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Beginning with the 1989 riots, Sukhumi was a centre of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict which damaged much of the city. During the Abkhaz siege of Sukhumi (1992-1993), the city and its environs suffered almost daily air strikes and artillery shellings, with heavy civilian casualties. On September 27, 1993 the battle for Sukhumi was concluded by a full-scale campaign of ethnic cleansing against its majority Georgian population (see Sukhumi Massacre), including members of the Abkhaz government (Zhiuli Shartava, Raul Eshba, etc) and mayor of Sukhumi Guram Gabiskiria. Although the city has been relatively peaceful and partially rebuilt, it is still suffering the after-effects of the war, and it has not regained its earlier ethnic diversity. Its population in 2003 was 43,716, compared to about 120,000 in 1989. logo
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updated Wed. April 25, 2018

The law enforcers report that the 37-year-old representative of the Sukhumi thieves' clan had been supervising the criminal circles' activity in the Odessa region, as well as redistribution of income of the criminal business (burglary, drug trafficking, and theft of elite cars). It is reported that Irakly Khutu ...
Upon our arrival in Sukhumi, the first interaction we had with a local was at a grocery store right by the dilapidated building of the old train station. We were immediately showered by the relentless hospitality so typical for the region. But then, after we asked a seemingly innocent question regarding ... Putin election

The Russian-backed authorities of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali Region/South Ossetia rejected in their statements the Georgian Government's new peace proposal intended to enhance economic and people-to-people exchanges between residents of the two regions and the rest of the country. Commenting ...
Under the plan, residents of Abkhazia and South Ossetia will be able to transport locally produced goods to Georgian-controlled territories, with 'status-neutral labelling'. 'It may be sufficient to include only the name of the producer, the name of the city/settlement (e.g. Sukhumi, Gagra, etc.) and/or ... peace
The report also said that conditions in Sukhumi and Tskhinvali are conducive to carrying out illegal financial operations which are effectively controlled by Russia. According to a document prepared by the SSSG, by using Russian banks in Tskhinvali, Moscow is doing illegal financial operations with ...
The festival is being held in Sukhumi (Sukhum) on 2-7 April. ... The festival kicked off on 2 April in Sukhumi's State Russian Drama Theatre. ... Last year, the removal of a memorial in the Scottish town of Kilmarnock to those from Sukhumi who perished in the Georgia-Abkhazia war sparking outrage ...

Positions taken: Russia, Tskhinvali, Sokhumi The March 28 statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry (MID) said the Georgian diplomats "turned the meeting into a publicity event, contrary to Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili's reassuring statement of March 9 on his country's resolve to ...
A non-use of force agreement was expected to be discussed at the previous round of negotiations in Geneva on 27/28 March between Moscow, Tskhinvali, Sukhumi and with apprehension and even indignation by the Georgian opposition. This however, did not happen. The sides were unable to produce ... Tbilisi
Ongoing hostility from both sides and the severe economic consequences of non-recognition mean that much of Sukhumi, once a jewel in the Soviet crown, remains in ruins. Even the name is controversial - the city is transliterated as Sukhumi or Sokhumi by Georgians (and Guardian Cities, pursuant to ...
The EU also regrets "the continued refusal" by Russia and participants of the Geneva International Discussions from Tskhinvali and Sokhumi, to engage on the topic of refugees and displaced persons, which is "at the core of the mandate" of the Geneva talks, the continued boycott of which, "jeopardizes ... Human Rights Abkhazia
TBILISI, DFWatch–A renowned Abkhaz musician who wrote the anthem of the breakaway republic was arrested Wednesday in Sokhumi and charged with sexual abuse of a minor. The criminal prosecution against Valeri Chkadua, 70, was initiated after a complaint was filed by a teacher at one of the public ... Human Rights Abkhazia
The process of getting in to Abkhazia as a tourist is fairly straight-forward, albeit quite strange. It seemed to be, in my eyes, a bit pretentious. First of all, we had to send a request, no less than 5 days before proposed entry, to the Abkhaz Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sokhumi (or 'Sokhum', as they call it there). Human Rights Abkhazia
The synagogue in Sukhumi is not the most popular of places, and there are only 160 people in the culturally-charitable Shalom society in Abkhazia. For Saturday services, a maximum of ten people come to pray. Aleksandr Malis is 34 years old and is the chairman of the organisation. He has been head ... Human Rights Abkhazia
The memorial is located in the yard of the Armenian school in Merkheuli, Beria's birthplace, which lies 22 kilometers east of Sokhumi and along the road connecting Sokhumi with Kodori Gorge, dubbed “the Abkhazian Military Road”. Lavrentiy Beria (1899-1953) was chief of the Soviet security and secret ... Human Rights Abkhazia
Members of the Russian-backed Sokhumi and Tskhinvali authorities are on a long visit to Nauru, a tiny island nation in the Pacific Ocean and one of the three states besides the Russian Federation that has recognized the two regions. The delegations, led by Daur Kove and Dmitry Medoev, “foreign ... Human Rights Abkhazia
Members of the Russian-backed authorities go to Nauru: Sokhumi and Tskhinvali representatives (the latter including the very same Medoev) are on a long visit to Nauru – one of the four countries that have recognized the Russian-backed regimes' “independence” along with Russia, Venezuela and ... Human Rights Abkhazia
This week, Tyler revealed that he was inspired to make the intro after seeing a photo called "Sukhumi beach, 2005" by Norwegian photographer Jonas Bendiksen: "He has this photo of these people at the beach. They're having a good time, but there's this one lady with her arms crossed. She's looking back ... Human Rights Abkhazia

