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updated Wed. April 18, 2018

INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Secretary Penny Mordaunt will today highlight the important role that science, innovation and the City of London can play in helping developing countries build resilience against and recover after natural disasters. At an event at Lloyd's of London, Mordaunt will join ...
When a disaster such as a tornado or wildfire strikes a town, first responders are on scene quickly. A local church is working to become the secondary responders. A dozen members of Messiah Lutheran Church went through training last year to become certified with the Federal Emergency ...

Members of the Graham family of evangelism fame have a history of making outrageous statements that offend intelligent people who possess a functioning conscience. During a conversation in the Oval Office with President Richard Nixon on Feb. 1, 1972, Billy Graham condemned the "total ...
South Carolina's ability to deal with disease outbreaks, floods and other disasters has improved over last year, but still only hits the national average, a new national ranking shows. In its fifth annual National Health Security Preparedness Index, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation looked at ...
Contingency plans must go beyond a natural disaster playbook. Given the many potential points of connectivity, it will be much more difficult to predict, identify, and correct the cause of large-scale smart-device failures. Debugging and reprogramming a faulty intelligent device is even more complicated ...
With Melissa Block. How do you prepare for the Big One? We'll talk with a seismologist who looks at lessons from history--from as far back as Pompeii. Guests: Lucy Jones, seismologist, founder of the Dr. Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society and author of "The Big Ones: How Natural Disasters ...

If you want to know your community's strategy for dealing with a hazardous situation, Hamilton County has a plan for that. After months of surveys and public meetings, Hamilton County's Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency is nearly ready to submit its updated Multi-Hazard ... Terrorism
They achieve great things," said Wanda Helgesen, who is the executive director of Border RAC. The health professionals volunteering with EMTF are paid through the state, which then reimburses the hospitals. Preventing future natural disasters is impossible, but EMTF is hoping to stay prepared by receiving help from local ... Terrorism
... year's Homeless EP and judging from the newly released single 'Dry Prayers, No Echoes', it pushes the producer's chaotic, futuristic club music to an aggressive new high. The album features one collaboration, with labelmate Jason Hou on the closing track 'Rebuild'. Look for Natural Disaster April 27. Terrorism
This grid would not only protect us from natural disasters but also save us billions and clean up our air and water. The rebuilding of Puerto Rico's energy infrastructure will be a living laboratory for the shift, but we already know how it should look on the mainland, thanks to a one-of-a-kind venture between a ... Terrorism
Additionally, the integration of patient data and medical records across IoT platforms could help make triage zones more efficient, ensuring proper care is carried out in a timely manner if a natural disaster strikes. Semtech (mentioned above) is behind much of that endeavor. Similar to One Concern, ... Terrorism
She has expanded the original research to analyze housing recovery in other communities that have suffered from recent natural disasters. “Housing is such a unifier because it's so essential to economic, social and psychological recovery following a natural disaster,” Hamideh said. Hurricane Ike in 2008 ... Terrorism
In March, Shenandoah County was declared a "natural disaster area" by the USDA. Shenandoah County is the primary disaster area, but farmers in surrounding counties are eligible for assistance as well. Senior Extension Agent for the Virginia Cooperative Extension, Bobby Clark, said the only thing that a ... Terrorism
DEWEY-HUMBOLDT, AZ - Amidst a drought, help is on its way to Arizona farmers and ranchers struggling to stay afloat. The U.S. Department of Agriculture designated Yuma and Yavapai counties as "primary natural disaster areas." The designation gives eligible farmers eight months to apply for ... Terrorism
That's an increase from last year when 5 Arizona counties were considered primary natural disaster areas. Under the designation, farmers can apply for emergency loans and debt relief. According to a federal study, drought in the region is expanding with most of the state and the Colorado Plateau in either ... Terrorism
Canada - News. Alberta to Clarify Responsibilities During Natural Disasters ... Under the proposed legislation, municipal officials will remain the ultimate decision-makers during a natural disaster unless the province declares a state of emergency. The bill will also clarify that anyone who refuses to leave an ... Terrorism
Once Used for Natural Disasters, Resilience Theory Informs Financial Regulation Debate. Speakers at a briefing on current issues in financial regulations. Photo by Colin Colter. Sarah Bloom Raskin speaks at the financial regulation panel held in the Duke in DC office. With her is Lee Reiners of Duke Law ... Terrorism

