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updated Sat. April 6, 2024

The pollution level sensors can help to better inform the mayoral decisions about the types of connected transportation technology the community needs. The ability to use the data to change how things operate throughout the community can then be shared with the state to help determine health risks from ...
Pennsylvania will soon have a home base for first responders, transportation organizations and researchers to work together at the intersection of safety and technology. The Pennsylvania Safety, Transportation and Research Track, or PennSTART, will be a state-of-the-art training facility to make ...

A few days ago, Cainiao Network Technology Co Ltd, the logistics affiliate of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, demonstrated its drone transportation technology, by transporting tea leaves from Shifeng Mountain, next to Hangzhou's West Lake, to the tea processing center in less than two minutes. Previously ...
Roughly 15 miles northeast of Las Vegas, the Elon Musk-brainchild Hyperloop One has been testing new transportation technology that would shoot a pod of passengers through a low-friction tube, potentially allowing travelers to get from Las Vegas to Los Angeles – a 270-mile journey by car – in roughly ...
Minnesota Gov. Dayton orders autonomous vehicle testing, creates advisory board. March 08, 2018. An executive order puts the state in a growing group of those planning for new advances in transportation technology. Washington, D.C. ...
The fixed route bus, that “dinosaur” of transportation technology, is also the most efficient urban-transit prospect of the future, transit guru Jarrett Walker said in Chicago Tuesday. Walker appealed to 600 attendees at the National Shared Mobility Summit to shake the notion, encouraged by the hype around ...

Deborah Lockridge, Heavy Duty Trucking magazine editor in chief, (left) presents a Heavy Duty Trucking magazine's 2018 Top 20 Products award to Jon Morrison, president of the Americas at WABCO. They are in front of the WABCO OptiFlow AutoTail, for which the award honors, at the American Trucking ...
Jordan Egertson, the vice president of operations at Sheer, explains, "Third-party logistics providers are experts at what they do, and they have access to the latest and most effective transportation technology. They are trained to identify problems with your transportation footprint and provide effective ...
Fraser points out that in South Africa, H2 transportation technology would be very useful in applications such as servicing the taxi industry and in large opencast mines, where a number of haul trucks operate in a limited radius. A single Nel filling station could, for example, serve the fuel needs of an entire ...
“We are at the beginning of an exciting transportation technology revolution,” Arlington Major Jeff Williams said. “And Arlington's Via Rideshare Pilot Program is the latest example of our City's willingness to explore innovative transportation technology solutions for our residents, employees, students and ...

“We are at the beginning of an exciting transportation technology revolution,” Mayor Jeff Williams said at a press conference in December. “And Arlington's Via Rideshare Pilot Program is the latest example of our City's willingness to explore innovative transportation technology solutions for our residents, ...
Logistics behemoth Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN) is quietly building out a supply chain transportation technology operation in the heart of Atlanta. Last year, Amazon opened an Amazon Transportation Services (ATS) office in Atlanta, which is also on shortlist for the tech juggernaut's proposed $5 ...
Children will also explore their own Optibot, a small self-driving bot that senses change in light as children go on an exploration adventure fueled by aerial, aquatic and land transportation technology. In addition to building two custom robots and their own mini-mansion to take home, young inventors will ...
Future advancements in the trucking industry will be at the forefront of the Technology & Maintenance Council's 2018 Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition set for early next month. Fran Matso Lysiak | Equipment Editor. February 9, 2018. Business, Technology, Equipment, Safety ...
Minnesota joins 21 other states that have passed legislation and six others that have issued executive orders related to the governance of the emerging transportation technology. Dayton and members of his Cabinet have noted in recent weeks the potential economic and life-saving effects of autonomous ...
Some readers and journalists voiced skepticism about the as-yet unproven high-speed transportation technology after California-based Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency launched a $1.2 million study last Monday to examine the feasibility of a ...
... on the website." In addition, 60 adult volunteers assisted on Saturday. Badge work took place on the Gateway campus, the SC Johnson Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering Technology Center in Sturtevant, the Horizon Center for Transportation Technology in Kenosha, and the Somers fire station.
With so much data to track and manage, it's vital that student transportation technology act as a support system, providing ways to easily store, access, and use information related to each student. Not only that, but effective solutions must manage special needs transportation and general education routing ...
Mark Dayton is creating a state council to address the expected development of self-driving cars and other transportation technology. He issued an executive order establishing a 22-member advisory council. Minnesota's Transportation Department and its peers across the country are already exploring how ...
“We as regulators have to realize that the AVs are coming,” said Steven Bradbury, general counsel at DOT. “I don't share some the skepticism in terms of the timing, I think it's coming really fast... this is the next transformational wave in transportation technology, and it's going to be upon us in the very near ...


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