also to clear the clutter of irrelevance from one's mind.
Also critical was Phil Robertson, the deputy Asia director for Human Rights Watch, who said it was baffling why anyone would want to compare themselves to "one of the largest mass murderers in human history." Robertson said that in today's context ...
"I have learned that a war can make mass murderers out of otherwise decent people. War is the supreme international crime.
"I have learned that a war can make mass murderers out of otherwise decent people. War is the supreme international crime.
From a public health perspective, a better understanding of mass murderers' motives is the only rational way to prevent these tragedies and to dispel harmful myths that could lead to ill-informed crackdowns on those suffering from mental illness.
MANILA, Philippines - Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on Monday, September 26, called President Rodrigo Duterte a "mass murderer" for allegedly being directly involved in thousands of killings supposedly carried out by the Davao death squad (DDS).
You'd think that putting together a list of the 7 biggest mass murderers in American history would be a straightforward task.
Murals down the years ... former IRA sniper and Sinn Fein politician Martin Meehan aiming a rifle. Murals down the years ... The Shankill Star flute Band in Belfast carries a Lambeg drum dedicated to the memory of Brian Robinson, a UVF terrorist who ...
Prabhakaran, the militant leader and a mass murderer, who spearheaded the intermittent insurgency against the Sri Lankan government for 28 years, was killed on May 19, 2009.
The detectives on the show are no paragons of morality; McNulty (Dominic West) is a philandering jerk, motivated by egotism and insecurity, but he still spends his days going after mass murderers and dangerous gangs. You don't see cops on The Wire ...
Cotton hasn't retained the notoriety of killers like Jack the Ripper but a renewed interest in the female mass murderer was sparked a few years ago with the publication of a book by criminology professor David Wilson. A TV drama called Dark Angel ...
John Hardy recently published "Tower Sniper," a comprehensive account of the mass murderer Charles Whitman at the University of Texas tower in 1966.
Bruce Golding must also apologise to Jamaica for orchestrating the retaining of an American law firm (Manatt, Phelps & Phillips) whose task was to thwart the efforts of US Justice and State Departments to extradite Dudus, a confessed mass murderer and ...
In a playable quest I unlocked only days ago, I got to play him as he went from grumpy to mass murderer in under 20 minutes.
The Gamache novels are Sui generis; they can only be described in adjectives, not categories. The series is deep and grand and altogether extraordinary.
Julio Gonzalez, 61, a jilted lover whose arson revenge at the unlicensed Happy Land nightclub in the Bronx in 1990 claimed 87 lives, making him the nation's worst single mass murderer at the time, died on Tuesday at a hospital in Plattsburgh, New York, ...
She said at the time Crabbe was recommended for parole: "He's a mass murderer and killed five people and maimed 16 others, and history shows we don't know what happens when people come out again," she said.
... for the filming of White Door Production's "Fearsville 2." The previous movie came out in 2015 and was filmed in Todd and Christian counties.
"The Ustasa were mass murderers, genocidal, and basically don't deserve any recognition or honour. They are an embarrassment to Croatia, not the pride of Croatia," Zuroff, the director of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre's Israel and Eastern Europe office ...
"You can be jailed with your revelations," Lacson said. "You have no immunity." Duterte has immunity from lawsuits as a president, but de Lima said that principle may have to be revisited now.





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