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updated Tue. November 28, 2023

Kucinich's idiosyncratic foreign policy views have earned him a seat on the advisory board of the Ron Paul Institute. ... Andy Juniewicz, a spokesman for Kucinich, said that the candidate's position on Syria was “not an issue in Cleveland”, adding that “most people don't want to be engaged in foreign wars ...
A judge has dismissed Matchbox founders Ty and Mark Neal's case against EagleBank CEO Ron Paul and other Matchbox executives and investors, ... The Neals, for their part, argued that Matchbox's new leadership “knowingly made false statements to the Plaintiffs for the purpose of defrauding the ...

Proponents of the US and UK position that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad used gas in Douma have argued that the Syrian and Russian governments are preventing the OPCW inspectors from doing their work. That, they claim, is all the evidence needed to demonstrate that Assad and Putin have ...
Dr Ron Paul, a libertarian politician and advocate of ending America's interventionist foreign policies, told RT that the resolution is not a solution to the actual problem, which is that US lawmakers have abdicated their constitutional right to control America's war making. “[The US lawmakers] have been very ...
... US narrative does not match the facts on the ground. Congress thinks a new authorization for the use of military force might do the trick. All in all it seems the US has no idea why it remains in Syria. There is no policy but to continue doing what Obama started in 2011. Tune in to today's Ron Paul Liberty ...
Paul, who founded the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity in 2013 after leaving the U.S. House, presented his analysis via the Ron Paul Liberty Report, describing how foreign policy goals related to Saudi Arabia and Iran, and Russia, as well as the influence of neoconservatives, oil interests, and ...

Ron Paul Warns Of Tariffs And Rising Economic Storms ... Former Congressman and Presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul is a guest on the radio program, along with Michael Oliver. .... He devoted his political career to the defense of individual liberty, sound money, and a non-interventionist foreign policy.
Paul blasted Washington for overspending and the Federal Reserve for artificially holding interest rates low through easy money policies. The nation "spends way beyond its means" and it's been "facilitated by a central bank that prints the money," said Paul, a longtime deficit hawk and Fed critic. Paul also ...
“You don't want to protect something that's not efficient, or if we have too many regulations or it's due to the monetary policy,” he told FOX Business' David Asman. “You don't want to protect them and protect the mistakes. It's a form of a bailout, and a lot of people talked about that during the recession.”.
A long-time critic of US foreign policy and interventionism as well as an opponent of the Iraq War, Ron Paul told RT that maintaining the American presence in the region was a bad idea. “Their definition of 'necessary' is a lot different from other people's. The people of Iraq have spoken, their legislative body ...

The proposal, first introduced and popularized by longtime congressman and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul, was included in the last two GOP platforms, passed by the House of Representatives in 2012 ... I think you'll find that a lot of people outside the Beltway are in the same position as I am.
The situation facing stocks may appear more ominous with the addition of President Donald Trump's tariff threat. But libertarian Ron Paul suggests Wall Street is missing the bigger picture. The real trouble stems from Federal Reserve policy and easy money, according to the former presidential candidate.
Ron Paul: Mediocre; probably not worse than the other options. But I don't think presidents really have much control. I think the deep state – the people behind the scenes and the shadow government, who control the monetary system, who control our foreign policy and the welfare state, and are connected ...
By Ron Paul On 2/15/18 at 12:06 PM ... Sessions's reversion to an 80s war “just say no” policy also defies the will of Congress. ... Unfortunately, while President Trump endorsed the federalism approach to medical marijuana during the campaign, his signing statement accompanying last year's spending bill ...
Goodfriend has since abandoned the magnetic strip proposal but has expressed a willingness to explore other negative interest rate policies. Former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), Rand Paul's father, introduced a bill in 1999 and 2003 to ban such policies, both of which died without committee or floor action.
Ron Paul - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Jan Williams - Chief Credit Officer. Analysts. Catherine Mealor - KBW. Joe Gladue - Merion Capital Group. Austin Nicholas - Stephens. Operator. Good day, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the First Quarter 2018 Earnings Call for Eagle Bancorp.


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