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updated Mon. July 8, 2024

The stone-paved streets of the Gion Shirakawa neighbourhood. – Pictures by CK LimKYOTO, April 1 — It's sakura season again. Whether you're a perennial hanami (cherry blossom viewing) junkie or a first time visitor to Japan in spring, it's an exciting time. Yet far too many of us get caught up in catching ...
By Asako Kisui / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff WriterKYOTO — The spring dance performance season (see below) has arrived in the hanamachi geiko districts in Kyoto. Starting with the Kitano Odori dance in the Kamishichiken quarter on March 25, dance performances by geiko and maiko are scheduled to be ...

The Yomiuri ShimbunKYOTO — A male customer was able to purchase the entire supply of 100 specially designed dolls on sale at a Takashimaya department store in Kyoto on Saturday, despite an announced condition limiting purchases to just two dolls per customer. The purchase provoked a series of ...
A cab ride from JR Kyoto Station to Kiyomizudera temple around 3.1 km away will cost about the same as before. But the 8.6-km ride from the station to Kinkakuji temple will cost about 400 yen more. Essentially, fares will be more expensive after about 3 km when compared with the current rates for small ...
All who do research here recognize the impact of their own research results on the future,” Kyoto University President Juichi Yamagiwa said in an announcement posted online Wednesday. “Our researchers aim to contribute to social order and human peace and well-being, and we will not carry out military ...
I had timed our trip to make it to Kyoto for the Ohmato Taikai, a 400-year-old Kyudo archery competition held on the second Sunday of January. We approached the wood-gabled entrance to Sanjusangen-do temple in a state of semi-delirium, having survived twenty hours of travel the night before; we woke ...

Japan's superlative flower show – courtesy of the blossoming of its many beautiful cherry trees – usually starts from mid March in isolated locations, before the main event unfurls across Kyushu and Honshu over the last week of March and first week of April. The city of Kyoto's first cherry tree blooms, ...
“KYOTO*,” Tyga commented. That just happens to be the name of his new album, and since he capitalized it, the rapper is obviously taking advantage of some free advertising. That being said, he's not outwardly dissing the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, but it's definitely weird that he's still looking ...
OSAKA – A train operator in Kyoto has unveiled a new carriage featuring a huge golden oval on the front and a luxurious interior. Eizan Electric Railway Co. showed the train to the media on Wednesday, two weeks ahead of its March 21 launch on the Eizan Main Line. The train, named Hiei, is expected to ...
People in Kyoto turned up to the historic Shimogamo Shrine on Saturday to mark Girls' Day. March 3 is Hina Matsuri, or Girls' Day, in Japan. Families with young daughters often display a set of hina dolls on a tiered staircase. At the UNESCO World Heritage shrine, a man and woman dressed in ancient ...

With its rich colours, tradition, history and culture, Kyoto is a city which allows visitors a glimpse into the past. The city embodies the Japanese aesthetic concept of “wabi-sabi” – the art of finding beauty in transience or imperfection. It also happens to have one of the world's largest collections of Unesco ...
KYOTO – As residents and tourists in Kyoto complain more about higher prices, hotel shortages and crowds at train stations, shrines and temples, Kansai's corporate leaders are searching for ways to keep visitors coming. One way, they suggested recently, is to ensure people can experience what they call ...
After 52 minutes of Kyoto, it remains unclear what that story is. Instead of addressing the alienating nature of celebrity, or the motivations for his romantic choices, or the past (and maybe necessary) falsity of his public persona, Tyga mostly opts for bad puns and shallow platitudes. On “Temperature,” a ...
Aki Murase may live in the shadow of the Hira Mountains just north of Kyoto, but he'd happily spend the day indoors picking through his huge record collection or tinkering with the innards of a broken television. So it's perhaps no surprise that Murase has dedicated himself to creating terrariums -- Lilliputian ...
Kyoto University tied the University of Tokyo — moving up two spots from last year — for first place in the ranking of Japanese universities by Times Higher Education magazine. Coming in third and fourth were Tohoku University, in Miyagi Prefecture, and the Tokyo Institute of Technology, respectively.
We're all for strolling around Kyoto—indeed, Japan's ancient capital is one of the country's most walkable cities. But starting March 29, one of the best "new" ways to see Kyoto will actually be, well, pretty old: For the first time in 67 years, boating through the scenic Lake Biwa Canal will be permitted, which ...
Malebranche, a well-established patisserie based in Kyoto's Kitayama district, is known for its Mont Blanc and green tea-flavored “Cha no Ka” cat tongue. The patisserie opened a shop specializing in chocolate in 2014 after remodeling a traditional Kyoto-style “machiya” wooden house in the Gion district.
A Japanese organization that provides scholarships to orphaned children has decided to set up in Kyoto city an education facility for African children who have lost their parents. The Ashinaga organization has been providing educational support to African orphans for 4 years. It will work with Kyoto city ...


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