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updated Mon. May 22, 2017

He welcomed the model mosque project, but also cautioned the government to stay vigilant so Salafist or Wahhabi ideologies aren't spread out in the guise of Islamic culture.
KUALA LIPIS - Program Seminar Terapi dan Dian sempena Peringatan Hari Polis ke 210 yang diadakan di Dewan Residen Lipis di sini, semalam mengupas isu fahaman Wahabi yang mampu menggugat keselamatan negara. Ketua Polis Daerah Lipis, ...
Wahhabi Muslims are ostensibly a subset of Sunnis, although their movement emerged in violent opposition to Sunni Islam, and often rejects Shia Muslims as illegitimate.
Answering a parliamentary question tabled by Sevim Dagdelen, a representative of Die Linke in the German Bundestag, the German government acknowledged the increasing influence of Wahhabism in Kosovo. "Saudi Arabian missionary organizations are ...
That question has been asked over the course of the past week. The answer is rather straightforward. The unprovoked aggression being carried out against ...
The idea of Wahabism is Saudi's principal interest in Muslim nations especially in poorer nations, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh are examples of countries they try to use to oppress and suppress other faiths and even other Islamic minority sects ...
A massive news leak that Saudi Arabia was about to give $1 billion to Bangladesh to build mosques has drawn flak, as the western intelligentsia has come down heavily on the Saudi leadership, most recently, for spreading pan-Wahhabism. As the news of ...
Seorang sukarelawan membawa makanan untuk dibagikan pada Muslim Kosovo yang akan berbuka puasa bersama di pusat kota Pristina, Kosovo, 14 Juni 2016.
The German government has expressed concern over the spread of Wahhabism, promoted by the Saudi regime, in Kosovo and other areas in the region.
Non-territoriality of Islam has been an abiding feature of the Wahabi, Salafi and Deobandi brand of Islam and some very erudite and educated Muslims in sub-continent have lent weight to the tenet.
LET like the international terrorist organisations al Qaeda and Daesh (ISIS) is known to subscribe to Wahhabi ideology and is actively involved in spreading Wahhabism in Kashmir Valley as part of a well- planned strategy. What is there in Wahhabism ...
The problem is purely the radicalised Wahhabi Islamic movement that was seeded by late Pakistani military ruler President Zia-ul-Haq.
In fact, Hafez al-Assad's victory over the Muslim Brotherhood and their Wahhabi allies in Syria served as impetus for the creation of al Qaeda, a joint US-Saudi project aimed at dislodging Soviet forces from the Central Asian state of Afghanistan ...
Controversial television evangelist Zakir Naik was involved in converting people from economically deprived sections of society to Islam with the help of his aides and his organisation Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), reported Republic TV.
... of the extreme and intolerant religion called Wahhabism which is. Saudi Arabia is indeed a country that many Arabs hate and many Muslims have grown to reject because of the extreme and intolerant religion called Wahhabism which is practiced in the ...
Have we forgotten that it is Wahhabism, and Wahhabism alone that has inspired, motivated and altogether sustained the likes of al-Qaida, ISIL, and the Taliban?
Republic TV has exposed how the controversial televangelist Zakir Naik converts poor Hindus, Christians, and Sikhs to Wahabi Islam. The converted ... of 100 million. He is banned in the UK and Canada for his hate speeches and for peddling Wahhabi Islam.
The United States is concerned about the faltering Wahhabi-Zionist alliance between Saudi Arabia and Israel, and that's why US President Donald Trump is going to visit Riyadh and Tel Aviv on his first foreign trip, according to an American analyst.
With Beijing elevating the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative's political visibility through a heads of government summit this week, India needs to craft a sharper policy position.
In a press statement issued by the Party, Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson, BJP while paying homage to the young officer said, "This barbaric act is the manifestation of jihadi terror and imposition of Wahhabi Salafi ideology on the Kashmiris by Pak ...
feminists are tacitly supporting Wahhabism and sharia law when they support the war on Syria. progressives of all brands are supporting terrorism when they support the war on Syria.
Beirut, Lebanon (8:00 A.M.) - According to a French government official, of the approximately one thousand (1,000) French men and women who are known to have joined the ISIS terrorist group, a handful of them come from France's Jewish community.
A British court jailed Davis' wife, 27-year-old Amal el-Wahabi, in 2014. She was found guilty of attempting to pay a smuggler to take $19,500 to Davis in Syria.
As to why the Centre was allowing Saudi Arabian and Pakistani Wahabi channels to stream into the valley allowing more radicalization to take place, he said that it was known to intelligence agencies but religion is always a sensitive issue so it was ...
The Indian state has deployed many strategies to counter the 28-year-old Kashmir insurgency. One of them has been to call this insurgency everything other than what it actually is.
