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updated Thu. December 7, 2023

Survivors of last week's mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, are leading a massive public outcry for action, and Republican shills are getting desperate in response. The panic from the right about a groundswell against gun violence began even while the shooting at Marjory Stoneman ...

And we're going to stay right here, right on this same topic for our Friday politics discussion. Here in the studio with me - columnist David Brooks of The New York Times and Matthew Yglesias, co-founder of Vox. Welcome to you both to - I guess we'll call it the special shutdown edition of the week in politics.
I'm not a Republican shill. I've actually been pretty betrayed by the GOP for a long time and no longer have affiliation with them. I do, however, believe in fairness in coverage when it comes to the mainstream media. Politico has actually gotten better at this since the election, choosing not to go down the ...
Guess which story FNC focused on? Sean Hannity spent a whopping six seconds — that's seconds — discussing the Dem electoral wins in those two states, according to Politico's stopwatch. MSNBC topped CNN in primetime and full day (6 AM-2 AM) on Tuesday, in both metrics. In primetime, FNC logged ...
Something called the “End Taxpayer Funded Cell Phone Act,” was announced Tuesday by 19 Republican representatives. Its author, Republican Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA), and 18 other Republican shills hope to stop poor people from having any access to affordable broadband and mobile phones. The bill ...
MSNBC has announced even more right wing hires this week, adding in a climate change denier from The New York Times and bringing in lie-spewing right wing talkers like Hugh Hewitt. This is not a liberal news organization, so can we please stop pretending that this network is out there fighting for us?
Conservative talk radio host and Trump supporter Hugh Hewitt will host his own show on MSNBC. Hewitt, who has called himself a “'reluctant Trump' voter," has a history of flip-flopping on Trump and his policies. He's been critical of Trump, even calling on him to be removed as the nominee twice during the ...
This is something of an evergreen statement, but last week was quite a week for Donald Trump. James Comey testified before Congress that Trump had asked him to pledge his loyalty and halt his investigation of the disgraced Michael Flynn, which prompted some Republicans to offer up their best, most ...
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's first public appearance as Donald Trump's running mate will apparently come in an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity. Hannity is a “Republican shill” and a pro-Trump advocate with the tendency to be a “very soft interviewer” when interviewing the presumptive Republican ...
Sean Hannity finally copped to being a Republican shill. "The media has accused me of going soft in interviews on Republicans," the Fox News host said on his radio show last month. "I plead guilty. I absolutely plead guilty. You know why? Because I want one of them to win." The admission came after ...


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