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updated Tue. April 17, 2018

Meridian's Recycle a Bicycle is back for round two. Last year, the Meridian Solid Waste Advisory Commission (SWAC) and Republic Services collaborated on a project to connect refurbished bicycles -- originally headed for the landfill -- with new owners. 42 bikes were fixed up and donated! This ...
Ever since riding Yeti's SB4.5, my eyes have been opened to how capable shorter travel bikes can be. Naturally, when Yeti launched the SB100 last week, I got pretty excited. The SB4.5 is my all-time favorite bike, and the prospect of another slack, spry, short-travel 29'er is worth getting excited over.

The Renegade Elite is Jamis's top-of-the-line adventure (slash gravel, slash road, slash anything) bike. ... The product team states that this is because the Renegade is intended to be used with 28 to 47mm-wide tires, while specific-use bikes (like a road-racing bike) are usually designed around one ...
A Chinese mechanic works amongst damaged bicycles from the bike share company Ofo Inc. as they are piled up at a repair depot for the company on March 29, 2017 in Beijing, China. ... A worker rides a shared bicycle past piled-up shared bikes at a vacant lot in Xiamen, Fujian province, China December 13, 2017.
Querencia Community Bike Shop and Sprockets Bicycle Shop are beginning their spring series of free bike repair and maintenance workshops Wednesday. This week's topic is Bicycle tubes and tires. The free workshop will be held from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at Sprockets, 231 W. Hickory St. For ...

Others like Jeannette Cayea haven't thought about riding bikes as a mode of transportation. For now she thinks the best route to take is on foot. "My reservation is cars, traffic," Cayea said. "Even though the green bicycle sign is there, the light is there still it's a left turn on red is legal from one way to one ...
Toledo's only bike co-op with this mission: "To keep bicycles out of the waste stream and put them into the hands & feet of those who need them. Also ... Bike-In-Movie at Toledo Bikes ... "The Toledo bicycle Coalition inspires people to bicycle and advocates for a city where everyone feels comfortable riding.
"We're thrilled to see these bike lanes finally under construction," Brian Wiedenmeyer, executive director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, tells SF Weekly. "Our members made their voices heard and held the city accountable in order to make it happen. Thanks to hundreds of people pulling ... Market
BART is wrestling with a new type of problem at its stations -- shared bikes left on platforms or sidewalks creating hazards and eyesores. (KGO-TV). KGO. By Kristen Sze. Wednesday, March 28, 2018 05:05PM. SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) --. BART is wrestling with a new type of problem at its stations -- shared bikes left on ... Market
The "pop-up" bike lane was installed March 24 from West Esplanade Avenue south to East Loyola Drive to help promote bicycling as an alternate mode of ... but we know through speaking with community groups and residents that there is a desire to be able to reach our many parks in Kenner by bicycle.". Market
Among the bikes at Wheel & Sprocket are those from Electra, a brand founded in 1993 in California and purchased by Trek in 2014. ... MIDDLETON -- The Madison area is flush with bike shops but we're about to find out how one of the more well-known bicycle retailers in the state will fare in one of the most ... Market
San Diego needs a document that establishes the vision and the blueprint for how our city will become a pedestrian- and bike-friendly and transit-rich environment that supports mobility in a safe, accessible, inclusive, vibrant and livable city. In 2016, the mayor promised to develop a transportation master ... Market
Meg McCarthy, the Aggie Blue Bikes program coordinator, rents a Spin bike-share bicycle at Utah State University on Wednesday morning. ... Toni Bruce, who owns Joy Ride Bicycles with her husband, Jeff, said partnering with Spin, USU and Logan city will add to an already growing bicycle community ... Market
City officials were also concerned about the possibility of bikes cluttering up sidewalks or public spaces after riders were finished using them. Colford said if LimeBike expanded into the Treasure Valley, they would assign a team of employees to monitor bike use and move bikes left in obstructive areas or ... Market
A man in his 60s was killed Wednesday night when a small sedan collided with the motorized bicycle he was riding in south Wichita, police said. The collision was reported just after 9 p.m. at K-15 and 31st Street South, a Sedgwick County dispatch supervisor said. The bicyclist was pronounced dead at the ... Market

