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updated Sat. March 24, 2018

Michelle Cook (D-Torrington) joined Speaker of the House Joe Aresimowicz (D-Berlin/Southington) and current and former vocational agricultural school students last Wednesday in support of vo-ag programs, coinciding with Agriculture Day, an annual event highlighting Connecticut's agriculture industry.
Although a UK initiative the issues this particular funding seeks to address are undoubtedly relevant in agriculture EU-wide. As the future shape of EU agricultural policy and research programmes begin to be debated once more it will be important that the policy framework is developed in conjunction ... technology

U.S. agriculture was closely watching a congressional omnibus appropriations bill this week that contains a number of provisions connected to farms. ... members to support stand-alone legislation in the House and Senate that would also exempt agricultural producers from CERCLA reporting requirements.
President Trump called for trade sanctions against China on Thursday. Several industries fear retaliation by the Asian nation. (Mandel Ngan / AFP/Getty Images). President Trump's call Thursday to impose tariffs on Chinese products prompted an outcry from several U.S. industries that expressed fear of ...
Agriculture, food and related industries contributed $992 billion to the United States gross domestic product in 2015, a 5.5 percent share and the output of America's farms contributed $136.7 billion of the sum--about 1 percent of GDP, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Economic ...
Agriculture has a significant role in Africa as it employs 65% of the work force and contributes 32% of GDP, according to the World Bank. Similarly, approximately 70% of Africa's population depend directly on agriculture for their livelihood. However, the African agricultural industry is currently facing ... technology
U.S. agriculture is bracing itself potentially costly tit-for-tat trade retaliation between the Washington and Beijing that could hit everything from American pork to wine. "The producers of the commodities that are being targeted will probably feel the effects of it," said Larry Karp, an agricultural economist at ... China
Newton: Opportunities come available for family farms to acquire more land or grow in their operation, especially as they've been successful in their farming operation, so we have seen more consolidation in agriculture but I think it's important to remember that family farms still account for about 99 percent ... Farmers
For agriculture, satellite technology could be critical, farmers and agricultural organisations will be able to make informed decisions based on historic patterns and a better understanding of present day issues. A new satellite technology has been launched today that harnesses the latest earth ... Africa
Submitted photoWVU Potomac State College students Lainey Smith (from left), an agriculture education major from Red House; Madison Jackson, a SAGE major from Greenbrier County; and Kyle Cessna, a SAGE major from Cumberland, Md., along with SAGE Program Director Corey Armstrong, check out ... Africa
“One year before the introduction of sanctions, the volume of exports of Italian agricultural products and food was three billion euros more than the current amount. Thus, we can estimate losses in the direction of Russia, starting from 2014 at three billion per year. This is an important topic, which needs to be ... Africa
Crop production has seen a widespread and persistent shift of acreage and sales to larger farming operations over the last three decades. Some livestock sectors have seen dramatic structural change, but consolidation has been modest or nonexistent in pasture/grazing land and in the associated cow-calf ... Africa
Governor Steve Bullock and the Agriculture Development Council recently announced the recipients of $726,600 in grants and loans to agricultural businesses and organizations. “Investing in innovative, value-added projects is vital to Montana's agriculture industry and our rural communities,” Bullock said. Africa
Explaining that agriculture is what helps to feed the world and noting that he didn't recognize that back then. “As you get older, you ... Since he was doing so much for the agriculture community, he explained he was often featured in the Sidney Herald, gaining him free campaigning. “I didn't even have to ... Africa
Agricultural inputs: Goods and services that enable production, such as farm equipment manufacture and sales, fertilizer production or the sale of seeds and feed grains. Agriculture other: Activities that add value to agricultural products and prepares them for market, including milling, transportation to ... Africa
... it is important to check in with where the regulators see gene editing, and whether there are any red flags on the horizon for the continued development of CRISPR in Agriculture & Food. In the USA, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is responsible for regulating food and agricultural products, ... Africa

