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updated Mon. March 27, 2017

Damascus, Syria (10:55 P.M.) - Russian warplanes dominated the skies over the countryside of Latakia and Idlib, targeting jihadists on the vicinity of the Turkish border.
Damascus, Syria (10:00 P.M.) - At least five pinpoint Russian airstrikes struck Douma city on Monday evening in an air raid over eastern Damascus which reportedly targeted a meeting between high-ranking Jaish Al-Islam commanders.
As so often Charles Moore got it right in his article in the Telegraph of Saturday 25th March (and indeed Simon Heffer on Sunday) from his opening words that "Yes, almost everyone involved - except the killer himself - behaved well" to his conclusion ...
As reports of the savage terrorist attack in central London March 22 emerged, it was clear pretty quickly that British authorities were dealing with an incident straight from the Islamist terror manual. The weapons of choice in London were ordinary ...
Bill Maher got into a heated argument with members of his panel on his HBO show Real Time and ended up destroying their argument with one well-placed punch.
Dhaka - Bangladesh army commandos shot dead two suspected Islamist extremists at a hideout in the northeast on Sunday, a day after six people died in explosions claimed by the Islamic State group.
Second, his path from crime to Islamist terrorism was a familiar one: the conversion to Islam probably in jail, the spell in Saudi Arabia, the relocation to Luton - the home town of several jailed extremists.
The ideology which drives Islamist extremists may seem so alien to many of us in the rational, sceptical, secular West that is a sort of madness.
It does not irritate or provoke me that the leaders of powerful Islamist parties, blocs and groups in the Iraqi authority have finally abandoned their traditional (Islamic) discourse, which they exaggerated its sanctity, and started shouting our sinful ...
Those charged with keeping Britain safe from Islamist-inspired terrorism have always been clear that it was a question of when, not if, there would be another attack as I say in the sun this morning.
Two Islamist commanders, one from HTS and the other from Jaish Al-Nasr, were among the deceased militants, namely: Abu Al-Fateh and Abd Al-Hameed Al-Hudairy.
Commenting on the London attack that killed three and injured 40, acting Deputy commissioner Mark Rowley told the BBC that it was "Islamist-related terrorism." A day earlier, on March 21, an Islamist suicide car bomber killed 10 people in Mogadishu.
Mubaraz Ahmed is an analyst at the Center on religion and Geopolitics, which is part of the Tony Blair Institute. His research areas include counter-extremism policy-making, theories in Quranic translation and modern trends in Islam.
Italy deported a Tunisian national Thursday suspected of terrorism propaganda and extremism, who became the 25th person who was expelled from the country ...
March 23, 2017 (Khartoum) - Sudanese security authorities Thursday prevented an Egyptian Islamist from entering the country to participate in the general conference of the opposition Popular Congress Party (PCP).
Prime Minister Theresa May speaks to MPs in the House of Commons on March 23, 2017. (PA Wire). Authorities identified the terrorist who attacked Westminster Bridge and Parliament on Wednesday as a native-born Briton as ISIS formally claimed credit for ...
Islamist terror was a factor long before the barbarians of al-Qaeda and more recently Islamic State burst upon the scene, and fanatical Islamist organizations like Al-Muhajiroun, Al Ghurabaa and Hizb ut-Tahrir have been established in the U.K. and ...
Eight years ago, while still an MP, I wrote an article for this site called: "the middle class converts who want to bomb us". So here it is again - in the light of the news that Khalid Masood, the Islamist extremist who murdered PC Keith Palmer, was a ...
A recent report by the Henry Jackson Society analysing all of the individuals convicted between 1998 and 2015 for Islamism-related offences found that 15 per cent were planning or committed a stabbing or beheading and 12 per cent a vehicular attack.
But there is, frankly, a volume problem here. The number of radicalised individuals is now so large - there are several thousand Islamist extremists being monitored by Mi5 - that the security services have to be selective about who they keep the ...
Military dictators courted Islamist groups in order to bolster their legitimacy, and Islamic states like Saudi Arabia have poured money into building fundamentalist mosques and madrassas.
On Wednesday, Khalid Masood mowed down pedestrians on London's Westminster Bridge. After crashing into a railing, Mr. Masood got out of his car and proceeded to stab a police officer to death.
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It will also come as a great irritation for families hoping to keep their children occupied for lengthy periods by playing computer games and watching downloads of their favourite programmes.
German law enforcement agencies have been on high alert, conducting operations to capture suspected Islamists, since a truck attack by a failed Tunisian asylum seeker on a Berlin Christmas market last December killed 12 people and injured scores of ...
