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updated Mon. March 26, 2018

One recent study from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace found that "offensive cyber operations have become a core tool of Iranian statecraft," ... Justice officials would not discuss how the FBI discovered the operation, or how it determined its alleged links to the Iranian government. In ...
The arrests were made as part of an undercover probe code-named "Operation Leader," according to a news release issued last week by the Police ... Agencies assisting with the operation included the FBI, the State Bureau of Investigation, the North Carolina National Guard, the Aberdeen ...
One recent study from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace found that "offensive cyber operations have become a core tool of Iranian statecraft," ... Justice officials would not discuss how the FBI discovered the operation, or how it determined its alleged links to the Iranian government. In ... Hawaii
Public safety, water and airport operations remain unaffected, officials said during the press conference. And while some court-related services may be unavailable, courts are expected to be open on March 23. It remains unclear when affected services will be restored. An Atlanta Police ... Ransomware
Joshua Steever and Jacob Mark Robards face federal charges alleging they sold meth and guns to fund the Aryan Strike Force, a white supremacist group with connections to the Lehigh Valley. (Contributed Photo). Kudos to the successful FBI sting operation against the Aryan Strike Force, which was founded to "protect ...

CINCINNATI -- The spyware code the FBI used to hack into the world's largest child pornography site and make hundreds of arrests nationwide will stay secret, a federal judge in Cincinnati ruled. A Fairfield man who was arrested in 2015 in the government's massive sting operation known as ...
“The Oakland mayor's decision to publicize her suspicions about ICE operations further increased that risk for my officers and alerted criminal aliens .... “I'm afraid there might be a definite obstruction of justice in this case because she learned of a federal law enforcement operation and then divulged that ...
A sex trafficking ring that operated in Ohio and Indiana targeted vulnerable teenage girls and exploited them, federal investigators say. The Federal Bureau of Investigation said the operation ran from late 2015 to 2016. The case began in December 2015, when the Lima Police Department investigated ...
Russian cybercrime bust paints 'striking picture' of 'dark-web' operation, former FBI official says ... Beyond the operation's scale, the striking picture that emerges from the indictment is the degree to which Infraud operated very much like a dark-web cousin of major commercial marketplace sites. The group's ...
The first floor was maintained as the agent's family home, while the second and third floors were used for the FBI operation, according to the national ... of Former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to remember Benson House and to pay tribute to the FBI personnel who worked here ... WWII
In the coming weeks, U.S. District Judge Michael Barrett will decide if FBI agents who secretly hacked into a dark-web child porn site called “The Playpen” must turn over the spyware code agents used in the international sting operation. A Fairfield man is launching a defense that could potentially impact the ... WWII
'I Hope This Is an Instance of Fake News': FBI Messages Show the Bureau's Real Reaction to Trump Firing James Comey .... Two days after the firing, the assistant director of the International Operations Division, almost certainly Carlos Cases (the author is identified in the documents only as “Carlos” but is ... WWII
The report says the FBI hid the provenance of the information from the court, claimed it was corroborated by citing a news article that was itself sourced to the same campaign operation, and declined four separate opportunities to be truthful about this. The memo further says that the author of the document ... WWII
President Trump's dysfunctional leadership with the Department of Justice, FBI and other intelligence operations is harming the rule of law in the United States, former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Sunday. Panetta said on “Fox News Sunday” Trump's frequent criticisms of the FBI, DOJ officials, and ... WWII
The FBI's Joe Rivers, in charge of terrorism investigations in the city, said he is most concerned about the potential for lone wolves to attack with a vehicle or a firearm than a sophisticated operation. 12 residents in the area have been charged with providing support to ISIS and 20 have been arrested for ... WWII

