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updated Wed. December 13, 2023

Apart from meetings and statements, and even with the more hawkish Pompeo at the helm of the State Department, Trump will still find it hard to shape America's ... "Moreover, policy actions by the U.S. targeted at countries with which it has large bilateral trade deficits could negatively impact several other ...
WHEN RYAN ZINKE, America's secretary of the interior, turned up for his first day in office a year ago, the ex-Navy Seal arrived on a horse called Tonto, wearing a cowboy hat. Since then, the man leading the Trump administration's charge to unlock vast tracts of federal land for oil and gas drilling has ...

In Washington, the state department insisted on Thursday that it was pushing ahead with preparations for the summit, the first ever between a sitting ... in dealing with Pyongyang, tensions remain between the two allies over trade after the US president last year threatened to scrap their bilateral trade pact.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson steps away from the podium after speaking at a news conference at the State Department in Washington, Tuesday, March 13, 2018. ... Yes, he threatened to tear up trade agreements from the North American Free Trade Agreement to the U.S.-Korea bilateral trade deal.
I ranian President Hassan Rouhani's recent visit to India made news for all the right reasons. The Feb. 15-17 tour, his first state visit to India, revolved around furthering economic engagement between the two countries. The optics were great and the announcements following his “substantive talks” with ...

Theresa May warns Trump of her "deep concern" about the prospect of a US-Europe trade war. Trump has threatened to impose large tariffs on European steel. Industry groups have warned that the move would be "devastating" to trade. The move is a blow to May's plans for a post-Brexit free trade deal with ...
The failure of two rounds of high-level talks between Chinese and US officials to lower bilateral trade tension has put into jeopardy Boeing, Qualcomm and other American ... Neither the US State Department nor the US Trade Representative's office offered any updates as of late on Friday afternoon.

Moreover, the two sides discussed economic cooperation and bilateral trade. Cavusoglu announced that his ... The two countries are yet to react to the news that the US State Department had sped up moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, now scheduled for May 2018. Abdullah is a strong supporter of the ...
A US State Department spokesperson told Reuters that India must lower trade barriers, which were holding back economic ties. Trump has already called out ... Bilateral trade between India and the United States has grown to about $115 billion in 2016 from $20 billion in 2001. The United States buys close ...
Aluminum made up 61% of the country's exports to the United States last year, as bilateral trade has surged to more than $1.7 billion since the two countries inked ... The State Department, for one, has continued to complain about human rights abuses, issuing a statement expressing disappointment in the ...
Referring to Trump's comments on motorbikes, a State Department spokesperson was quoted in an interview as saying that it is important that India make greater ... However, Indian government officials emphasize that apart from maintaining bilateral trade ties with the US, New Delhi also must balance the ...


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