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updated Fri. May 26, 2017

May 24 is a negative day so far for PIMCO Low Duration Active ETF (NYSEARCA:LDUR) as the ETF is active during the day after losing 0.12% to hit $101.19 per share.
... became Allianz' top economic advisor after the German company ousted the increasingly controversial Bill Gross, previously the long-time head of Allianz' U.S.
... became Allianz' top economic advisor after the German company ousted the increasingly controversial Bill Gross, previously the long-time head of Allianz' U.S.
May 22 is a positive day so far for PIMCO Investment Grade Corporate Bd ETF (NYSEARCA:CORP) as the ETF is active during the day after gaining 0.18% to hit $104.6 per share.
The above trends are encouraging, but, as you can see from the charts above, there are many firms that score higher in our process than Janus and PIMCO. Janus earns 11 Neutrals, six Bronzes, one Silver, and no Golds, so it has a very long way to go.
"IM was deeply honored to recognize Shell for its generous contributions and deep commitment to the Houston community," said Martin B. Cominsky, IM's President and CEO. ... The evenings guests included: Shell EVP Scott Ballard, Harris County Judge Ed ...
Bill Gross noemde de inkoop van eigen aandelen al eens "corporate QE". Ik noem de nieuwe op "bedrijven gerichte kwantitatieve verruiming" Jack Bogle's Vanguard-fonds. Dat wordt vol gepompt met miljarden dollars per dag, geld dat belegd moet worden.
Even under Bill Gross, the backbone of PIMCO's success had been a massive staff of managers and analysts. Major cracks in that foundation would have been a red flag, but they haven't materialized.
Pimco had experienced several years of cash withdrawals in some of its main funds, including its flagship Pimco Total Return Fund.
Pacific investment management Co., the bond manager owned by German insurer Allianz SE, saw its biggest third-party inflows in four years in the first quarter as clients flocked to Chief Investment Officer Dan Ivascyn's PIMCO Income Fund. The firm ...
Eight Democratic Senators on Tuesday asked U.S. regulators to launch an investigation into billionaire Carl Icahn's activities in the U.S.
It made Thorp a near billionaire - worth some $800 million today. He taught it to Bill Gross (who Thorp mentored) and Warren Buffett.
PIMCO Low Duration (PTLDX) has stabilized under managers Scott Mather and Jerome Schneider since the abrupt departure of Bill Gross in September 2014, as has the broader firm. PIMCO's Parent rating was upgraded to Positive from Neutral, and this ...
Gundlach, whose recent success has given him the unofficial "bond king" title that used to be reserved for rival Bill Gross, didn't explain which stories upset him. The CEO of DoubleLine capital said he's "shunned social media," other than twitter. His ...
Bill Gross of PIMCO had a poor relationship with traders, colleagues and other constituents, and was always contrasted with the soft-spoken Mohamed-el-Erian, who was more respected for his investment acumen.
Instead of focusing on cutting costs and fees to compete, Pimco intends to spend on hiring and technology to become better, Roman, 53, said in an interview during the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, California - six months to the ...
Mike Novogratz, billionaire investor, revealed that 10% of his wealth is invested in digital currencies like bitcoin and Ether, going so far as to say it was the best investment of his life.
The Properties, leases and royalties are a perfect fit for us not only in physical location, but in further increasing our cash flow from lease or advance royalty payments," commented Trey Wasser, Ely's President and CEO. The President of Nevada Select ...
On June 6, Johan Vandoorn, Executive Vice President, Chief Technical Officer and Deputy to the CEO will present at the Stifel technology Internet and Media Conference in San Francisco.
... give explicit numbers on developments at its Pimco subsidiary. Pimco went through a turbulent period marked by heavy client withdrawals following the departure of co-founder Bill Gross in 2014, but has reported net inflows since the third quarter ...
You probably know the "Bond King" Bill Gross. How about his successor, Dan Ivascyn? When Gross left PIMCO, a tide of cash followed him out the door.
Ivascyn: Well, the markets keep us busy, but the challenges haven't been related to the markets or the PIMCO investment process.
While ETFs swell to a multi-trillion-dollar market, CEFs remain an obscure corner dominated by a few billionaires like Jeffrey Gundlach (the Wall Street Titan often called the "bond god"), Bill Gross (yet another legendary bond king, who co-founded ...
pimco-logo Enough time has passed since PIMCO's unceremonious split and eventual reconciliation with co-founder Bill Gross that each party is now living their own truths, on their own terms, unencumbered by the memory of the past. Gross is letting his ...
Peter Kraus, a longtime Goldman Sachs Group Inc. executive whose 2008 appointment by majority owner AXA SA as AllianceBernstein's CEO drew fanfare, was terminated from his position Friday, according to a securities filing. Seth Bernstein, a former J.P ...