Russia's Network – Sokhumi finalizes 2018 budget: Russian funds will comprise 57.75% of revenues in the Sokhumi Russian-backed authorities' budget for 2018. The whole amount of revenues is to be RUB 7.43 billion (USD 131.5 million), with the Russian funding officially amounting to RUB 4.29 billion ... Human Rights Abkhazia
Now, Sokhumi demands the release of Yusup Lakayev, an ethnic Chechen whom the breakaway republic has accused of murdering Dmitri Vishernev and his wife. Vishernev was First Secretary at the de facto Russian embassy to Abkhazia in Sukhumi. His car was riddled with bullets near his home on ... Human Rights Abkhazia
Sokhumi Happenings – Khajimba wants constitutional changes: The Russian-backed Sokhumi leader Raul Khajimba made a speech in the region's “parliament,” mentioning his intention to “continue the constitutional reform” in 2018. Khajimba wants to gain for the “president” the right to call early elections ... Human Rights Abkhazia
Hardly worth bothering about, you might think, but the small monument to the dead of Kilmarnock's former twin town of Sukhumi who were killed in the Abkhazian-Georgian conflict of 1992-93 is once more at the centre of an international barney that is causing headaches for diplomats here and in the ... Human Rights Abkhazia
TBILISI, DFWatch–Authorities in breakaway Abkhazia released a Georgian ex-soldier on Monday after serving seven years of a 20 year sentence. Giorgi Lukava, who was seized by Sokhumi in 2011, was handed over to Georgian authorities at Enguri bridge, the unofficial border between Georgia proper ... Human Rights Abkhazia
A 10-day visa receipt in Sukhumi costs 750 Russian rubles (USD 13), in Gali the same document costs 1,800 rubles (USD 31). 20 and 30-day visas in Sokhumi cost 1,400 Russian rubles (USD 24) and in Gali it costs 2,500 rubles (USD 43). The document can be extended by paying the relevant sum. Human Rights Abkhazia
42nd Round of the GID - Idea voiced about Enguri river customs post - Budget adoption process launched in Abkhazia - Local official hopes to decrease the number of people getting Georgian medical service - New citizenship rules planned for Abkhazia - Duma members meet Sokhumi “parliament” ... Human Rights Abkhazia
The Russian Foreign Ministry hosted on December 5 consultations with the representatives of the Russian-backed Sokhumi authorities regarding two projected agreements that are supposed to regulate “the dual citizenship issues” and “the simplified procedure for the acquisition of the Russian citizenship” ... Human Rights Abkhazia
Lavrov's respect for territorial integrity - Friends of Georgia group expresses support - Janelidze lists international law violations - November numbers for the occupation line detentions - Bibilov reiterates his wish to see Tskhinvali Region within Russia - Russian peacekeepers monument opened in Sokhumi ... Human Rights Abkhazia
Sukhumi's rebuke to Kvirikashvili's language protection program was sharper still, calling Tbilisi's gesture “hypocrisy” in promoting Abkhaz language and culture while enforcing a non-recognition policy. As an added jab, the de facto government noted that Georgian forces burned Abkhaz archives and the ... Human Rights Abkhazia
Ongoing hostility from both sides and the severe economic consequences of non-recognition mean that much of Sukhumi, once a jewel in the Soviet crown, remains in ruins. Even the name is controversial – the city is transliterated as Sukhumi or Sokhumi by Georgians (and Guardian Cities, pursuant to our ... Human Rights Abkhazia
Latest statements by some representatives of the Georgian government indicate that this correct approach might soon be undermined under the slogan of “direct dialogue with Tskhinvali and Sokhumi.” If that happens, there will be a real threat of Georgia allowing disintegration of its own positions in the ... Human Rights Abkhazia
Last year, Sokhumi released Georgian citizens accused of grave crimes in exchange for release of four Ossetians held by Tbilisi. Now, Tskhinvali expresses its good will. In March 2016, 14 Georgians were released from prison by Sokhumi. In return, four Ossetian prisoners were freed, who were sentenced ... Human Rights Abkhazia