The Michigan State University Department of Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics, or AFRE, has been ranked first among all agricultural and applied ... the World Bank Group, the International Food Policy Research Institute and the Economic Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Africa
ROCK ISLAND, Ill. - "Women are so important in agriculture," says Michelle Miller, better known as 'Farm Babe'. "One in three people in agriculture is now a woman. So that's really impressive. And we have a very credible voice and we have a really good story to tell." Women in agriculture are using their ... Africa
Senators Amy Klobuchar and John Thune have introduced Senate Bill 2487, the "Agricultural Data Act of 2018." The bill seeks to streamline ag data collection within USDA to make it more centralized and easily accessible to land grant universities and other organizations for research. Here's a closer look. Africa
LINCOLN — The U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Statistics Service needs a Census of Agriculture response from all U.S. ag ... Federal law requires that everyone who received the 2017 Census of Agriculture questionnaire complete it and return it, even those not currently farming. Africa
Virginia agriculture is a global player. About 45% of the state's agricultural and forestry product exports are directed to the Asia/Pacific and Western Europe markets with the remaining going to the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and Mexico. China is the number one export destination ... Africa
American farmers are bracing for possible trade retaliation from China for Trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum. China could cut back on U.S. agricultural products such as soybeans. More than half of the U.S. soybean exports go to China annually. If China cuts back on U.S. soybeans, Midwest states ... Africa
Jacki Johnson of Hancock County worked in the farm fields for years with her husband, and has continued to raise hogs since his death. Women have always been involved in agriculture, in a variety of roles, but more women are now identifying themselves as farmers. (Photo by Randy Roberts / The ... Africa
Turkey and Sudan will establish a joint agricultural and livestock company, the Turkish government's Official Gazette announced on Thursday. Turkey's General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises (TIGEM) will capitalize 80 percent of the Turkish and Sudanese International Agricultural and Livestock Inc., ... Africa
WATERTOWN — The 2018 Jefferson County Agricultural Development Conference is scheduled for Friday, March 23. The free event will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn, 1290 Arsenal St. This year's full-day program will offer more opportunities to talk about agriculture and issues from a broader ... Africa
In his remarks, Administrator Pruitt expounded on the Agency's role in American agriculture, including the decision to begin the process of redefining the “Waters of the U.S.” rule, which will provide regulatory certainty for farmers and ranchers and prioritize keeping America's water clean. He also discussed ... Africa
The National Assembly's adoption of the motion on the expropriation of land without compensation has served to intensify the heated debates on the country's agricultural trajectory and its future. The fierce debate in Parliament on the historic day revealed just how complex land and agricultural reform is in ... Africa
The farmers fear that newly announced tariffs on steel and aluminum imports will spark a trade war that could affect the state's agricultural exports. One in seven jobs in the state is connected to agriculture, and the industry's success, they say, is directly tied to their ability to export their products. "What most ... Africa
Jennifer Doudna from the University of California, Berkeley, writes at the Financial Times that though genome editing has the potential to treat a number of genetic diseases, it may first affect people's lives by being applied to agricultural issues. The FT has named CRISPR researcher Doudna one of its ... Africa
... diseases – which are increasingly common and tend to have multipronged impacts on agriculture – as well as conflict and protracted crises, which are also on the rise. The latter is accomplished through an analysis of the impact on the agricultural system and rural livelihoods in the Syrian Arab Republic. Africa
(Washington, D.C.) – U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue Tuesday applauded Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao for her announcement of an additional 90-day extension of the agriculture exemption from the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate. Agricultural compliance with the mandate ... Africa
Andy Lybeck, manager at the agriculture division of CHS Mountain West, said this year's agricultural outlook for all crops is still taking shape, but existing drought in parts of the country bode well for local crop prices. Drought is already a concern in the Midwest, with worries that this year could be worse than ... Africa
Thursday, President Trump signed a proclamation initiating new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports coming into the U.S., and two of Nebraska's top industries, manufacturing and agriculture, are already feeling the effects. Friday, the CEO of Behlen Manufacturing in Columbus said he's concerned about what the tariffs will ... Africa