The Alberta government has introduced legislation to better define roles and responsibilities for decision-makers when natural disaster strikes. The proposed changes, tabled by Municipal Affairs Minister Shaye Anderson, will also provide minimum emergency management training for elected officials and ... Terrorism
No such count is available for the Thera explosion, which is why it doesn't make LiveScience's list of the 11 deadliest natural disasters "for which reasonably accurate death tolls exist." It includes the 2004 Indian Ocean quake and tsunami, which hit Indonesia hardest and killed as many as a quarter of a ... Terrorism
Fiji's opposition National Federation Party has called on the government to declare a state of natural disaster after Cyclone Josie. Cyclone Josie leaving Fiji waters Photo: Fiji Met Service. The category 1 storm brought torrential rain and flooded large parts of the western division, causing the death of four ... Terrorism
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has designated Bent, Custer, Huerfano and Prowers counties in Colorado as primary natural disaster areas due to losses and damages caused by a recent drought. Farmers and ranchers in the following contiguous counties in Colorado also qualify for natural disaster ... Terrorism
WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Agriculture has designated Bent, Custer, Huerfano and Prowers counties in Colorado as primary natural disaster areas due to losses and damages caused by a recent drought. Farmers and ranchers in the following contiguous counties in Colorado also qualify for ... Terrorism
LONDON, March 29 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The Sahara desert has expanded by 10 percent in the past century - partly because of climate change - with far-reaching impacts on communities surrounding it, researchers said on Thursday. Sudan, Chad, Mauritania and Libya are some of the ... Terrorism
“Despite the high vulnerability of the Caribbean Region to natural disasters and the effect they can have on mental health and psychosocial well-being, social resilience is often overlooked in mitigation and rebuilding efforts,” the CDB said. “It is critical that a country's response to any disaster includes a ... Terrorism
Only with a continuous, strategic, and large-scale commitment to both housing and resilience can we recover from natural disasters quickly, affordably, and in a manner that puts the life and health of people and communities first. Tim Miller is chief executive officer of Enhabit, a Portland-based non-profit that ... Terrorism
The Avalanche got smoked by the Kings on home ice last night, helping the Wild's playoff chances. By Jim Dowd's Pants@DarrenFunBrown Mar 23, 2018, 10:04am CDT. Share Tweet Share. Share Wilderness Walk: Natural Disaster. tweet share Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email. Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports. With the ... Terrorism
... similarly to other natural disasters. The reform ends fire borrowing -- the practice of using funds from other programs such as trail maintenance to pay for fires that exceed budgets. Under the changes, when fire budgets run dry, agencies may tap into natural disaster funding rather than their own budgets. Terrorism
Natural disasters from droughts to floods are costing farmers in poorer countries billions of dollars a year in lost crops and livestock, and it's getting worse thanks to climate change. Agricultural losses from weather events in developing nations totaled $96 billion in a decade through 2015, with Asia ... Terrorism
When natural disasters such as floods, fires, or hurricanes strike, we are understandably concerned about their human impact. But these events also cause significant disturbance to natural ecosystems. How -- and if -- those natural communities recover is not fully understood, even as the occurrence and ... Terrorism
BULLHEAD CITY — The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Wednesday the re-designation of 12 counties in Arizona, including Mohave County, as primary natural disaster areas due to losses and damages caused by recent drought. “The designation has been in place for 10 years now due to ... Terrorism
Wildfires, hurricanes, flooding and droughts were also among the six types of natural disasters most feared by the 1,100 people surveyed. "Earthquakes worry us for a number of reasons, thanks to their violent nature and the psychological terror of the earth moving beneath our feet," said a release from ... Terrorism
There is much debate as to why these natural disasters are occurring. There is no debate, however, when it comes to the importance of preparation for a natural disaster. There are two critical components of the first 72 hours after a natural disaster: a survivor mindset and essential life support items. Terrorism
Russell Hartstein, acclaimed dog and cat behaviorist, trainer, and nutritionist, says that the most common mistake people make during a natural disaster is leaving pets behind. "You can't leave a dog or cat at home thinking they will be OK with a bunch of food and water. They won't be OK, and they will likely die," he warns. Terrorism
