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updated Tue. April 17, 2018

Missouri State University's master's of industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology received top rankings in a study reported in the most recent edition of The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist newsletter. The study, titled "The Cream of the Crop: Student and Alumni Perceptions of I-O psychology ...
This question was explored in a paper in the April 2018 issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology by Tal Eyal, Mary Steffel, and Nicholas Epley. This paper is unusual because it reports 25 studies that explore the difference between instructions to take another person's perspective and ...
Last year, when Congress was attempting to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, I had the honor of presenting a briefing on the psychology of ethnic-racial health disparities to congressional staffers. I was impressed by their enthusiasm, but concerned by their surprise at the pervasiveness of ... Social Justice
Recent. Psychology Today Magazine January 2018 · Psychology Today Magazine September 2017 · Psychology Today Magazine July 2017 · Issue Archive. ...
I want to start with blog entry by saying Happy National Autism Awareness Month to readers in the United States! CC0 Creative Commons. Source: CC0 Creative Commons. This month, we are going to talk about whether behavioral interventions and/or therapies for autism can change the brain. In 2017, ...

The departments here include social studies and sociology, but most of the building is occupied by psychology, which has offices and classrooms rising from the fourth floor to the thirteenth, and elsewhere. Its careful partitions of room and window into box and square reflect a particular dream of what the mind looks like ...
My colleagues and I at the University of Cambridge chose to turn to cognitive psychology for more answers. In a study of over 300 UK citizens, we tested participants' tendencies towards "cognitive flexibility" - their ability to adapt to change - and "cognitive persistence", which reflects a preference ...
New psychology research investigated whether accepting sex reluctantly or rejecting sex kindly is better for maintaining a romantic relationship. The findings, which appear in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, suggest that declining your partner's sexual advances won't harm ...
As a divorce lawyer, I meet a lot of married people with very satisfying and active sex lives. Most of the time, however, the person they're having that satisfying sex with isn't their spouse and therein lies the problem. If you've been married longer than ten years and you and your spouse still want to have ... Marriage
I was chatting about the Spring weather, which finally arrived in Boston, with a patient I saw in clinic this week. He appeared perfectly normal and mentioned how he was excited to get back out on the golf course. But when we began to discuss specifics of golf and other matters, it was clear that he was not ... Marriage
We career counselors and coaches are too often guilty of puffing our clients. We feel it's wiser or at least more comfortable to err on the side of optimism. No doubt, that feels good to both counselor and client... at least in the short-term. But here, based on my three-decade-long experience with 5,400 clients, ... Marriage
Amelia Arria, a researcher at the University of Maryland and director of the university's Center on Young Adult Health and Development, spoke about marijuana's addictive qualities to a crowd at VCU March 30. Arria's research indicates 24 percent of university students who used cannabis once had signs of ... Marriage
Everlasting love can be more than just something you see in Disney movies - if you master four habits from the field of positive psychology. That's according to a husband and wife team who've spent the last decade researching positive psychology and working on a book trying to distil the secrets to ... Marriage
Evolutionary psychology suggests this may not be the case. An important concept in evolutionary psychology is mismatch (1). Evolutionary mismatch occurs when the environment that organisms are adapted to, via a slow process of biological evolution, changes so quickly and intensely that it hinders these ... Marriage
It's the end of the term and you're ready to face the big final exam you've been studying all month for. You've went to every lecture, read every chapter, and memorized every formula and key term there is to know. You've never felt more confident about a test before. The big day arrives. You're feeling a bit ... Marriage
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in psychology are expected to grow 14 percent – faster than the average – from 2016 to 2026 because of a greater demand for psychological services. Psychologists provide help in schools, hospitals, social services agencies, mental health centers and from ... Marriage

"What this shows is that the creative brain is wired differently," said Roger Beaty, a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Psychology and the first author of the study. "People who are more creative can simultaneously engage brain networks that don't typically work together.” And it's not just that those brain areas work ... Marriage
