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updated Mon. June 10, 2024

At noon Monday, activists will march from the Sheridan Hollow Power Plant site to the State Capitol to demand that Governor Cuomo “halt all fracking infrastructure, ... The keynote speakers this year will be former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy.

... the U.S. to fracking and approve the controversial Keystone pipeline — both anathema to key Democratic constituencies. George W. Bush authorized a similar investigation in 2008 after prices hit a record high of almost $160 a barrel, a spike that spawned repeated attacks from Democrats. Hillary Clinton ...
The three are running in a Democratic primary in a state where a fracking and housing boom collides and whose current Democratic governor is often accused by some on the left of being too cozy with the oil-and-gas industry. Also of note: Colorado Democrats went for Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton ...
Bernie Sanders is weighing a 2020 presidential run, traveling the country and showing that the lefty, populist fervor that made him a surprisingly strong challenger to Hillary Clinton hasn't gone away. In the meantime, the Democrats are gaining momentum toward retaking Congress in the 2018 midterms.
Several European countries have banned it. Activists still picket UK drilling sites. Hillary Clinton, who in government sought to export American shale technology, came out against fracking in her doomed presidential bid. Industry boosters and anti-fracking campaigners duke it out daily online, always talking ...


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