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updated Mon. June 24, 2024

March 26 (Renewables Now) - Japan Benex Corporation announced today it put into operation a 2.9-MW photovoltaic (PV) plant in Hokkaido prefecture. Benex Tomakomai Solar Port, as it is named, is located in a area of idle land in Tomakomai city. Tomakomai Solar is expected to generate more than 3 ...
Hokkaido Railway Co. (JR Hokkaido) has spent a whopping 30 billion yen ($286 million) since fiscal 1999 to plug water leaks, replace rusted pipes and repair other deteriorations in the undersea Seikan Tunnel. However, the railway company is not content with just fixing the tunnel, which marked its 30th ...

Laying eyes on Lake Mashu, often considered Japan's most beautiful lake on the northerly island of Hokkaido, is not good luck. Usually enveloped in dense fog, legend has it that those who see Lake Mashu's surface beneath the mist will either a) not be able to marry until later in life, b) break up with their ...
The Yomiuri ShimbunThe Fisheries Agency plans to reduce next season's quota for small Pacific bluefin tuna that can be caught off Hokkaido and Kagoshima Prefecture effectively to zero, and greatly reduce the quotas for Iwate and Kochi prefectures, as these prefectures have significantly exceeded their ...
HOKKAIDO – It is midmorning and the sun is just warming the day as we approach the entrance to Lake Kussharo, in eastern Hokkaido. The water is cobalt blue, and the surrounding mountains mirror off the calm surface. The sun glistens off the water, too, forcing me to put on my sunglasses with building ...
As the Seikan Tunnel — a rail link between Honshu and Hokkaido — marked the 30th anniversary of its opening on Tuesday, better coexistence between shinkansen services and freight traffic remains a key challenge. At 53.85 km, the world's longest undersea tunnel connects the northern tip of Honshu ...

Club Med Tomamu officially opened its doors to guests late last year. This all-inclusive premium resort is Club Med's second on the island of Hokkaido, Japan. The older Club Med Sahoro is located just half an hour away by car. As its name indicates, Club Med Tomamu is located near the hamlet of ...
Antonin Beurrier, chief executive of ADP International, the company's overseas unit, said in a briefing in Hong Kong that his company is in talks with Japanese trading houses, property developers and local Hokkaido companies to put together a group for a submission in a preliminary bidding round to be ...
Sushidokoro Keiran's special donburi topped with uni (sea urchin) and toro maguro (tuna belly). — Pictures by CK LimSAPPORO, March 11 — Hokkaido is a land of plenty. From the mountains to the sea, food is bountiful, fresh and utterly delectable. So what better way to explore this northernmost ...
At least one person has died as the worst blizzard in years hit Japan's northern island of Hokkaido on Friday, causing delays in train operations and canceled flights across the region. A man working for a roadside assistance company and who went into a forest on foot trying to help a car stuck in the snow ...
SAPPORO -- Blizzards struck many areas of Hokkaido on March 1 due to a rapidly developed low pressure system, causing a bus accident that injured one student and temporarily isolating people at a sightseeing district on the Shiretoko Peninsula. In the town of Shari, a sightseeing bus carrying about 40 ...
Officials at Tomakomai Police Station in Hokkaido said that the three workers, employed by a roadside assistance firm in the prefectural city of Kitahiroshima, drove two vehicles toward the forest road where the NHK worker was stranded on March 1. However, they became stuck in snow in the Maruyama ...
Ramen Taka, which has four locations in Hokkaido and one in Tokyo's Shinjuku district, will open its first location outside of Japan here. Founder Hideki Sasaki hails from the town of Takasu, Hokkaido, located near the city of Asahikawa. The recipes draw upon Asahikawa-style ramen for both broth (which ...
A blizzard that hit Hokkaido killed a man who was attempting to help a car stranded in snow, as stormy weather disrupted transportation in various parts of the country. The road service company employee, who was in his 20s, went missing on Thursday night after travelling along a forest road in Tomakomai ...
SAPPORO – The severed head of a missing Sapporo woman has been found and two men are being held in connection with the case, the Hokkaido Prefectural Police said on Saturday. Tomonori Jin, 31, and Kotaku Hasegawa, 31, are suspected of abandoning the body of 19-year-old Yuri Miyoshi in a ...
The second volume of Haruki Murakami's A Wild Sheep Chase illustrates the protagonist and his girlfriend scouting for a location they saw in a photograph. Their surreal and elaborate quest takes them from the urban haunts of Tokyo to the remote snowy mountains of Hokkaido in northern Japan and one ...
It's -11C on a February afternoon and my road trip along the northeastern corner of Japan's vast Hokkaido island has led me to the small coastal town of Utoro. On the edge of the remote Shiretoku Peninsula and the entryway to the UNESCO-protected Shiretoku National Park, this isolated stretch is known ...

Two foreign nationals, possibly French, have gone missing at a ski resort in central Hokkaido, local police said on Thursday, adding they could not find the men at ski run areas. The two, who are in their 40s, have been staying at the Sahoro ski resort in the town of Shintoku from Sunday with family members ...
The herd had set off from the sea around Russia, their breeding site, and are migrating to the waters around Hokkaido in wintertime. “I did not expect to see that many Steller sea lions,” Saya Sasaki, 26, a nurse who came from Sapporo, said excitedly about the encounter, which occurred in late January.
Tokyo basked in sunshine on March 1 as the mercury headed toward a predicted 21 degrees in the afternoon, the average temperature for early May--but it was a very different picture in chilly Hokkaido. Stormy weather and snowfall were headed for Hokkaido, with up to 70 centimeters expected to ...
The Meteorological Agency warns that the prefecture's Sea of Japan side may experience the worst blizzard in several years. It is calling on people to refrain from going outside. A man in his 20s was confirmed dead on Friday after being found unconscious in the suburbs of Tomakomai. He was dispatched ...



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