A divorce lawyer shares five secrets to staying in love and out of his office. Posted Mar 31, 2018. SHARE · TWEET · EMAIL · MORE · SHARE · SHARE · STUMBLE · SHARE. I'm a divorce lawyer. Over the past two decades I've helped facilitate the demise of over 1,000 marriages. From entirely banal divisions of property to ... Marriage
Research: Learning a Little About Something Makes Us Overconfident – A study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has students acting as med residents in a post-apocalyptic zombie inhabited world. The results of the study showed, “beginner's bubble,” a tendency for overconfidence to ... Marriage
Controversy erupted this week with reports that Pope Francis denied the existence of hell. Quoted by an Italian journalist who is both a friend and frequent interviewer of the pontiff, Francis reportedly said that sinners who die without eternal salvation “are not punished” but that instead of their souls simply ... Marriage
While those are all important specific issues in dating and relating, in this article I decided to look at the topic more generally — namely, how to avoid bad relationships. On the flip side, I was also interested in exploring broad concepts for how to build good relationships, too. With those more over-arching ... Marriage
If we walk the road of self-exposure, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable. We stop simply liking or caring about another person, and we start deeply loving them. Our mind paints pictures with them in our future. As we open up and reveal inner feelings, motivations, and life experiences, we let them see ... Marriage
Consciousness will be placed front and center, rather than relegated to the far fringe as a meaningless epiphenomenon, which until recently has been a basic tenet of academic psychology and the neurosciences. This change will also leave existing scientific disciplines pretty much in the same state they ... Marriage
Cats don't get much respect – at least among researchers who study the relationships between pets and people. For example, at the 2017 conference of the International Society of Anthrozoology (link is external), 32 presentations reported results of studies on the bond between humans and dogs while ... Marriage
“Face to face, people are going to be focusing on the emotional response of the person they're talking to, so they're going to be connecting to that person emotionally and empathizing with them,” Augustan Professor of Social Psychology Dr. Anne Zell said. “But online, I'm not seeing that person's face and ... Marriage
Sherry Benton, Ph.D., the founder and Chief Science Officer of TAO Connect, and is also a professor emeritus and the former counseling center director at the University of Florida. She has over 25 years of clinical and research experience in counseling psychology and college student mental health. She has focused her ... Marriage
Editor's Note: This is the fourth installment in “Off Guard,” a series on surprise in war inspired by a new CSIS study. Read the rest of the series here. Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush saw different worlds in early 2003, but shared a common belief: Each was certain that his read of the strategic situation ... Marriage
Foreword: Fellow lab member and expert in animal intelligence, Mary Flaim, takes over the blog today in a piece discussing the historically controversial yet highly relevant topic of the nature of human intelligence. Most of psychology has been put forth as a debate between nature vs nurture. Are we the ... Marriage
For me, every hour is grace. And I feel gratitude in my heart each time I can meet someone and look at his or her smile. —Elie Wiesel. Gratitude, day-to-day variations and consistency over time. Previous research on the positive effects of gratitude has shown that gratitude appears to reduce stress and foster ... Marriage
There is an emotion attracting new interest from behavioral economists and other psychologists. The interest comes from uneasy respect for its political and social power. From the rising success of extreme and reckless politics to the exposure and naming of once accepted crimes, outrage is shaping our ... Marriage
If we look back on the use of social media analytics in Obama's elections, we might well ask, how is what the Trump campaign tried to do with the research firm Cambridge Analytica any different? Is this about Cambridge Analytica's violation of Facebook policy or is this a bigger deal than that? In January ... Marriage
There was something wrong with psychology. A cascade of warning signs arrived all at once in 2011. Famous psychological experiments failed, over and over, when researchers re-did them in their own labs. Even worse, the standard methods researchers used in their labs turned out under close scrutiny ... Marriage
Following last September's strategic military exercise Zapad 2017, Kaliningrad Oblast (part of Russia's Western Military District) has taken a critical place regarding new innovative projects in the domain of military psychology. One of the main indications is the opening, on October 9, 2017, of a School for ... Marriage