When Hurricane Irma struck Florida last September, Linda Lubitz Boone's 97-year-old mother needed to evacuate her Miami condo. So Boone brought her ailing mom to live with her to ride out the storm. Boone has been a financial adviser for 25 years, and has counseled many clients struggling with ... Terrorism
Natural disasters may cause suffering and threaten life, but they can also promote economic growth. Typhoons, floods, and other weather-related shocks can inflict suffering on local populations and create life-threatening conditions for the poor. Yet, natural disasters also present a development opportunity ... Terrorism
“We see this happen every time there's a natural disaster," says South Florida–based real estate consultant Jack McCabe. "From storms and fires, people lose their jobs, they lose their houses, they lose their records. In many cases they don't have a source of income for a period of months to be making their ... Terrorism
If the ground starts shaking, a new poll says more people would be afraid of the earthquake than if a storm was headed their way. The poll from Sperling's Best Places found that 21.1 percent of Americans fear earthquakes more than any other natural disaster. That's compared with the 17.6 percent of ... Terrorism
The base will serve as a logistics center and provide basic services to the affected population during any natural disasters. “The installation of modular bases meets our main goal of [being able to] set up in the shortest amount of time possible at any point in the nation where a disaster or emergency arises,” ... Terrorism
For students that wish to make a meaningful impact by serving others, travel nationally or internationally and experience life outside of their comfort zone: Western's Alternative Break program may be a great place to start. The Alternative Break program, organized by the Service Learning and Career ... Terrorism
It is vital small business owners act quickly following a natural disaster to protect employees, provide continuity and repair property or infrastructure. ... and what actions to take in the wake of a natural disaster in this disaster preparedness guide and this 21-Point Checklist for Preparing for Natural Disasters. Terrorism
For Akio Sato, whose electronic components company and home were decimated in the massive Tohoku tsunami seven years ago, starting a fashion business that would one day receive a royal endorsement was all but impossible to imagine. The magnitude 9.0 earthquake and ensuing tsunami destroyed ... Terrorism
KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Preparing for future natural disasters by responding to and anticipating changing climates is the topic of a lecture at 3 p.m. Friday, March 16, on the campus of Western Michigan University. Dr. Carol P. Harden, former president of the Association of American Geographers, will give a ... Terrorism
At least 7.7 million Brazilians, or one every minute, have been forced to leave their homes since 2000, a pioneering study has found. Of those, 6.4 million moved after large-scale flooding, droughts and other natural disasters, while 1.2 million were forced out by large-scale construction projects such as ... Terrorism
In 2012, PNG released its “Disaster Risk Management Plan” in line with this vision, which offers an appropriate framework within which to address natural disasters in PNG. Yet the government continues to respond to disasters in an ad hoc manner. This earthquake is PNG's second major natural disaster of ... Terrorism
Impact glazing has evolved immensely throughout the past three decades, yet the industry still has more work to do according to Kishor Mehta, wind engineering expert and professor at Texas Tech University. He held a panel about managing risk and growth in response to natural events at the 2018 ... Terrorism
Whether it's a natural disaster, a PR scandal or something else altogether, not being ready can add another level of devastation to an entrepreneur's life. I know this firsthand. My company, ONTRAPORT, endured the Santa Barbara fires and aftermath that started in late 2017 and ravaged into this year. Terrorism
TIFTON, Ga. (WTXL) - More than 150 health care providers from across south Georgia came together to discuss a response plan should a a flu pandemic happen in the community. The virus has become an epidemic in Georgia, but officials say they want to be ready if it ever becomes a pandemic. Terrorism
As a local government official, whether the Public Information Officer or the Director of Emergency Management, communicating to your citizens in the case of a natural disaster will be a priority. Download our eBook "Comprehensive Guide to Natural Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Communications." Our eBook ... Terrorism
DFID has taken a well-considered approach to mainstreaming resilience to natural disasters, and has helped to promote the inclusion of resilience into the global development agenda. Natural disasters and climate-related extreme weather events are increasing in scale and frequency. In 2017, hurricanes ... Terrorism
Review: University of Tampa exhibit examines human response to natural disasters. Julie Heffernan, Standing My Ground, 2016. Oil on canvas. Heffernan's ... Hurricane Irma was an eye opener of human response in the face of a natural disaster. Supplies were depleted, the roads were jammed with cars ... Terrorism


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