This could be in line with the advice of billionaire bond manager Bill Gross who in his investment outlook letter last year picked bitcoin as an attractive storage of wealth for investors.
Number one, Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, pointing out that with the passive management--of course BlackRock owns iShares--with passive management, you actually have to be more active in dealing with corporations.
Back when Bill Gross was running PIMCO's Total Return Fund, there was always talk that maybe the fund, with nearly $300 billion in AUM at one point, had grown too big.
Given continued stability and focus among the firm's senior leadership and key individuals supporting the effort here since Bill Gross' departure, we've upgraded PIMCO's Parent Pillar rating to Positive from Neutral, and its Morningstar analyst Rating ...
Another firm I want to touch on is PIMCO. The firm, I know, we had all been watching. After Bill Gross' departure a few years ago, Total Return have been seeing month after month of outflows.
Ivascyn's Pimco Income fund (PONAX) is among the fastest-growing, active-managed bond funds, and recently nosed ahead of Bill Gross' old Pimco Total Return fund. It has returned 9% over the past year. "We will also layer in sector opportunities when ...
In other cannabis news, the Tumbleweed Express Drive-Thru, "the first U.S. drive-through marijuana dispensary," was set to open Thursday in Colorado.
On Thursday, April 13, 2017, in an interview with CNBC's Power Lunch, billionaire investor and bond guru Bill Gross discussed his views on the equity market, high yield bond market, productivity, and economic growth. Bill Gross: 'Equity markets Are ...
money can be made in any market by being one step ahead of the herd. And being one step ahead of the herd in the China market is made easy by the continued predictability of its offshore investors.
Meanwhile, PIMCO decided to scrap its active equity effort in 2016, which included eight team members. On the fixed-income side, the firm's senior staff was relatively stable during 2016, though its analyst and portfolio manager head count has ...
The C.E.O. of Blackstone Group, who has known Trump for years, has become so close to the president that the two sometimes talk several times a week, covering everything from Chinese trade to tax policy to immigration.
Jamie Dimon, the well-known CEO of megabank JPMorgan, recently penned a letter to investors where he claimed to see "something .
Bill Gross, the so-called "Bond King," thinks stocks are currently "priced for too much hope," and here's why: He doubts President Trump can deliver rapid economic growth because the United States simply isn't as productive as it used to be.
Bill Gross, Janus capital. Gross stelt dat een hoge jaarlijkse groei van 3 procent waarschijnlijk tot het pre-Lehman tijdperk behoort en herinneringen zijn uit een ver verleden. De belegger, die mede-oprichter is geweest van Pimco voordat hij er met ...
While Vanguard dominated even among actively-managed funds, Pimco placed second amid a recovery from the troubles that followed the departure of Bill Gross back in 2014. It was a similar story when looking at the largest active managers. And among the ...
Co-founded in 1971 by bond guru Bill Gross, Pimco has already launched a dedicated ESG fund in Europe and Britain, and also beefed up its two US socially responsible funds to incorporate a wider range of ethical concerns.
Three of the four portfolio managers of the bond fund are former Pimco analysts and traders, and perhaps because of this, MetWest was a big beneficiary of the departure of Bill Gross, the famous former head of Pimco (who is now at Janus funds ...
Daniel Ivascyn is group chief investment officer at Pacific investment management Co., lead portfolio manager for the Newport Beach, Calif.
"Americans have assumed the roller coaster goes one way," said Bill Gross, whose investment firm, Pimco, has taken part in a broad sell-off of government debt, which has pushed up interest rates.
billionaire investor Bill Gross said that President Donald Trump's proposed changes in regulations such as corporate tax restructuring, deregulation, and a higher fiscal stimulus in the form of higher investments in infrastructure, have all encouraged ...
Friends Again? Pacific investment management Co. reportedly settled a breach-of-contract lawsuit by founder and former star manager Bill Gross for $81 million. Gross said, "Pimco has always been like family to me." ...
In October 2015 he sued Pimco for a minimum of $200 million, charging that a greed-driven "cabal" had plotted to force him out and take his share of firm profits ("Bill Gross Sues Pimco, Reveals Backstory," Oct. 10, 2015). Gross said he's particularly ...
Bill Gross, who was fired from Pimco four decades after he co-founded the investment firm, has settled his lawsuit against the company for just over $81 million.
Pimco heeft een schikking getroffen met Bill Gross, mede-oprichter en voormalig topman van het fondshuis. Gross krijgt 81 miljoen dollar ter compensatie van zijn gedwongen vertrek. Toen hij in 2014 met slaande deuren was vertrokken, eiste hij 200 ...




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