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updated Fri. March 8, 2024

Given Saccone's concession, it's now time to re-up this March 11 tweet from President Trump: “The Republicans are 5-0 in recent Congressional races, a point which the Fake News Media continuously fails to mention. I backed and campaigned for all of the winners. They give me credit for one. Hopefully ...

“My priorities are to see President Trump's America first policies succeed. And that is why I am withdrawing from CD3,” Seaman said. Seaman had been campaign in the crowded field for Nevada's 3rd Congressional District since August after announcing her run for the open seat. Incumbent Democratic ...
When Republicans are in power, they spend. When they are out of power, they harp about deficits and debt. It's a strategy they have shamelessly executed with success over the course of several presidencies. During George W. Bush's administration, for example, Republicans ran up the national credit ...
The predominant theory of the case in Republican circles, as I argued recently, is that Trump is an innocent man who acts guilty for no apparent reason. This explains their fixation with his tweeting, which is the safest and most common aspect of the Trump president for Republicans to question in public.
But the White House's real problem isn't that Democrats are using their leverage to restrict immigration enforcement money — it's that congressional Republican leadership isn't willing to put up a fight (and risk a shutdown) to give the White House what it wants. The president has hinted in the past that he ...
Republicans and Democrats have become increasingly polarised in terms of their racial, religious and ideological makeup. Blacks, Hispanics and the non-religious have sorted into the Democratic Party, while whites, evangelical Christians, and conservatives have tended to join the Republican Party.
Political Cornflakes: GOP leaders to fellow Republicans seeking re-election: Run scared ... This could be a tough year for Republicans running for re-election, as the most recent Pennsylvania race shows. ... Michelle Quist argues that the Utah Republican Party needs to move past its recent loss in court.
At a meeting last week following Republicans' defeat in a Pennsylvania special election, House Speaker Paul Ryan emphasized the importance of campaigning on the tax law. Rep. Steve Stivers, head of the National Republican Congressional Committee, told members that despite the difficult political ...
In Sacramento, the former governor — and occasional actor — broke with national Republicans (at least of today) when he championed environmental protection efforts, including stringent emission controls. In sentiments also reflected by Mr. Kasich and Mr. Mayes, Mr. Schwarzenegger said the Republican ...


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