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updated Mon. April 16, 2018

FARGO, N.D. -- An FBI Special Agent who tracked down jewel thieves talked about his career in Fargo. Robert Wittman was part of the Town Hall Lecture Series. Wittman was assigned to the Philadelphia Field Division in 1988, specializing in art, antiques, jewelry and gem identification. He was a ...

A former federal agent who unsuccessfully sued the FBI has joined the field of more than 20 people seeking the Kansas governor's office. Michael Tabman, a native of New York City with a strong Queens accent, moved his family to Overland Park in 2000 when he was working for the FBI's Kansas City ... FBI agent
CNN analyst Josh Campbell, a former FBI special agent, criticized Fox News hosts on Sunday, accusing them of doing a disservice to their viewers by attacking the bureau and other institutions. Campbell said during an interview on CNN that there are a lot of good and hardworking people at Fox News. FBI
Coleen Rowley, a former FBI special agent and whistleblower who in 2002 was named Time Magazine's person of the year along with two other whistleblowers, explained to Radio Sputnik's Loud & Clear on Friday that Albury is, in fact, a whistleblower. "He seems to have been motivated to get some ... FBI

GOLDEN — A former FBI agent believes a Colorado woman wasn't killed by her husband but by a child predator targeting her 6-year-old daughter. John Larsen testified Thursday in the second murder trial of Michael Blagg, who is accused of killing his wife Jennifer Blagg in 2001. Michael Blagg says he ... FBI
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said Wednesday that consumers should watch out for would-be scammers posing as cryptocurrency exchange support staffers. The agency's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) sounded the alarm about tech support scams in the March 28 notice, stating that it ... FBI
The Missouri Highway Patrol dispatcher called out to FBI Agent Melissa Morrow -- badge number 1108 -- three times on her radio Tuesday as part of a law enforcement ritual known as the 'Last Call'. Morrow died of cancer last week, classified as a Line of Duty Death from Morrow's work at the Pentagon ... FBI
MINNEAPOLIS -- A former FBI agent who allegedly shared secret documents with a national media organization has been charged months after Attorney General Jeff Sessions vowed to crack down on government leaks. Terry J. Albury, who was an agent in Minnesota, faces two counts of unauthorized ... FBI
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — FBI Special Agent Melissa Morrow died last week after battling brain cancer that she developed after responding to the 9/11 terror attacks. Doctors confirmed that toxins she was exposed to as a first responder caused her brain cancer and eventual death. Morrow was buried with ... FBI
Last week, Virginia Republican Bob Goodlatte, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, issued a subpoena for documents relating to the FBI's investigation into former Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while secretary of state, the FBI's "potential abuses" of the Foreign Intelligence ... FBI
The Missouri Highway Patrol dispatcher called out to FBI Agent Melissa Morrow -- badge number 1108 -- four times on her radio Tuesday. But the dispatcher knew there would be no answer. "Troop A to FBI 1108," the dispatcher said -- once, twice, four times. Four times, there was no response from Morrow. FBI
CLEVELAND – Watch out! There's a new agent at the Cleveland FBI. 9-year-old Oliviah Hall got the chance to become an FBI agent and solve a case Tuesday thanks to the Cleveland Chapter of the A Special Wish Foundation. Hall is currently in her third round of treatment for Glioblastoma Multiforme ... FBI
An FBI agent who was a first responder to the September 11, 2001, attack on the Pentagon died Thursday of brain cancer. Special Agent Melissa S. Morrow, 48, served in the Washington Field Office of the FBI prior to being assigned to the Kansas City Field Office. In Washington, Morrow was a member of ... FBI
An FBI agent with the Kansas City Division died last week of brain cancer, more than 16 years after she was exposed to multiple contaminants while working at the 9/11 Pentagon crash site. Special Agent Melissa Morrow was 48. She was serving in the Washington Field Office's Evidence Response Team ... FBI
(AP) – The FBI says one of its first responders to the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks has died of brain cancer linked to exposure to contaminants. Special Agent Melissa S. Morrow died Thursday at the age of 48. The agency said in a news release Friday that Morrow made the “ultimate sacrifice,” and her death ... FBI

