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updated Sun. April 22, 2018

During the discussion, "When America's Values Are Tested: Lessons From Jefferson, Lincoln and Other Great Leaders in the Age of Trump," various audience members chimed in, including political strategist James Carville. Isaacson is president and CEO of the Aspen Institute and a former executive ...
Weill is also credited with influencing major political strategists including James Carville, Raymond Strother and Roy Fletcher. He was the author of nine books, including several novels and a biography of Gov. Jimmie Davis. Roland Laurent called Weill a close friend for more than 70 years. "We met ...

crouere mitch bye 2 The second term of New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu will thankfully come to an end on Monday May 7 and it cannot get here soon enough. There is not an overwhelming desire for the new Mayor to take office, instead it is a powerful yearning for self-serving Mitch Landrieu to leave.
JOHNSTOWN -- A former tannery owner was indicted over allegations that he stored hundreds of gallons of hazardous waste for more than two years at an abandoned leather facility. Robert James Carville, 56, of West Palm Beach, Fla., owned and operated Johnstown's Carville National Leather ...
JOHNSTOWN -- The former owner of a closed Johnstown tannery is facing charges that accuse him of abandoning hazardous waste there, federal prosecutors said Tuesday. Robert James Carville, 56, of West Palm Beach, Florida, was arrested in Florida on a new indictment charging him with ...

WASHINGTON-Democrat strategist James Carville wants to screw Republicans and the majority of Americans who in 2016, voted both for President Donald Trump and for the Republican majority Senate and Congress. "I'll shout if I have to…a brand new poll has democrats up by 15 points," Carville ...
He mended fences with old Democratic friends and advisers James Carville and Paul Begala (whom he first introduced to Bill Clinton). And in his last major political endorsement, in 2014, he supported Democrat Michelle Nunn's Senate campaign. You can think of that as a final "zig-zag," or as a bit of ...
He was also one of the most gifted impressionists SNL has ever seen, and his impersonations ran the gamut from the classic (Al Pacino, Clint Eastwood, Alan Alda) to the delightfully kooky (Vincent Price, Keith Morrison, James Carville). Which is why it's such a blast to have him back — and in the spotlight, ...
EVENT: Political consultant James Carville, former campaign manager for Bill Clinton, will deliver the keynote address at a half-day academic conference hosted by UCI's Cybersecurity Policy & Research Institute. “Can Adversaries Hack Our Elections? Can We Stop Them?” will feature panel discussions ...
President Trump and his wife, Melania, returned to the White House on Saturday. Trump later appeared at the annual Gridiron Club and Foundation dinner in Washington. By Michael D. Shear and Michael Tackett New York Times March 04, 2018. WASHINGTON — On Saturday afternoon, President Donald Trump took ...
Palantir ended up doing business in New Orleans after connecting in about 2011 with James Carville, the prominent political consultant and longtime local resident. Carville said Wednesday that the company mentioned an interest in pursuing a philanthropic project, and he suggested tackling New Orleans' ...
Gun control, in the view of that most conventional of Democratic wise men, James Carville, is a "loser political issue." Democrats have run scared from the NRA since 1994, when the president Carville helped elect, Bill Clinton, championed a successful ban on assault weapons – and then, eight weeks later, ...
Palantir first approached Mayor Mitch Landrieu in 2012, thanks to an introduction by Democratic power broker James Carville, according to the report. The company's software helped the NOPD build a database of people, locations, online posts, vehicles, and weapons designed to predict who was likely to ...
James Carville, President Clinton's adviser, famously wished he would be reincarnated as the bond market, such was the fear that international capital inspired in the turbulent 1990s. Profligate governments, from Argentina and Mexico to South Korea and Thailand, were swiftly punished with capital flight ...
U.S. BOND YIELDS have risen from historic lows, says ex-broker, macro-economist and investment writer Colin Lloyd at the Cobden Centre. They should rise further, but they may not. Back in May 1981, US official interest rates hit 20% for the third time in 14 months. The yield on US 10-year Treasury bond ...

