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updated Fri. May 26, 2017

Giant Motors, an automaker partially owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, is working on a prototype electric taxi to replace the gas-guzzling cabs polluting Mexico City's air, a company executive said.
An interesting trend in journalism has emerged in the past few years: billionaire benefactors have been stepping in to support an industry flummoxed by the question of how to make enough money to survive.
billionaire Carlos Slim's telecommunications giant America Movil plans to roll out a 4.5G network in Mexico by the end of the year, and gear up for 5G by 2020, CEO Daniel Hajj said at a news conference in Mexico City on Thursday.
Eight men now control as much wealth as the world's poorest 3.6 billion people, according to a new report from Oxfam International.
Wall Street beleefde woensdag de slechtste dag van het jaar en de miljardairs zagen hun vermogen flink krimpen, zo blijkt uit de Bloomberg billionaires Index. ... De Mexicaanse zakenman Carlos Slim zag zijn vermogen ook met 1 miljard dollar afnemen.
Ketiga, pengusaha telekomunikasi Meksiko, Carlos Slim Helu hartanya turun US$ 1,1 miliar menjadi US$ 58,6 miliar. Demikian pula harga orang terkaya di dunia, Bill Gates yang merupakan pendiri Microsoft juga berkurang US$ 1 miliar menjadi US$ 86,8 ...
billionaire Mark Zuckerberg lost more than $2 billion as a result of Wednesday's turmoil in Washington. And Zuckerberg is not alone; the world's 500 richest people lost a combined $35 billion on Wednesday, according to the Bloomberg billionaires Index ...
Often from the Washington Post, or the New York Times, owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. Then someone notices - Hey, that's perfectly legal.
He spoke about income inequality and said that Mexico's four top billionaires have as much wealth as the bottom half of the population, and the wealth of Carlos Slim, the world's richest man, with about $55 billion, equals 6 percent of Mexico's gross ...
But I liked this observation most of all: "Most interestingly, the majority of billionaires - think Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Larry Ellison, to start - are self-made, while a minority inherited the whole of their wealth," the report found.
Rich foreigners have made a routine habit of planting their money in American real estate or other assets to shield their wealth from taxation or theft for some time now (just ask the billionaire Times creditor Carlos Slim). Digging deeper into the ...
A third onetime Trump aide, former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, may have violated the FARA when he set up a meeting that was held during the transition at Mar-a-Lago between Trump and Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, according to Public ...
Actually, the 'tell' is that the lie was written up in the fake news NYTimes owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. You can definitely say that the Mexican News didn't report the facts. NO ONE but 'liberal progressives' even talk to the NY Times ...
Donald Trump's presidency hasn't been a bad deal for Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim. The Mexican billionaire saw his fortune grow during the first quarter of 2017, according to an analysis by Mexico's El Economista. This marks the second ...
Consider figures from developing countries, where the number of billionaires is exploding. Since 2010, India has added a billionaire every 33 days! Yet, most of them are men. Of the 101 Indian billionaires listed by the 2017 Forbes list, only four are ...
FILE - In this April 11, 2017, file photo, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, center, tours the U.S.-Mexico border with border officials in Nogales, Ariz.
Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, left, the largest shareholder of the New York Times, and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg take part in an event in Mexico City discussing Mexico's relationship to the United States in this Dec. 1, 2016 photo.
Nor is the growing tendency to become the cat's paw of the influence-seeking oligarchs like the Washington Post's Jeff Bezos or the New York Times' largest shareholder, Mexican crony capitalist extraordinaire Carlos Slim. For them, media is not so much ...
Unfortunately, the Irish (then) billionaire unwound an earlier strategy to push hard into the digital era - which would have put INM's various companies at the forefront of e-commerce and digital publishing - to again concentrate on INM's newspaper ...
The architects are Foster + Partners and Fernando Romero, the son-in-law of billionaire Carlos Slim. Construction is expected to take eight years.
The Public citizen letter cited news reports that Lewandowski arranged a meeting between Trump and Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. It said Lewandowski reportedly has an "ability to get the President on the phone without going through gatekeepers and ...
The campaign compares the positions of these tycoons - who belong to Forbes' list of 'The World's billionaires 2017' - with their respective female avatars.