In November 2016, the Abkhaz took to the streets in Sukhumi, holding Syrian flags and banners in Arab and Russian to show their support and solidarity with the people of Syria. President Khajimba of the de-facto republic addressed participants of the rally pledging unequivocal support to the brotherly ... Human Rights Abkhazia
In November, the town council of Kilmarnock, a small city south of Glasgow council said that it was removing a monument from 1996 inscribed: “In memory of those from our twin town of Sukhumi who died in the Abkhazian/Georgian conflict.” The removal of the monument came after a formal complaint from ... Human Rights Abkhazia
In search for excuses to demolish houses in the Georgian villages - Khajimba comes on a visit - Bibilov mentions transit route - Illegal detentions continue - Kulakhmetov congratulates Tskhinvali on separatism - Georgian Prisoner Allegedly Exchanged - Sokhumi rejects compromise on Kilmarnock ... Human Rights Abkhazia
The Sukhumi Bazaar covers a rather large area, covered with blue tarps which are clamped to the sides of two Soviet era buildings. These buildings are also part of the bazaar however. In one building they sell clothing, and groceries in the other. There is a preserved 'piece of art' here, characteristic of the ... Human Rights Abkhazia
The leader of the Sukhumi clan, Merab Dzhangveladze, is also not averse to taking part in the struggle for the 'throne'. As The CrimeRussia has ... Human Rights Abkhazia
Russia's Network – Bibilov wants to be friends with Assad: Following Sokhumi's lead, the Russian-backed authorities in Tskhinvali also wish to establish ties with the Assad government in Syria. Anatoly Bibilov says that South Ossetia is ready to provide humanitarian help and political support to Assad's ... Human Rights Abkhazia
... met Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, before seeing Raul Khajimba in Sokhumi. Waqa then returned to Russia, heading to Moscow. Human Rights Abkhazia
Baron Waqa, President of a tiny Pacific island of Nauru, held meetings with the Russian-backed Sokhumi and Tskhinvali leaders - Raul Khajimba and Anatoly Bibilov, respectively. Waqa, who serves as the Head of Government and the Head of State of Nauru, travelled to Abkhazia through the Russian ... Human Rights Abkhazia
Most of the streets of Sukhumi, capital of the Georgian-claimed secessionist region of Abkhazia, are named after Soviet-era luminaries and ... Human Rights Abkhazia
The monument to Sokhumi's war victims was erected some time between 1993 and 1996; the exact date is not known even to the local ... Human Rights Abkhazia
Sokhumi bus stands idle and decrepit - silent witness of severed links. ... Current Sukhumi authorities have recently set as a policy, that the ... Human Rights Abkhazia
Sokhumi bus stands idle and decrepit - silent witness of severed links. ... Current Sukhumi authorities have recently set as a policy, that the ... Human Rights Abkhazia
Abkhazian musicians perform at an announcement of a new program to promote the Abkhazian language in Georgia. (photo: Ministry of ... Human Rights Abkhazia
... march during a military parade to mark the 20th anniversary of Abkhazia's de facto independence in the region's capital Sukhumi on Sept. Human Rights Abkhazia
TBILISI, DFWatch–A campaign to demand action against drug addiction brought a large crowd out in the streets of Sokhumi on Thursday, under ... Human Rights Abkhazia
They sold their car and flew to Russia - Sukhumi's airport has been inactive since the war. Although Kudzhba arrived in Abkhazia prior to the ... Human Rights Abkhazia
The alleged independence of Catalonia was announced in occupied Sokhumi and Tskhinvali, who said that it is vital that Catalonians ... Human Rights Abkhazia
The pattern follows the one employed by the Russian-backed Sokhumi authorities in the Georgian-populated Gali District of Abkhazia region. Human Rights Abkhazia
The hostage mission turned into combat between Georgian and Abkhaz forces defending Sokhumi as the former's tanks entered the city. Human Rights Abkhazia
NATO threats trouble Karasin – Moscow's friends tour Abkhazia: Assad's cronies, Tiraspol leader visit – Sokhumi Enthusiastic about Catalonia ... Human Rights Abkhazia


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