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updated Sat. November 19, 2022

Although not without difficulty, one can find many examples of outstanding 20th century treatises by Iraqi engineers (e.g. Ahmed Sousa and Aliya Sousa), medical specialists, linguists and artists produced within Iraq prior to the sanction regime. That exhaustive embargo targeted Iraq's intelligentsia as much ...
As the Iraqi Army completed the bridge, TF Strike artillery provided obscuration and precision fires, U.S. unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS) provided intelligence on ISIS positions, U.S. engineer advisors positioned 250 meters from the bridge coached Iraqi engineers, and a battalion advise and assist team accompanied the ...

The home-built Al-Hussein Scuds developed by Iraqi engineers cut down the size of the warhead and increased the fuel to afford them greater range, at the expense of killing power and accuracy. Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, commander of the coalition, thought of them as little more than a terror weapon ...
The newly repaired Siniya refinery is near Iraq's largest oil refinery of Baiji, which is still shut after suffering extensive damage in the war against Islamic State. Iraqi engineers succeeded in “rehabilitating in record time the Siniya refinery, which was destroyed by Daesh gangs,” the statement said, referring to ...
He recalled bringing DVDs to Iraqi engineers to broadcast across the country, but didn't tell them about the rating system the U.S. uses. Moulton said, “one night they put in 'Basic Instinct.' They must have been asleep at the switch. What they usually did is they got to a racy part of the film, they had this like ...

Dubai: Around 20 minor accidents are reported every hour, causing traffic jams and delays, prompting Dubai Police to urge drivers to use the force's smart application to report such incidents. Latest police statistics showed that 121,266 minor traffic accidents were reported in the first eight months of this year ...
“We have a lot of foreign direct investments in Iraq and Petronas is the largest international oil company operating there,” she said, adding Malaysia has also trained Iraqi engineers and helped develop the Gharaf oilfield. “In reality, in regard to secondary issues like differences in faith, countries will always ...

When he returned home, though, the couple sat together as he shared it all, showed her photographs of the people who had befriended him, the faces of the two Iraqi engineers — one Muslim and one Christian — who had worked side by side with him. And the horrors. "Just being sad about it," he said.
Iraqi engineers who built the damn suggest that a collapse could result in massive flood waves that could reach almost one million people in both Mosul and Baghdad. The government has employed a team of Italian engineers to attempt repairs, and urged Iraqis to move after from the Tigris river as worries ...
Iraqi engineers involved in building the Mosul dam 30 years ago have warned that the risk of its imminent collapse and the consequent death toll could be even worse than .... Nadhir al-Ansari, another Iraqi engineer from when the dam was built, also voiced concern about the rising waters in the reservoir.
Iraqi Engineer Wins Award in California for Garden of Eden. By Joe Rosato Jr. Published at 1:21 PM PDT on Apr 15, 2013 | Updated at 1:54 PM PDT on Apr 15, 2013 ...


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