As of this February, there are 77 bike-sharing providers in China (of which 20 or so have shuttered their businesses), with 23 million shared bikes on the streets. ... This means there is little incentive for curbing bicycle growth, and every incentive to keep adding more bicycles to the market," he added. Market
Gotcha will operate the bike share under a contract managed by the city of Toledo. Initial plans call for installing 100 specially engineered bicycles at 18 docking stations. Each bicycle will be rented via a smartphone app, with payment made online. They can be tracked with GPS technology, are equipped ... Market
I used a Mini Bike again for several days of SXSW this year, and also got to try out on loan the URB-E Pro, one of four models of foldable bikes from ... Omar L. Gallaga / AMERICAN-STATESMANHardcore Mini Bikes is an Austin company that makes customized low-riding, fat-tired electric bicycles. Market
Freaking Strings! Fabric Bike Spokes Are Stronger Than Steel. These unassuming, flexible fabric Berd bicycle wheel spokes are half the weight of their steel counterparts. Meet the future of high-end cycling. Read more… Market
However, in cities like SF where cars travel at a pace of 12 mph, riding a JUMP bike to and from work is often faster than driving and also cheaper than ... which ensures affordability for all San Franciscans, are especially exciting,” wrote Chris Cassidy, spokesman for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, ... Market
See the world from a bike without leaving this Rancho Cucamonga studio .... VROOM Cycling allows their costumers to bring in their own bikes or ride a shop bike and take a virtual reality ride through real locations around the world and participate in group rides or races. (Stan Lim, Inland Valley Daily ... Market
Florida law defines an e-bike the same as a bicycle provided it also can be propelled by human power and has a maximum speed of no more than 20 mph when electronically assisted. The same rules of the road apply for both e-bikes and those that are exclusively human-powered. In Florida, you must be ... Market
Eveyone's kindness inspired Needham so much, she took the kid's bicycle to her local bike shop to tune it up for someone else. Joanne Nicolosi, owner of “The Bike Shop,” offered to do the job for free. “Bicycles get stolen every day, so I know people really hurt, but it's really nice that someone had an extra ... Market
Dockless bike and scooter sharing is a highly capital-intensive industry — given the costs of operating a fleet of bikes. That is compounded by the addition of e-bikes and scooters. That's why Jump is in the middle of raising a growth round. In January, the company was the only dockless bike service to ... Market
Some of the bikes appear to be abandoned, but plenty look like new and they're trapped in the middle of the mess, Bauman reported. “If it is someone's bike and they want to take it, they can't get it out,” said Ovanessian. CBS2 showed photos to the Department of Transportation, which only said it's aware of ... Market
Spring is nearly sprung which means it's time to pull your bike down from its dusty garage rack and get back in the saddle. With warm weather comes riding your bike to work again and shedding those pesky winter pounds and now that daylight savings have passed, we're in for longer sunlit hours to help ... Market
“The Roadster was one of our really city bikes compared to other bikes we're doing that are more for long-distance commuting. This is more of a bike you ride in the city – shorter distances, to do your errands. We had a feeling the first Roadster was a bit too retro for the target group, for younger people.”. Market
The majority of e-bike users in the city are, like Zhu, immigrants from China or Latin America who depend on delivery work to make a living. While it's also common to see messengers zipping around the city on regular bikes, those workers tend to be younger and U.S. born, and often take on delivery work as ... Market
Portland built its fame as a U.S. bike capital on one crucial discovery: It is fairly cheap and easy to make biking desirable in neighborhoods that were originally built ... “That's going to be the most bicycle-friendly business district in all of Portland,” city bicycle planning coordinator Roger Geller said last year. Market
Bicycle Retailer's Doug McClellan wrote about the survey findings for the magazine's upcoming March 15 issue, and he's interviewed for Interbike – The Podcast's second episode. He also talks about how bike shares in many U.S. cities are investing in e-bikes to add to their fleets. Retailer Jim Strang of ... Market
In the last few months, there has been an uptick in smash-and-grab bike thefts at cycle shops across the Front Range. Bike shops shared surveillance video with Denver7 that showed how brazen the thieves were to steal tens-of-thousands of dollars' worth of high-end bikes. The most recent theft happened ... Market
Exercise bicycles, also known as stationary bikes or spinning bikes, have a surprisingly long history. In fact, a man named Francis Lowndes invented a device approximating the function of an exercise bike in the late 1790s. His creation, called the Gymnasticon, predated even the earliest riding bicycles by several decades. Market