Menyamakan HTI dengan Wahabi adalah kesalahan karena ada friksi mendasar di antara keduanya. Abdul Hakim Amir Abdat, salah seorang ulama gerakan Salafi, dalam buku Syarah Aqidah Salaf bahkan menyebut Hizbut Tahrir sebagai Mu'atazilah gaya ...
He can't go to Holy Makkah because Christians are banned and the old king of Saudi Arabia represents a head-chopping Wahabi autocracy some of whose citizens have paid for - and fought alongside - the dreaded IS which Trump thinks he is fighting.
... is based in Somalia but has also said it was behind major attacks elsewhere in East Africa. The al-Qaeda-allied group was chased out of Mogadishu years ago but continues to fight the country's United Nations-backed government.
Some Wahabi clerics often sermonize that women should submit to their husbands and always obey them. Several Pakistani news channels label ... by invoking Islam," he added. "Wahhabism has stoked Islamist extremism and terrorism across the world." ...
Saeed Wahabi, a Saudi analyst based in Dubai, said in a phone interview that with more than 300 miles of coastal areas to police, some vessels would be able to continue delivering weapons and equipment.
Notwithstanding (as I wrote on these pages "Why America Needs to Beware of Saudi Wahhabism") Saudi Arabia's embrace of the fundamentalist Wahhabi-Salafi creed whose theological and political ramifications cannot be discounted as principal factors for ...
Most subtle, but worrisome, is the unseen hand of religio-ideological teaching of Wahhabbism (founded by 18th century Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhabi) aimed at enlisting more acolytes into this extremist strand of the faith, including, radicalizing ...
Islamabad: The alleged mutilation of Indian soldiers across the Line of Control (LoC)+ happened less than a week since the unannounced meeting between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Indian business tycoon Sajjan Jindal+ at the hill resort town of ...
If not for the Al Saud Royals' billions and the silence of Western powers, Wahhabism would never have crossed the deserts of Saudi Arabia.
On February Belgium voiced concerns over the spread of Saudi-backed Wahhabism throughout the country and the rest of Europe.
"I will not hide the fact that almost every day we uncover people ... who have returned (from abroad) and start spreading the Wahhabi ideology here," Azizov told reporters, referring to the ultra-conservative strand of Islam that inspires some militant ...
Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi defense minister. In a televised interview on Tuesday, he suggested that the strained relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran may worsen, increasing instability in the region.
If not for the Al Saud Royals' billions and the silence of Western powers, Wahhabism would never have crossed the deserts of Saudi Arabia.
It is Friday in a suburb of Helsinki and Pia Jardi makes her way down a narrow staircase to sit on the worn carpet of a small, stuffy room.
... Kalimantan Barat di Pondok Pesantren Darul Ulum, Kubu Raya, Kalimantan Barat, Ahad (30/4/2017), Wakil Rais 'Aam PBNU, KH Miftahul Akhyar mengungkapkan perlunya kewaspadaan warga NU terhadap organisasi transnasional seperti HTI, Wahabi, ...
It has promised to donate $118 million to set up 560 model Wahhabi mosques across Bangladesh. Unhindered free flow of petro-dollars from Saudi Arabia in the past has been the major cause of radicalisation and spread of Wahhabism across Kashmir and ...
Mr Shah as long as you have the valley led by Kashmiri Muslim leaders no one can reach out to the valley - they feed on anti India narrative and are driven by Wahabism! Don't reach out to the Valley... Read MoreMr Shah as long as you have the valley ...
Fundamentalist Wahhabism had been gaining power steadily in the Arabian Peninsula and was perceived to be a threat by all empires.
The Bangladesh government's decision to build 560 mosques nationwide with almost $1 billion in money from Saudi Arabia could turn counterproductive if conservative groups exploit them to promote Wahhabism over the more moderate Sufi practice of Islam ...
How Saudi Arabia exports Wahhabism. Bangladesh approved the construction on its territory of 560 mosques on Wednesday, April 26.
The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab (militant group), Boko Haram, Indonesian Mujahedeen Council, Taliban, Sipah Sahaba, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Hizbul Mujahideen follow intolerant Wahabi or Salafi ideology which is opposed ...
All the Literates and Brainwashed seem to be from Top Notch Colonial Brand Unis and Many Wahhabi Salafi Funded by the Colonial Jamaat Wahhabi Salafi ISIS Private Top Notch Unis like North South, which many terrorist outfits were Engineered and ...
Sufi Islam in rural Punjab, India is different from cosmopolitan Islam in Istanbul, Turkey, which is different from Wahhabi Islam in Saudi Arabia or dialectical Shiism in Shiraz, Iran. Moreover, Islamic law, like Christian law, is a loose and ...
The analyst also emphasized that the very ideology of Wahhabism "profoundly rejects" women and their rights. Shakdam further stated that electing Saudi Arabia to any council discussing human rights or women-related issues is "criminal" and "dangerous," ...
Not only that, Muslims opposing Wahabism also were not spared," the section in chapter 'Wahabi movement in Bengal (1822-1831)' read.


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