Democrat Nancy Soderberg, running in Florida's 6th Congressional District, has D.C. connections — and they will be visible at a March 8 fundraiser. The former Ambassador to the United Nations under the Bill Clinton administration will have a fellow Clinton alum as a special guest for that fundraiser in ...
ALBANY -- The former owner of a closed Johnstown tannery who has been accused of abandoning hazardous waste there has pleaded not guilty to related charges, records show. Robert James Carville, 56, of West Palm Beach, Florida, appeared in Albany federal court Monday after his arrest last week ... chemicals
It's a combination of "Pennsylvania" and "Kentucky," a more-than-a-little condescending attempt to describe the sea of rural, conservative land that separates Pennsylvania's two large cities. Some trace the term to an analysis of the commonwealth's political climate by Democratic strategist James Carville, ... chemicals
2016 election controversy will be 'studied forever,' says James Carville, Bill Clinton's ex-campaign manager, in UCI talk. By Bradley Zint. Mar 14 ... Democratic political strategist James Carville speaks Tuesday during a conference at UC Irvine about cybersecurity and elections. (Photo by Drew A. Kelley). chemicals
Even James Carville, the political operative instrumental in bringing about Palantir's collaboration with NOPD, said that the program was not public knowledge. “No one in New Orleans even knows about this, to my knowledge,” Carville said. More than half a decade after the partnership with New Orleans ... chemicals
Hillary Clinton looked straight into the camera and declared it all a vast right-wing conspiracy. James Carville told us that when you "drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you'll find." Assassinating a victimized woman's character was fine, as long as it protected the Clintons. chemicals
Democrat James Carville and Republican Mary Matalin are held up so often as an aisle-crossing couple because such unions hardly ever happen. Plus those two got together in the early '90s, when political opposites hated each other considerably less. This isn't anecdotal; a recent Pew study shows that ... chemicals
Dr. J. Michael Shahan makes introductions before political strategists James Carville and wife Mary Matalin present their lecture "All's Fair : Love, War, and Politics" Monday night at the Lutcher Theater in ... more. Photo: Kim Brent. Image 2 of 4. LSC-Orange president Michael Shahan will retire this summer, ... chemicals
James Carville reacted with sounds and not words when he heard President Trump claimed he could beat Oprah's butt in 2020. We got the man who engineered Bill Clinton's White House victory at LAX Tuesday and asked about Oprah's possible presidential run ... he chuckles, but seems down with it. chemicals
“When you have incumbent running for a third term, it's anyone but that incumbent and his record is on the line. As [Democratic strategist] James Carville said, 'It's the economy, stupid.' And he was right.” Cuomo, however, regularly notes the strength of economic and job development during his tenure while ... chemicals
Everybody remembers James Carville's reminder to candidate Bill Clinton in 1992. In most elections pollsters and prognosticators believe voters vote their pocketbooks. And, most voters are feeling good about the direction the American economy is going. These good feelings are in spite of what elite media ... chemicals
The stars are James Carville, George Stephanopoulos, and Paul Begala- three campaign insiders who would have remained virtually anonymous if Clinton hadn't won, and Pennebaker's camera hadn't been there to document the inner workers of the campaign. Why let a documentary filmmaker see the ... chemicals
8 Announced political consultants James Carville and Mary Matalin, who are married but work for the Democratic and Republican parties, respectively, will headline the second Miller Legacy Dinner Feb. 5 at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta hotel downtown. The Miller Institute will also honor Georgia House ... chemicals
I grew up in a town of 2,000 people in rural central Pennsylvania — a state the political consultant James Carville once described as having Pittsburgh on one side, Philadelphia on the other, and Alabama in the middle. Everyone in my high school looked and acted like one another and worked in factories ... chemicals
However, the Republicans are absolutely bonkers. Their latest “gift” to Americans is tax legislation giving permanent breaks to the wealthiest people and temporary breaks to the vast majority of Americans. Those proudly prudent balance-the-budget legislators okayed a $1.5 trillion addition to the deficit. chemicals
Democrats are more nuanced — and more dishonest. They won't say they hope Trump fails, but they're hoping he fails. Politics, they figure, is a zero-sum game. They can't win unless Trump loses. There was a time when the economy would save a president, no matter what. James Carville put it elegantly ... chemicals
Republicans are gambling that James Carville's old mantra of “it's the economy, stupid” will save them. The problem is that the economy decides the election every single time, except when it doesn't. For instance, the polls told Mitt Romney to run against Obama on the economy. But at the end of the day, ... chemicals
So, I called up James Carville and asked him. His response was good column fodder. The short answer is a little less so than when he said those words in 1992, on account of more recent polarization. And finally, I took great pleasure in writing about a normally sad subject: divorce. After marveling about ... chemicals
Bannon is “the most effective Democratic Party strategist since James Carville,” joked Frank Luntz, a GOP pollster. “I'd just like to thank Steve Bannon for showing us how to lose the reddest state in the union,” said Josh Holmes, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell's former chief of staff and campaign ... chemicals
Today's Talk Louisiana show is an encore presentation of Jim's show with Political Consultant James Carville. Steve Cochran of the Restore ... chemicals
In the past 35 years, political strategist and commentator James Carville would claim in a packed auditorium last weekend, one or the other of ... chemicals
For the first part of a 90-minute conversation with the Clintons on Saturday moderated by James Carville, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton made all manner ... chemicals
All tickets are taken for a talk this afternoon by Bill and Hillary Clinton, moderated by James Carville, but the event will be streamed on the ... chemicals
“If you drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you'll find,” said James Carville, one of the lead Clinton defenders, ... chemicals
I find your recent article concerning James Carville's visit to a local civic club's luncheon quite perplexing. Even though Carville was his usual ... chemicals
—James Carville, to the Alexandria Rotary Club, in The Town Talk. Jeremy Alford publishes LaPolitics Weekly, a newsletter on Louisiana ... chemicals
She and Bill Clinton will appear at the convention center in the afternoon for a talk moderated by James Carville. But all tickets for that event ... chemicals
The event took place at the home of James Carville and Mary Matalin, who'd hosted a dinner party for 15 students and the distinguished visiting ... chemicals
As much as James Carville likes to talk, it's no surprise that the veteran political operative and media personality is a fierce partisan of free ... chemicals
18 that will be moderated by political strategist and commentator James Carville. The event is being presented through the Frank and Kula ... chemicals
... for about 15 students at the New Orleans home of James Carville and Mary Matalin. (Photo by Evan Agostini, The Associated Press archive). chemicals
Appearing on the Overtime segment of HBO's Real Time, Democratic strategist James Carville went off on an entertaining rant, complaining ... chemicals
During a hilarious appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” former advisor to President Bill Clinton, James Carville was quick on quips and ... chemicals


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