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updated Sun. April 28, 2024

The Williamsburg Accord produced the March budget stalemate. First the Senate passed its budget plan. A few days later the House passed its budget, authored by Republican Congressman Paul Ryan. The next step should have been to form a conference committee to reconcile the differences between ...

The agreement that followed, which Republicans called “The Williamsburg Accord,” received obsessive coverage in the conservative media but scant attention in the mainstream press. … But the decision House Republicans made in January has set the party on the course it has followed since. If you want ...
Many RSC members doubted the durability of this agreement--since dubbed "the Williamsburg Accord"--but were persuaded to give Boehner one final chance to earn the trust of the conservative rank and file. Four months later, both Boehner and Scalise have delivered. Consistent with the Kingsmill Resort ...


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