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updated Sat. March 31, 2018

"New technologies do not take sides in the struggle for freedom and progress, but the United States does," Hillary Clinton said. "We stand for a single internet where all of ... the Arab Spring still lay nearly a year ahead. The Syrian Civil War and Russia's invasion of Ukraine loomed even more distantly.
The editorial slammed Putin as "an authoritarian leader" who "has paid little or no price for his aggressions" in Syria and the Crimea, and it predicted that the ... It's allied with Russia while both states are allied with Assad, whom Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Barack Obama spent years trying to topple.

Instead, Mr. Trump disparaged a previous version of a South Korea trade agreement as a "horror show" and a "Hillary Clinton special. ... At one point, he suggested that he planned to pull American troops out of Syria, where they have aided a military campaign that has recaptured the vast majority of ... South Korea
When the president said on Thursday that the U.S. would pull out of Syria "very soon," in another apparently off-handed (and definitely off-script) quip, it struck to the very heart of why some American troops had said they voted for him -- and why they had said they would never vote for Hillary Clinton.
He predicted that the U.S. would pull out of Syria "like, very soon." He said President Barack Obama left him a "gift" of judicial vacancies. And he praised actress Roseanne Barr for the success of her rebooted show, exclaiming, "Look at her ratings!" After staying out of public sight for four days, ...

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump is revisiting old battles -- the political one against Hillary Clinton and real ones against the Islamic State -- without a full command of the facts. On Iraq and Syria, Trump gave credit to himself for military progress that was made by Russia, the ...
But what about Obama's principled stand -- as he saw it -- against giving substantial help to the Syrian rebels? Syria left on its own spiraled into a disaster even greater than the Iraqi one, demonstrating that the consequences of inaction can be as grave as the consequences of action. "Realists," be ... Middle East
The report was from Cottbus, a city in northeastern Germany of about 100,000 people, where 3,400 Syrian refugees have settled over the last two years. At the start of the year the city was ... Alt-right journalists became phenomenally partisan, inventing rumours to attack Hillary Clinton. Notably, Paul Joseph ... Middle East
Former US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said that US President Donald Trump has a bromance going on with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Donald Trump has a liking for dictators, said Hillary Clinton at the India Today Conclave in Mumbai today. Talking about the alleged ... elections
Former US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said that US President Donald Trump has a 'bromance' going on with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Donald Trump has a liking for dictators and whatever Trump does is out of Putin's playbook, Hillary Clinton said while speaking at the India Today ... elections
“The U.N. here has not and will not give up in asking for the full implementation of [Security Council resolution] 2401 [calling for a 30-day Syria-wide .... The important detail that Russians “previewed” plans to disseminate emails stolen from Hillary Clinton to the former Trump campaign adviser George ... elections
Syria is a good case study in the modern application of information warfare. In her memoir Hard Choices, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote that the U.S. provided “support for (Syrian) civilian opposition groups, including satellite-linked computers, telephones, cameras, and training for more than ... elections
And I would say the co-founder would be crooked Hillary Clinton. Co-founder. Crooked Hillary Clinton. ... That the TSK shot at terrorists who tried to enter Afrin on Tuesday, regardless of whether they carried the Syrian flag, is a clear indication of this determination. If the U.S. wants to find a solution that best ... elections
In Syria, the U.S.-backed Syrian Kurdish forces and the Syrian government have reached a deal for pro-government forces to enter Afrin to combat a month-long ... and further politicized issues of immigration, race and religion, in efforts to push American voters to choose Trump over his rival, Hillary Clinton. elections
“Crooked H” is a reference to his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton. The Washington Post reports many European leaders at the Munich Security Conference were confused and alarmed by President Trump's tweetstorm this weekend and Trump's attack on his national security adviser, H.R. McMaster. elections
Comedian Roseanne Barr raised eyebrows this week when she suddenly slammed former presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, saying the doomed nominee neglected American workers and was only concerned with “Syrian airspace,” adding the country was “lucky” Donald Trump went on to win the White ... elections