There are 1810 billionaires in the world. China alone has 400 - but didn't make the list because it doesn't have the most billionaires in proportion to its population. ... This doesn't include the billionaires living abroad like Carlos Slim Helou and ...
When reporter Alex Cuadros was covering Latin America for Bloomberg, his mission was to track a powerful and elusive species: the billionaire. ... 1 (Bill Gates, still), how the richest person in China made all that money, and whether Mexican business ...
In at least one instance, Lewandowski and his team did in fact deliver a meeting with Trump and a prospective client of their firm - Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. The December sit-down at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort came days after Lewandowski had ...
America Movil, owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, will have up to two years to implement the Telmex separation once a plan is approved.
It's no secret that women all over the world are paid less than their male counterparts, even if they're doing the same work.
This was the third-biggest gain in 2016, after Mark Zuckerberg of facebook, and the billionaire from China Wang Wei, who is the Chairman of SF Express.
America Movil, the Mexican cell-phone giant controlled by billionaire Carlos Slim Helu, said a price war with AT&T's unit and Spain's Telefonica in the populous nation has eased recently.
Mexico City, April 25 (Reuters) - Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim's telecoms company America Movil posted a sevenfold increase in first-quarter net profit on Tuesday on the back of foreign exchange gains as the peso appreciated against the dollar and ...
... by Carlos Slim, the richest citizen of Mexico. What a great big happy family! Before you believe everything you read in the newspapers or see on TV -- think about what these billionaire "insiders" have at stake should they lose their "providers" in ...
Since there are few buyers at these prices, the owners are billionaires in name only. But while the paper billions might not translate into billions in the real world, the owners still cash in, analyst Dan David tells Bloomberg: "Even if they're just a ...
Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim is taking the upscale John Barrett Salon to court - for $1.3 million in back rent. The salon had leased the Plaza District mansion, located at 10 West 56th Street since 2015 but it was forced out after failing to pay ...
Forbes Brazil is highlighting the gender pay gap in a print campaign that creates female counterparts to some of the world's best-known billionaires, showing how much less they would be worth if they had been born as a woman. Agency Ogilvy Brazil ...
Forbes Brazil is highlighting the gender pay gap in a print campaign that creates female counterparts to some of the world's best-known billionaires, showing how much less they would be worth if they had been born as a woman. Agency Ogilvy Brazil ...
And in February, the billionaire Carlos Slim, a near-perfect barometer of the Mexican business elite's mood, partnered with Anhui Jianghuai Automobile to produce SUVs in Hidalgo, a deal that will ultimately result in the production of 40,000 vehicles a ...
The project delivers natural gas to Mexico as part of a deal with Mexico's utility commission and Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. As Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners explains of its project; "The Trans-Pecos pipeline is a Texas intrastate ...
What does Mexico get out of the Trump administration's saber-rattling? Well, for starters, according to CNBC, in February of this year "Anhui Jianghuai Automobile and Giant Motors, partially owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, (announced) they ...
Q: I know that there are millionaires and billionaires, but are there any known trillionaires? Who is known as ... The list has individuals rather than multigenerational families who share large fortunes, though the list does include a billionaire's ...
Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim shakes hands with Team Mexico pitcher Oliver Perez at a pregame ceremony for the World baseball Classic in Guadalajara.
Charlie Ergen's joint-venture in Dish Mexico with billionaire Carlos Slim's Telmex operation has been hit with a fine by Mexico's Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) for failing to observe the rules of its DTH concession to operate over Mexico.
Grupo Elektra SAB, the banking and retail company owned by billionaire Ricardo Salinas, has advanced the most, rising 73 percent.
Pierre Omidyar, the billionaire eBay founder who funds First Look Media, has pledged $100 million to fund journalism and other civic efforts over the next three years.
China's JAC Motors has invested over $200 million in a factory in Mexico's central Hidalgo state with Giant Motors, a company backed by billionaire investor Carlos Slim. The newly-minted joint venture plans will produce SUVs for the Latin American market.
China's JAC Motors has invested over $200 million in a factory in Mexico's central Hidalgo state with Giant Motors, a company backed by billionaire investor Carlos Slim. The newly-minted joint venture plans will produce SUVs for the Latin American market.
Carlos Slim, Mark Cuban, Jeff Bezos and Donald Trump are investing there. And celebrities Leonardo .... two efficient ways) for this.




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