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updated Tue. December 26, 2023

A member of the audience, which included a mixture of political affiliations, asked Majeed for his thoughts on recent comments made by Yousif Mohammed, a former Kurdistan parliament speaker and a Gorran leader, who said those who masterminded the September independence referendum should be ...

... and former speaker of the Kurdistan parliament, who on Thursday also slammed the independence vote, saying those who decided to hold referendum should be “tried” in court. Mohammed's speech drew condemnation from 'Yes' voters and praise from those who were against the move in the first place.
A large number of Kurdish houses and properties were looted and burned down as reported by international rights organization, something the Kurdistan parliament named “genocide.” Tuz Khurmatu is part of the disputed areas. It lies in Saladin province. Kurds have never been able to gain enough votes ...
Concerning the matter in question, the KDP bloc in the Kurdistan Parliament announced that Karim Sinjari, the KRG interior minister, had made sure the ministry's Guard Unit will undergo the new saving system. The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) described the recent anger sparked among the special ...
But I can say that, following the application of the reforms currently put before the Kurdistan parliament ... I can say we can reach the level to cancel ... The Kurdistan parliament late last year passed a reform package regarding the salary-system of the Kurdistan Region. But it is not in effect yet because of a ...
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Kurdistan Region's parliament approved a controversial article in a reform bill amending the KRG's salary and pension systems on Wednesday. The bill introduces reforms to the salaries of public employees and pensioners, including cleaning the list of beneficiaries, preventing ...
"Our objective since day one when I was honored as the speaker of the Kurdistan parliament was to ensure power is from the people and to the people. Our objective behind the resignation today is for the same goal. We are promising to pursue this objective even in the future," Mohammed said from ...
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Demonstrators, some carrying clubs, stormed the Iraqi Kurdistan parliament building in Erbil on Sunday, angry at the decision of Masoud Barzani to step down from the presidency of the region, witnesses said. Gunshots were heard as protesters who claimed they were "Peshmerga" ...
He also pointed out that even Kurdistan parliament has no information on KRG oil revenue, income. 27 years after Kurdish uprising and self-determination, 15 years after the 2003 US invasion toppled Saddam Hussein's regime, the Kurdistan region is plagued by unresolved internal political issues that ...


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