Unlike all other animals, human beings have the capacity to think about themselves far into the future. Whereas other animals respond to life mostly on a moment-by-moment basis, our ability to imagine the future allows us to behave in ways today that will have desired consequences later on. Marriage
This guest post was contributed by Narcis Marshall, a graduate student in the USC Psychology Department's Clinical Science program. Do we all begin life on an equal playing field, with a more-or-less similar starting package that makes us all masters of our own destiny? Not quite. A growing body of ... Marriage
Staying physically active across the human lifespan appears to help people defy the aging process on a variety of levels that include keeping the immune system “young,” according to a new study by scientists at King's College London and the University of Birmingham. The findings of this research were ... Marriage
"A growth mindset is the belief that intellectual abilities can be developed, while a fixed mindset is the belief that intellectual abilities are fixed and cannot be developed," says David Yeager, associate professor of psychology at the University of Texas Austin. Yeager developed the growth mindset theory ... Marriage
Most people have been there. Either personally or vicariously, at one time or another, you have experienced the heartbreaking cycle of love and betrayal. Wouldn´t it be great if you could spot the red flags of potential infidelity before you fall in love? Research reveals that in many cases, you can. 1. History ... Marriage
After a strong showing in the weeks following the February decline, NYSE-listed stocks are running up against resistance as the major averages approach their all-time highs from January. This has created its own unique investor psychology and will likely influence the trading environment of the next ... Marriage
As a social psychologist, I am particularly interested in exploring how we can understand adverse reactions to feminist debate online, using social psychology to shed some light on the perspectives and motivations of those with anti-feminist views. Women who receive harassment online are often told to ... Marriage
Andy Vonasch is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and will soon join the faculty at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. He studies morality and rationality. This blog post was inspired by the work of the self-correction committee at ... Marriage
You may have heard of "gaslighting." Here's what it is and where it comes from. Posted Mar 13, 2018. SHARE · TWEET · EMAIL · MORE · SHARE · SHARE · STUMBLE · SHARE. I gaslight, you gaslight, he/she/it gaslights. What can this mean? Isn't gaslight some sort of compound noun rather than a verb? Marriage
Love is hard to find, and when you do find it you want to keep it for as long as possible. In the pursuit of lasting love, Barbra Streisand seems to have stirred up a hornet's nest of criticism. The 75-year-old singer, actress, and director has often been photographed in the company of her curly white Coton de ... Marriage
For some time, experts have been aware of a link between excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) and an increased risk of dementia. However, it was unclear how this relationship played out. Does excessive daytime sleepiness precede dementia and thus increase the risk? Or, is excessive daytime ... Marriage
I am very happy to begin writing for Psychology Today and for any readers interested in the topic of bias. Many areas of social science and psychology cover biases. They include social psychology, cognitive psychology, and behavioral economics to name a few. I've been trained in social psychology, but I ... Marriage
Are you a student of psychology? An undergraduate psychology major, perhaps, or a graduate student? If so, I think you have some strengths that you may not even recognize. As you go out into the world looking for a job or just living your life, your training in psychology will be your secret weapon. Even if ... Marriage
However, as a dinosaur, I'm wondering if using psychology will make any difference. (I can visualize the curled lips of fellow dinosaur lawyers who think this idea is hooey.) I'm wondering if the mind games we all play with ourselves and each other in prepping for the bar affect the bar taker's ability to pass. Marriage
A program in the College of Health and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Central Arkansas has been re-accredited by the National Association of School Psychologists. The school psychology master's program has earned a seven-year re-accreditation, a designation that represents the highest ... Marriage
“To decompress and relax, I spend time serving my community through volunteer work,” said Rivera, who graduated with the master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) that is offered through ASU's Department of Psychology on the Tempe campus. “It seems like a strange answer, but volunteering ... Marriage


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