An FBI agent who was a first responder to the September 11, 2001, attack on the Pentagon died Thursday of brain cancer. Special Agent Melissa S. Morrow, 48, served in the Washington Field Office of the FBI prior to being assigned to the Kansas City Field Office. In Washington, Morrow was a member of ... FBI
This evidence contradicted a statement Salman allegedly made to FBI agents in the hours after her husband killed 49 people at Pulse. FBI Special Agent Ricardo Enriquez testified that Salman told him she and her husband drove around Pulse after dinner at a falafel restaurant, shopping at the Florida Mall ... FBI
Justin Shafer was looking at up to 15 years in prison for allegedly harassing an FBI agent and federal judge with emails and social media posts. But on Thursday he walked out of ... Under the plea, he also agreed not to contact the agent or his family or the Dallas judge and his staff. No fine or restitution was ... FBI
In one case described in a 2012 FBI report, an employee was dismissed after she lied to investigators about her husband's drug use; in another, an employee was fired after they misled investigators about properly disposing of evidence. Another agent lost his job after using his bureau car to transport his ... FBI
Jurors in the federal trial of Noor Salman, the Pulse nightclub gunman's widow, have gotten a look inside his Florida condo through crime scene photos taken as FBI agents searched the home. They also saw some of her husband Omar Mateen's web browsing history Tuesday, March 20, 2018, including ... FBI
At 12:32 p.m. on Monday, April 19, 1993, FBI agent Byron Sage placed his right hand on his PA system's power switch and flicked it from on to off. Sage knew the small gesture was momentous. For the previous seven weeks, he and 51 other negotiators from various agencies had tried to persuade the Branch Davidian ... FBI
FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- While its been a long couple of weeks for the Austin community, one law enforcement expert told FOX31, investigators actually solved this case pretty quickly. A former FBI agent we talked to called the Austin bomber case complicated. He says with all the various factors and ... FBI
Wray had clashed with the White House over its approval of the release of the controversial Nunes memo, publicly defended the FBI from Trump's accusations that the agency's reputation is "in tatters," and reportedly threatened at one point to resign over pressure to make staff changes. Wray told NBC ... FBI
A former FBI agent says the Austin bombing suspect could act out after the package explosion at a FedEx facility near San Antonio. (KTRK). KTRK. By Steven Romo. Wednesday, March 21, 2018 02:04AM. HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) --. Even with top federal investigators on the case, the Austin bombings continue. In a lot of ... FBI
A former FBI agent says the identity of the Austin bombing suspect or suspects may surprise investigators. ... looking at all the variables, you're doing communication analysis and spatial analysis in looking at denominators between the victims, and so forth and so on," said former FBI agent Jim Conway. FBI
The defense filed a motion late Sunday night, asking the judge to reconsider its earlier request to suppress statements that Salman allegedly gave FBI agents. ... The defense argued that differences in an FBI agent's testimony at trial was significantly different than at a hearing on whether to suppress the ... FBI
Some Bedford-Stuyvesant residents have decided they don't want an intersection named after the first Black FBI agent killed in the line of duty. According to the New York Post, the Brooklyn Board 3 voted to name the intersection at Claver Place and Jefferson Street after Special Agent Edwin R. Woodriffe. FBI
Fred Humphries woke up Saturday morning and for the first time ever raised a blue and white Federal Bureau of Investigation flag on the pole in his front yard. ... "Every employee of the FBI voluntarily swears to observe the bureau's strict standards of conduct, especially in terms of candor and ethics," said ... FBI
It should have been one or the other — that's common sense. In fairness to Mueller, when he discovered that Strzok, one of his favorite investigators, was involved in conduct unbecoming an FBI agent, he acted immediately and removed him from his team. But Mueller kept that news quiet and away from the ... FBI
Retired FBI agent: Deputy in Parkland school shooting 'aided the shooter'. "You have to immediately get to the threat because you have to neutralize the threat, because for every second delayed is another life being lost," the retired agent said. Author: Josh Sidorowicz. Published: 9:12 PM EDT March 15, ... FBI
“After high school, I'd applied with the F.B.I. because I wanted to come out east. I don't know why I wanted to come out east, I just had that urge,” he said. Unfortunately, the paperwork and process took so long that Evans gave up on the F.B.I. and joined the Army instead. He had just arrived at boot camp ... FBI
Jurors saw the moment Omar Mateen sprayed bullets into a crowd of dancers in Pulse nightclub. They watched bodies topple over. They saw Mateen's corpse lying face-up on top of rubble. What they will not see or hear in the trial of Noor Salman, Mateen's widow, is her statements about what she knew, ... FBI