Comment: Israel's attack on Syrian regime targets demonstrates what could have been achieved if the US or NATO had imposed a no-fly zone, writes Sam ... one of Obama's national security advisers, who appeared on CNN contradicting Hillary Clinton's planned policy of implementing an NFZ in Syria. elections
Those are rare fighting words from Sullivan, the generally measured foreign policy alter ego of his longtime boss Hillary Clinton--someone I've found to be a .... He's increased our troop presence in Afghanistan; he's expanded our presence in both Iraq and Syria; he's expanded our conduct of the war ... John Bolton
The king of Jordan has suffered mildly from the Syrian civil war if we don't push Iran out and come up with an agreement in Geneva that gives Syria ... they lost the 2016 election after elevating the hawkish Hillary Clinton as their nominee; and nothing would separate Trump from his base like pointing out ... John Bolton
And FWIW, “In recent weeks, the United States has accused Syria of repeatedly using chlorine gas as a weapon. Rebel-held areas of the Ghouta region were hit in a major chemical attack in 2013.” More on those attacks, here. Don't look now but “Russian state media just mixed up Syrian war footage with a ... John Bolton
Instead, he cooks up international plots — like Russia's campaign to use social media to undermine Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign and promote Donald Trump's. Prigozhin was .... Wagner fighters have also shown up in Syria, where they've been fighting on behalf of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. John Bolton
A spokesman for Hillary Clinton says the indictments in the special counsel's Russia probe confirms "what we've long known." Nick Merrill says on Twitter, "Time will tell us more, but Russia went to great lengths to undermine our democracy, & the President won't protect us." ... John Bolton
His comments on Saturday came a day after authorities in the United States indicted 13 Russian nationals and companies with running a huge secret campaign against Trump's 2016 rival, Democrat Hillary Clinton. "You can publish anything, and we have seen those indictments multiplying, the statements ... John Bolton
A spokesman for Hillary Clinton says the indictments in the special counsel's Russia probe confirm "what we've long known." Nick Merrill says on Twitter, .... Prigozhin's assets also include an oil trading firm that reportedly has been sending private Russian fighters to Syria. Prigozhin is on the list of those ... John Bolton
President Donald Trump criticized candidate Hillary Clinton for her interventionist tendencies. Now he plans to maintain U.S. forces amid battling Kurds, Turks, Russians, Iranians and contending Syrian factions. Washington's policy is frankly mad. Having attained its primary objective, defeating the Islamic ... John Bolton
Comment: Israel's attack on Syrian regime targets demonstrates what could have been achieved if the US or NATO had imposed a no-fly zone, writes Sam ... one of Obama's national security advisers, who appeared on CNN contradicting Hillary Clinton's planned policy of implementing an NFZ in Syria. John Bolton
The incident underscored the potential for further conflict in Syria's oil-rich east, where the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) alliance of ... administration is purposefully stumbling into a broader conflict, without a vote of Congress or clear objectives," Kaine, Hillary Clinton's running mate in 2016, ... John Bolton
The U.S.-led coalition carried out air and artillery strikes against pro-Syrian government forces yesterday in response to an “unprovoked attack” on the ... in the fight against Islamic State group, and yesterday's attack comes as the U.S. seeks to conclude its campaign against the militants in Syria and Iraq. John Bolton
The publication of the Republican House Committee memo and reports of other documents increasingly suggest not only a “Russiagate” without Russia but also something darker: The “collusion” may not have been in the White House or the Kremlin. John Bolton
Ron Johnson's new report, which suggests that then-President Barack Obama may have influenced the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails, although what case or cases “everything” referred to is not clear. Talk to Us: This year OZY will be going around the world on a year-long tour to visit every single ... John Bolton
Asked about what might have happened with the nuclear deal had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 US presidential election, the Iranian foreign minister said that if ... Zarif also addressed Iran's economic presence in Syria, saying, “We and Russia can complement each other in Syria and rebuild [the country]. John Bolton
Al Qaeda's former affiliate in Syria claimed that it shot down a Syrian fighter jet using a portable shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missile over the weekend, ... on Trump's Russia ties authored by the former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele and indirectly funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign. John Bolton
The Trump administration said Wednesday it will reauthorize temporary protected status—or TPS—for Syrian refugees, but said it will bar any more Syrian citizens from applying to the program. TPS benefits just 6,900 Syrians living in the U.S. The United Nations says some 5.4 million people have fled Syria ... John Bolton
