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updated Sat. October 28, 2023

The bombing of the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States in 1945 was the first and only use of nuclear weapons against civilian targets. A series of studies began in its aftermath to measure the impact of the fallout, in terms of both the radiation dose to which the victims were exposed and the effects ...

Hiroshima has a special grip on the planet's consciousness. To see the remains of the great explosion is moving, and it's equally powerful to realize that basically every building you drive by was constructed after 1945. Millions of people come here to tour the museum—its exhibits all the more chastening for ...
At 8:16 a.m. one morning in August 1945, in the industrial city of Hiroshima, a person was going about their life, when a flash appeared. They were standing about a kilometer away from the epicenter of the explosion, but the “Little Boy” bomb dropped by the Enola Gay bathed that person in a dose of ...
BMX Freestyle crowned its first International Cycling Union (UCI) World Cup leaders of the year in the Japanese city of Hiroshima recently. The first round of the UCI BMX Freestyle Park and Flatland World Cup saw spectacular performances throughout the two days of competition. In the first-ever UCI World ...
Thursday through Saturday this week, the band Hiroshima are back, and it's a special homecoming for keyboardist Kimo Cornwell. He's releasing his debut solo album, Hawaii State of Mind, and the first night of dates at the Blue Note will be a CD release celebration, and feature some music from it live in ...
A book recently conveyed to me the horrors of the Hiroshima atomic bomb blast. But I can only imagine how much more powerful this history lesson could be if conveyed through virtual reality. That's the ambition behind The Day the World Changed, a haunting new virtual reality film being shown this week ...
HIROSHIMA -- Japan's rejection of the nuclear weapons ban treaty concluded in 2017 has triggered a precipitous drop in the country's ranking in the latest Hiroshima Report, an annual evaluation of atomic disarmament efforts among 36 nuclear- and non-nuclear-armed states over the previous year.
“The Los Alamos Historical Society will continue its dialogue with the museums in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in hopes that we can overcome cultural and linguistic differences and host exhibits that are respectful to all of our communities' concerns and stories,” McClenahan said. “In other words, we hope this ...


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