Though the recommendation didn't specify the case, the IG on March 14 released an investigative summary that substantiated a claim of retaliation by an FBI whistleblower. It described a technician on temporary duty who claimed retaliation after he made a protected disclosure to the special agent in charge of his division. FBI
said James Gagliano, a former FBI agent who is now a professor at St. John's University in New York. “The timing sucks, because it looks like this is set to happen as Trump tweets something and now they're rushing to get this guy. It just looks awful. The one person I would not want to be now is Sessions.”. FBI
Former FBI agent and Founder of ECK Cyber Consulting, E.J. Hilbert, was featured on the March 12 episode of “Task Force 7 Radio,” hosted by information ... It's about understanding how those things work together – being a translator from 'geek' to 'common speak,' and from common speak back to geek.” ... FBI
As an FBI agent, Rowley served in both the counterintelligence and counterterrorism divisions, working in both Jackson, Fla., and Washington, D.C., Prior to his 24 years at the FBI, Rowley was a police officer in Ocean City, Md., before becoming a trooper flight paramedic for the Maryland State Police. FBI
Rowley retired in July 2014 after more than 24 years serving with the FBI. He was a unit chief working in counterintelligence and later a supervisory special agent in the counterterrorism division at the bureau's headquarters. He now works as a ranger at Linn Run State Park and is a substitute teacher for ... FBI
“Representatives of the Government of Iran and the United States agreed to cooperate in sharing information which would lead to Mr. Levinson's return,” the FBI said in a statement on Friday. “The FBI calls on the government of Iran to uphold this commitment so that Mr. Levinson and his family can be ... FBI
AKRON, Ohio - An undercover FBI agent who testified Friday against a terrorism suspect on trial in Akron said he was driving behind a car in a city outside Dallas when two men got out of the car and opened fire in an Islamic State-inspired attack in May 2015. The agent, who testified under the pseudonym ... FBI
LOUIS – A former FBI agent and St. Louis University Law School Graduate was named the Chief Investigator by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly ... circuit attorney, serve as the primary contact for other law enforcement agencies and be responsible for increasing the investigative skills of the current staff. FBI
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- An undercover FBI agent will don a disguise and use a pseudonym in a partially-closed courtroom when testifying in a trial for a man ... Only the judge, jury, defendant, his attorneys, the government's team and essential court staff will be allowed in the courtroom during the agent's ... FBI
It's easy to understand why someone would want to turn Lawrence Wright's Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Looming Tower into a television series. Published in 2006, Wright's deep-dive account of the long history and cross currents of Middle Eastern politics and Islamic militant rivalries that culminated in ... FBI
shooting tragedy in Florida two weeks ago, parents and relatives must make it clear to their children that such threats are dangerous, an FBI agent said Thursday. "Talk to your kids. Tell them these threats are serious, that they aren't a joke. If they do it, it can ruin their lives," David Cook, who is stationed at ... FBI
LOS ANGELES (CN) – A renowned art-repatriation attorney, who sought a copy of the search-warrant records that formed the basis of the FBI's probe into Hillary Clinton's emails, has filed another federal complaint for unredacted copies that would reveal the identity of the agent involved in the investigation. FBI
Federal agents and a hazardous-material team from the Little Rock Fire Department descended last week on a ranch-style brick house on the city's eastern edge to find a man breathing heavily who directed them to two Mason jars of liquid ricin, a deadly toxin, an FBI agent testified Wednesday. Alexander ... FBI
(CNN) A former FBI employee is running for Congress as the "Cannabis Candidate," with a campaign ad featuring him smoking marijuana in front of an image of the ... "As a former federal agent and law enforcement officer, I think legalizing cannabis would really free up the criminal justice system in terms of ... FBI
(LITTLE ROCK, Ark.) — An FBI agent has testified that he thinks a California man may have sexually assaulted 100 or more female inmates while transporting them between lockups around the country over the ... The FBI was later alerted of the attack after another female inmate informed a jail employee. FBI
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) The FBI agent who led the investigation into the San Bernardino terror attack has been named the new special agent in charge of the bureau's Minneapolis division. Jill Sanborn will replace Rick Thornton, who is retiring. Sanborn spent most of her 20-year career working in ... FBI


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