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updated Tue. February 6, 2024

Washington (CNN) In a new memoir, former Hillary Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri says the Clinton email scandal was a like "a box we ... "But I should have seen that, as unappealing as addressing the issue was, it was what voters needed to hear from Hillary at that moment.

Prominent Democrats, including former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, expressed support Saturday for the March for Our Lives rallies calling for stricter gun ... Mia Love of Utah tweeted on Saturday that she is "listening" and hopes to find "meaningful solutions" to the issue of school safety.
In fact, it was under her friend Barack Obama · Barack Hussein ObamaYou just can't keep good health policy down Obama Foundation announces new job training program for Chicago students Biden praises Parkland students fighting for gun reform: 'They're going to win' MORE, not Trump, that race ...
Shirley Sagawa, who at different times served as Hillary Clinton's domestic policy adviser and deputy chief of staff when she was first lady, said that Monica Lewinsky was a "terrible distraction" and that members of Hillary's inner circle were all "very angry at the time....It was a very complicated time and she ...
Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., wants documents related to the Justice Department's investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's private email server in 2016. ... “Given the Department's ongoing delays in producing these documents, I am left with no choice but to issue the enclosed subpoena to compel ...
Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley is touting Rush Limbaugh's praise of a new campaign video linking Sen. Claire McCaskill to Hillary Clinton. The shout-out from the prominent conservative talk radio host follows Monday's release of a new political attack advertisement from Hawley, a Republican ...
Some women preferred what was promised by a Trump administration to continuing President Obama's legacy under Hillary Clinton. Looking ... Clinton had nothing new to offer the hard-working people she said were shut out of the economy and politics but a continuation of Obama's policies and agenda.
This issue's cover story suggests an alternative understanding of finance and monetary policy that could point to a way out of neoliberal economic policies that have led to these regional disparities and to widening inequality. Modern monetary theory (MMT) addresses the connection between lending (and ...
Democratic strategists Nina Turner and Jen Psaki agree with the Republican members of CNN's 'State of the Union' panel that Hillary Clinton's latest comments about the ... There are a lot of dynamics in the race, but you shouldn't be blaming it on the electorate... there was a larger issue with her candidacy.


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