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updated Sun. August 14, 2022

Iraqi Federal Police Training Academy students train at Camp Dublin last week. Photo: Master Sgt. Horace Murray/US Army ... Iraq's fragile security was exposed when a double suicide bombing killed at least 38 and injured more than 100 in Baghdad on Monday. With the official defeat of the so-called ...

At a conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in Baghdad the Czech head of government congratulated Iraq on its victories over IS militants ... base, north of Bagdad, training Iraqi pilots, while at Camp Dublin in Bagdad a team of military police officers are training recruits for the Iraqi police force.
“Progress has been made in Iraq with the liberation of Mosul, and Canada remains fully committed to supporting the Iraqi government and its people,” said Goodale. “Canada's policing contribution will be targeted at building key capacities of Iraqi security institutions and enhancing local policing skill sets, ...
BAGHDAD, 9 MAGGIO – Oltre settecento poliziotti iracheni si sono 'laureati', a Camp Dublin, con la Task Force italiana Carabinieri a Baghdad, inquadrati nella missione 'Prima Parthica'. Presso la “Iraqi Federal Police Special Training School” (IFPSTS), si sono infatti svolti l'8° Carabinieri course e il 24° Law & Order course.
Iraqi soldiers from the Noncommissioned Officer Academy perform push-ups as part of their physical-training test at the Iraqi Military Complex, Iraq. ... An Italian Carabinieri officer coaches an Iraqi policeman as he fires an M16 rifle during advanced marksmanship training at Camp Dublin, Iraq, January 23, ...
Iraqi forces still need substantial training to develop the country's air and naval defences to safeguard against a potential attack by a foreign enemy. However, analysts believe that Iraq is unlikely to face an external threat in the near future, with the greatest challenge coming instead from sectarian tensions ...
“While violent extremists continue to launch attacks, the police have maintained their professionalism and Iraq's internal security,” said Deputy Commander of NATO Training Mission Iraq Maj. Gen. Claudio Angelelli. “It is no wonder why the Iraqi Security Force remains the most trusted government institution ...
About a month before he was to return to his family -- on June 5, 2005 -- Westhusing was found dead in his trailer at Camp Dublin in Baghdad. At the time, he ... When he arrived in Iraq, Westhusing discovered that just like the rest of Iraqi society, the Iraqi military and police are riven by religion. Religious ...


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