The answer is yes, according to detailed city data on four bike-share companies that deployed hundreds of bikes to the center city. As part of a permit agreement with the city, the bike-share companies must submit data on weekly riders; the time and length of each trip; and the number of complaints received ... Market
The bike man: At the Santa Ana homeless camp, Donahue Farrow took care of the bikes — and his neighbors ... Before the encampment was cleared last month, Farrow had one of the largest tents along the river trail, which he filled with bicycles, bike parts, batteries, food, chargers and just about anything ... Market
For most of us mortals, staying upright on a bicycle is usually the horizon of our ambitions, with maybe the odd hands-free descent or nifty track stand at the lights completing our repertoire of tricks. But for some, bikes were invented to fly. For the third year running, the FMB World Tour is hosting the ... Market
Nekor is the story of an unlikely pilgrimage. Four friends set out to ride the ardous track that surrounds the "Kawa Kharpo", one of the eight holy mountains in Tibet. Tens of thousands have visited the holy sites along the Pilger Route, some hike the path surrounding the peak. Even fewer bring a bike. Market
'Chilly Hilly' kicks off bicycle season on Bainbridge Island. Author: Ryan Takeo ... The Cascade Bicycle Club organizes the ride, which serves as the unofficial start of the bicycle riding season. Organizers said riders ... Dad Jesse and his daughter Harper are riding their tandem bike for Chilly Hilly. Good luck! Market
It turned out to be an important decision. Tulsa Bike Share changed the way it will operate, leaving the traditional station-based system behind for the latest smart-bike technology. The switch, Sperle said, gave Tulsa Bike Share the ability to roll out Phase 1 of operations with more bikes and more stations. Market
It explained that more than a thousand bikes had been stolen or “privatised” and around 3,400 more had been vandalised, and that despite the 6,400 repairs ... The firm's bright green bicycles were located via a smartphone app and hired for 50 cents an hour by swiping a barcode to open the safety lock. Market
Mere weeks after dockless bike sharing was rolled out at Cal State Northridge, the complaints have already begun rolling in. Offered by a company called LimeBike, the program allows students and others to borrow a bike, then drop it off at their destination, wherever that might be, once they are done. Market
All four cities have invested in bicycle-related infrastructure, which includes bike lanes, bike routes — lanes that often contain additional signage or markings ... spur to downtown Glendale now freed up, transportation planners seek to invest in a means of getting around the city often ignored — bicycles. Market
At Free Bikes 4 Kidz Madison, there's one cardinal rule: No kid should be without a bike. So in the FB4K warehouse, hundreds of shiny, refurbished bicycles stand ready for their new owners. Hundreds more will join them within the next month. Free Bikes 4 Kidz Madison aims to clean, repair and tune up ... Market
A reckless crew of ATV and dirt bike riders who were being tracked by Boston and Cambridge cops as they roared through the area on their off-road vehicles were stopped in their tracks by troopers on the Southeast Expressway today, where a handful of them were arrested, more than a dozen bikes were ... Market
'Dumb and Dumber' bike sells for more than $50K. A Houston father now has more than enough money to pay for his son's college education thanks to one bike. ... Tom Busselle purchased one of the bikes used in the movie “Dumb and Dumber.” He bought it a few years ago and fixed it up, then listed it on ... Market
Another big addition to the revamped Linka is GPS theft tracking so you can locate your bicycle if a thief picks it up and throws it on the back of a truck. In such a scenario, a map on your phone will pinpoint your bike to within three meters of its location. It seems like a useful feature, but what if the thief ... Market
Cycling is the new golf, and lots of folks are hopping on their bikes at the weekend to get a bit of fresh air and exercise with some chums. While many of the popular cycle manufacturers such as Giant, Specialized and Cannondale offer some striking designs for their range of road bikes - if you want to ... Market
The North American Handmade Bicycle Show is the world's largest display of custom bicycles. Many of these bespoke bicycles are wonderful creations, others can leave you scratching your head. Sometimes they are both weird and wonderful at the same time. Case in point: this year at NAHBS there was a ... Market
SEATTLE - A battle over bike lanes has pitted residents against each other in the Bryant neighborhood in North Seattle. The city each day, said ... "I'm just excited about it, because there is already infrastructure around here, and that's great, but it's still pretty limited," said bicycle commuter Even Eccker. Supporters of the plan ... Market


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