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updated Sun. May 19, 2024

The contrast in coverage of Honduras and Venezuela provides another clear demonstration of how the media cooperates in supporting U.S. imperialistic goals. ... In addition, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton kept the democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya from being returned to office.

Since the U.S. currently backs the Honduran government, a government that came to power after a military coup in 2009, the media downplays horrific violations of ... In addition, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton kept the democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya from being returned to office.
CHARLESTON, W.Va.—After pushing 90 for the better part of an hour to get here to the gold-domed Capitol from his home in rugged, woebegone Logan County, the former Army paratrooper and current state senator with 36 tattoos, bulging muscles and a dry-razored buzz cut jumped out of his red Jeep ...
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama presided over the murder of Afghans, Syrians, Iraqis, and Libyans, including President Muammar Gaddafi. That's not counting those who died in US proxy wars, crackdowns by ruthless US-backed dictators, and the US-backed right-wing coup in Honduras with all its brutal ...
In Honduras, while acting as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton helped facilitate a violent chapter in Honduran history, mired by catastrophic violence, including the targeting of local activists. In 2016, Bertha Oliva, who in 1981 founded the Committee for the Relatives of the Disappeared in Honduras, was ...
While I was utterly horrified that Donald Trump won, at the same time I was thoroughly delighted that Hillary Clinton lost, because the fact is that the ... Obama even overthrew a popular and freely elected government in Honduras and then replaced it with a criminal gang of mass-murdering fascists.
Moreover, Honduras occupies a key geopolitical position in Central America: it was used by the CIA in the 1980s as a platform to train the Nicaraguan contras; and in 2009 it became a laboratory for the kind of smart power defended by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, combining hard power ...
Sexual harassment has come back once more to haunt Hillary Clinton, that fervent, flawed champion of women. A new report that she refused to fire an adviser accused of sexually harassing a campaign staffer in 2008, against the recommendations of her own campaign manager, recalls her own fraught ...
The election was widely boycotted within Honduras but given the seal of approval by Washington. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the election made the coup a “moot point.” Four years later, in 2013, there was another presidential election, which included a new party: the Liberation and Refoundation ...
Hillary Clinton's legacy at the State Department lives on – and it isn't pretty. Take a gander at the spectacle of slave auctions in Libya – a nation “liberated” by NATO at Hillary's instigation: remember “We came, we saw, he died”? Behold the blood-soaked ruins of Syria, where her regime-change plans ...


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