A new report commissioned by the Swiss Jewish community Federation (SIG) and the Foundation against Racism and anti-Semitism (GRA) found that anti-Semitic attitudes persist in Switzerland.
Wikimedia Commons/PierreAeroportOrly Airport in Paris where security forces killed an Islamist extremist. Authorities said the 39-year-old Frenchman arrived at the airport eight miles south of Paris on Saturday morning and proceeded to the south ...
Fierce clashes erupted in Damascus between the Syrian Army and Islamist militants who launched a surprise attack through secret tunnels leading to the government-held Old City.
Sunday's ruling came amid rising concern over the growth of Islamist militancy in the Muslim-majority South Asian country of 160 million people.
Molins confirmed to reporters Saturday afternoon that Ben Belgacem, who was previously known to authorities in several drug and robbery cases, had been flagged on the government's radar for "Islamist radicalism" in the past after an examination during ...
Bangladesh's Supreme Court on Sunday dismissed an appeal seeking the scrapping of a death sentence for the former head of a banned militant group over a 2004 grenade attack on Britain's then-envoy to Dhaka.
It still faces armed opposition in the northern neighbourhoods of Sabri and Souq al-Hout. LNA leader Khalifa Haftar launched his dignity Operation in Benghazi in May 2014, saying he wanted to rid the city of Islamist militants following a series of ...
Since it launched the fight in earnest nearly three decades ago in 1992, in the aftermath of a wave of violence from Islamist groups in Algeria, there has been a dramatic rise in incidents and fatalities perpetrated by militant groups. From 2009, for ...
Young women at higher risk of being radicalised by Islamist terrorists online. A 1,000-page analysis of 269 terror offences has shown that young women are three times more likely to become Islamist terrorists than they were seven years ago.
(FPRI) - On Wednesday, March 15, the King of Morocco, Mohamed VI, dismissed Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane of the leading legal Islamist party, the Justice and Development Party (PJD) from his post. The dismissal comes after five months of stalled ...
Appearing on the "Stand In The Gap" radio program earlier this week, anti-Islam activist John Guandolo suggested that Trump administration adviser Sebastian Gorka may in fact be a radical Islamist plant. Guandolo, a disgraced former FBI agent who now ...
While not a single voice among these liberal feminists spoke out against these inhumane acts perpetrated against Muslim women by radical Islamists, a Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer, Linda Sarsour, co-organized the anti-Trump Women's ...
The book in question is militant Islamist Ideology: Understanding the Global Threat. Written by CDR Youssef Aboul-Enein, it was published by the Naval Institute Press in 2010.
Chittagong - Five suspected militants were killed on Thursday as Bangladesh police conducted a series of raids on what they said were extremist hideouts following a series of deadly Islamist attacks in the country. police stormed a building in the ...
Somali Islamists are letting civilians in drought-hit regions under their control move with relative freedom to find food, the group and a U.N.
It never occurred to Jimmy Carter he was lighting the fuse leading to 9/11 when he gave arms to the Mujahideen in Afghanistan. The West played a large role in the creation of Islamist extremism and terrorism, former London mayor Ken Livingstone, told RT.
Forces loyal to Libyan military strongman Khalifa Haftar say they have retaken key oil-rich areas in the country's east. Ground, sea and air forces were engaged in the fight for sites at Ras Lanuf, Sidra and Ben Jawad from a rival Islamist militia, a ...
Following a decision to ban the Islamist association known as the German-speaking Islamic Circle in Hildesheim e.V. (DIK), police in the central German city carried out large-scale raids early on Tuesday morning, local media reported.
(CNN) An umbrella group of Syrian Islamist rebels has claimed responsibility for two bombings in Damascus Saturday that killed more than 70 people.
A conference of professional students organised by the Kerala State Sunni Students Federation (SSF) witnessed various sessions on issues faced by students across the country.
According to the website, Abu Dhabi is concerned with the ties between the Islamist party and the Yemeni government, which is part of the Saudi-led Arab coalition that includes the UAE.
Germany's top intelligence official has warned that the country faces an "explosive security situation" from terror that is greater than it has ever been.
Sid Bowdidge, 60, joined the Department of Energy after the inauguration, but Friday was his last day, according to a BuzzFeed report.
Beirut, Lebanon (10:25 P.M.) - Moments ago, warring parties reached a verbal agreement over the Al-Waer district that would have rebel forces leave for Idl.
Ladies and gentlemen, I know it's International women's Day, so first I must apologise for not being a woman. It's particularly regrettable that I'm not a glamorous Sudanese-Egyptian-Australian woman who wears a hijab promoting a book about what it's ...


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