Smallholder farmers who cultivate perhaps only a few hectares of land dominate the agricultural landscape in places like China, India, and sub-Saharan Africa. Increasing their efficiency while reducing their environmental impact are critical steps to ensuring a sustainable food source for the world's growing ... Africa
Kids who don't enjoy math often ask, “When will I ever use this?” Teachers attempt to give real-world examples, and students remain skeptical. Scholastically, word problems are the key to real-world application, but I don't know any kid who adores word problems. Numbers and words may as well be oil and ... Africa
But, for agriculture, using the World Trade Organization (WTO) and a long list of Free Trade Agreements, imports and exports flow far more freely now than 30 years ago. Agricultural trade now generally follows rules that, while imperfect, are far better than no rules at all. So when, for example, the U.S. ... Africa
The 30 students who were selected for the February forum came from land-grant universities like MSU, Hispanic-serving institutions and non-land-grant colleges of agriculture. While in Washington, D.C., they learned about contemporary agribusiness, scientific research and agricultural policy. Africa
Gilbert Harmon grew up farming near Houston, and now that he's a pastor, he hopes to introduce his church's young members to agriculture. ... to Breaking Ground worskhop, which offers people -- specifically the veteran and military community -- the educational tools needed to succeed in agriculture. Africa
Agricultural Secretary Sonny Perdue said Friday that while he's as anxious as farmers are about President Donald Trump's new tariffs, the move doesn't look as bad as he originally thought. Perdue said during a trip to meet with representatives of North Dakota's agricultural sector that Trump's decision to ... Africa
California hasn't been blind to the potential effects of climate change. Indeed, the UC paper tracks closely with the findings from a consortium on long-term impacts convened by the Department of Food and Agriculture in 2013. The state has been on the forefront of water and energy conservation, on the ... Africa
Senators also want to expand opportunities for prospective farmers by creating more P-Tech (Pathways in Technology) education programs for agriculture, supporting the creation of new Future Farmers of America chapters in schools and securing $200,000 for the North Country Agricultural Studies ... Africa
Robotic machines to pick everything from strawberries to apples are being tested and could one day help ease the farm labor crunch. Another agricultural technology in development involves small robot fleets operating in swarms. However, robotics won't steal all the farm jobs in the future but could be ... Africa
Through CSP, agricultural producers and forest landowners earn payments for actively managing, maintaining and expanding conservation activities such as cover crops, buffer strips, forest stand improvement and pollinator and beneficial insect habitat, all while maintaining active agriculture production on ... Africa
Local FFA and FFA alumni hosted an omelet breakfast Saturday, February 24 to recognize and promote the local agriculture industry. ... “National Ag Week is coming up,” Wuebker said, “and I had this as a vision to promote agriculture, and the community of Versailles, which is so tied to agriculture. It's also ... Africa
Before the agreement took effect, America sold $8.9 billion a year in agriculture goods to both Canada and Mexico. Now, exports have increased to $39 billion last year alone. American Farm Bureau Federation Senior Director of Congressional Relations, Dave Salmonsen, says agriculture has a lot to look ... Africa
“One under-appreciated aspect of California's climate is how important our temperature envelope is to California's agricultural sector. The right temperatures at the right times are absolutely crucial,” said Faith Kearns, a scientist with the California Institute for Water Resources who was part of the team. Africa
A cavernous bunker on a remote island above the Arctic Circle, where polar bears roam, holds the key to 12,000 years of agriculture but also to food supplies for future generations with countries urged to deposit seed samples there. Welcome to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, which turned 10 on Monday. Africa
Today, the agriculture division of DowDuPont announced the name of the intended company once it is spun off, which is expected to happen by June 1, 2019. The intended agriculture company will become Corteva Agriscience (kohr-'teh-vah), which is derived from a combination of words meaning “heart” ... Africa
The injunction by a Sacramento County Superior Court judge, issued late last week, could throw a substantial hurdle in front of efforts by the state Department of Food and Agriculture to control dozens of crop-damaging pests such as the Asian citrus psyllid, which carries bacteria that have decimated the ... Africa

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