The PYD is the Syrian branch of the Turkish Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which has been waging a guerrilla-style war against Turkey's government since 1984. Initially, the US shared Erdoğan's concerns. In August 2012, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared that, “Syria must not become a ... John Bolton
Turkey has already seized territory in Syria as apart of Operation Euphrates Shield using the unofficial terror organization, the FSA (Free Syrian Army), as a .... of State and presidential participation trophy winner Hillary Clinton added the possibility of war with Russia by insisting on a no-fly zone over Syria. John Bolton
After all, Hillary Clinton led comfortably in the polls. However, Trump's surprise victory gave him the chance to back up his claim. Many were openly skeptical he could do it. But one year into the Trump administration, the facts on the ground—in Syria and Iraq—have changed dramatically. The Islamic State ... John Bolton
We're going to stay for several reasons: stabilization and assistance in the vital north and northeast, protection of our allies the Syrian Democratic ... also caused neocons to gang up against him in 2016 and publicly to support the overtly neocon Hillary Clinton instead), can reasonably raise the question as ... John Bolton
A hallmark of the situation consisting in the illegal occupation of Syrian territory by U.S. troops. The first project of the US on Syria aimed to obtain a regime change. It was pretty much a “default” policy applied by the US in the Middle East at the times of the Obama / Hillary Clinton administration. Partly of its ... John Bolton
Asapov was a part of the Russian Military deployment in Syria on the request of President Bashar Al Assad that he made in 2015. ... Hillary Clinton as the US Secretary of State administered the creation of Free Syrian Army, created and armed Al-Nusra Front and provided vital information and weapons to ... John Bolton
CONTEXT CHECK: Hillary Clinton used this “new American moment” phrase in a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations as reported on Sept. ... One year later, I'm proud to report that the coalition to defeat ISIS has liberated almost 100 percent of the territory once held by these killers in Iraq and Syria. John Bolton
The U.N. special envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura will attend the Russia-hosted peace initiative in Sochi this week, Mistura's attendance has caused consternation among the opposition, the Syrian Negotiations Commission (S.N.C.), who voted not to attend the congress and have said that the Russian-led ... John Bolton
The US president has repeatedly rejected any allegations that his campaign staff colluded with Russia to help him defeat Hillary Clinton at the November 2016 presidential election. The allegations voiced by ... The US and Russia have also been at loggerheads on other major crises, including Syria, Iran and North Korea. John Bolton
Angelina Jolie has described her visit to a camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan as "heartbreaking". The US ... Showbiz: Hillary Clinton joined celebrities John Legend, Cher, Cardi B and Snoop Dogg at the Grammys to mock Donald Trump in a parody sketch that saw them read excerpts from Michael Wolffs's ... John Bolton
But one year into the Trump administration, the facts on the ground—in Syria and Iraq—have changed dramatically. ISIS lost control of Mosul, the second-largest city in Iraq, in July 2017. Three months later, ISIS' capital—the Syrian city of Raqqa—fell. Many fighters retreated to Deir ez-Zor in the country's ... John Bolton
It is separated from the other Kurdish areas of northern Syria by a wedge of territory to its east, held by the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army. ... 12 calling the working-class demonstrators “garbage” — much like Hillary Clinton's 2016 description of Donald Trump's working-class voters as “deplorables. John Bolton
And we learned that a senior adviser to Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign who was accused of sexual harassment kept his job, at Mrs. Clinton's request. ... Our Beirut bureau helped unpack the developments in northern Syria, where Turkey, a U.S. ally, is attacking Kurdish militias backed by Washington. John Bolton
Of the 33,425 civilians killed in 2017 in the Syrian war, 2,109 were children. ... exploding this January with the revelation that Bannon had deemed “treasonous” Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with Russians offering dirt on Hillary Clinton. ... Islamic State has been uprooted from its strongholds in Syria and Iraq. John Bolton
“A stable, unified and independent Syria ultimately requires post-Assad leadership in order to be successful,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said last week, speaking at Stanford University's Hoover Institution. Such a statement could have come straight out of the mouth of John Kerry ‒ or Hillary Clinton, ... John Bolton
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan disregarded the plea of his NATO allies, stating that he intends to stay in Syria until “the business is done.” This latest attack on the U.S.-backed Syrian Kurds is part of Turkey's ongoing push to force the Kurds away from the country's southern border. Standing ... John Bolton


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