President Donald Trump, dogged by an unrelenting investigation into his campaign's ties to Russia, lashes out at the FBI and Justice Department as ... and whether he had confidence in the 27-year-veteran of the Justice Department who oversees its day-to-day operations and special counsel Robert ... WWII
“I think we have done our best to think of just about every contingency, natural or manmade,” MPD's Scott Gerlicher, the overall public safety coordinator for Super Bowl LII, explains in the FBI story. “The Super Bowl is just a massive operation, and very complicated, especially in our area.” The FBI's main ... WWII
HOUSTON - While the court appearance for Jimmy Sanchez was standard, new insight was shed into possible new charges he may or may not face. On Wednesday morning, Sanchez received a court-appointed attorney and the prosecution filed motion to deny him bail, which the judge accepted. WWII
The nearly yearlong investigation by the FBI and Chicago police Internal Affairs Division focused on a sergeant and several officers on the department's Area ... More recently, scandal engulfed the Special Operations Section after disturbing allegations surfaced that the elite team of officers routinely robbed ... WWII
(KUTV) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced Monday that they are searching in Utah for a man who is accused of running a drug trafficking ring in Montana. Noel Romero Herrera, 37, has ties to ... The FBI field office in Salt Lake City oversees FBI operations in Utah, Idaho, and Montana. FBI officials say Herrera ... WWII
The director's agency-wide email cited an ongoing Justice Department inspector general's investigation into alleged political influence on the FBI's operations and decisions in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election, but he did not say what connection, if any, that probe had to the deputy director's exit. WWII
"The plaintiff asks the court to recognize unlawful actions of NABU Director Artem Sytnyk to engage FBI agents in operations in Ukraine without preliminary ... He claims he was unlawfully wiretapped in an anti-graft operation conducted by NABU and the Specialized Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office. WWII
Dent continued that FBI agents are involved in counterterrorism operations, and put “their lives at risk every day.” “We shouldn't lose sight of that over the politics of this particular Russia investigation,” he said, adding that he has confidence in special counsel Robert Mueller's probe. “We shouldn't do ... WWII
The failed operation then turned into a 51-day standoff. During that time, Koresh and most of his followers had refused to leave the compound, which was surrounded by tanks, armored vehicles and more than 600 federal agents. The standoff ended when a fire engulfed the complex on April 19, 1993. WWII
The memo may also reportedly contain - or reference - evidence of anti-Trump sentiment from high-level FBI officials, possibly including Deputy Director ... push for public dissemination of the document - #releasethememo - is being promoted by social media accounts linked to Russian influence operations. WWII
This all starts with text messages exchanged between two senior FBI officials named Peter Strzok and Lisa Page during and after the 2016 election. Strzok was a member of the FBI team investigating Hillary Clinton's email server and, later, a member of Bob Mueller's special counsel operation looking into ... WWII
Mohammed, one of Suarez's dining companions at Denny's, was a paid FBI informant who specialized in terror cases. Shariff was an .... About two-thirds of ISIS cases have involved sting operations with undercover agents and/or paid informants, according to a CNN review of arrests since 2014. Five out of ... WWII
Undocumented women and girls, some as young as 14, were beaten, drugged, and lured with promises of restaurant jobs that never materialized. The FBI taketown targeted the operations of the Southwest Cholos gang, though this operation only hints at how much of a problem human sex trafficking has ... WWII
While the White House is abandoning all pretense of avoiding interference in FBI operations, there's some good news here. First, Wray appears to be making good on his promise to stand up for the bureau's independence. During his Senate confirmation hearing, Wray said he wouldn't be “pulling punches” ... WWII
Ultimately, several hundred would be deported during the operation that became known as the Palmer Raids. Vermonters were hardly above suspicion. In fact, even before the mail bombs, agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation were searching for plotters among the state's immigrant communities. WWII
SpotOption owner Pini Peter said the FBI operation was not a raid and that his company cooperated with law enforcement personnel, who received “everything they wanted.” In an interview with TheMarker, Peter said SpotOption employees were not questioned. “They connected to our computers and took ... WWII
Other agencies that were involved in the joint operation were the U.S. Attorneys Office for the Middle District of Alabama, FBI, DEA, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, Dothan Police Department, Poarch Creek Indian Tribe Police, Ozark Police Department, Georgia State Police, Clayton County, Georgia ... WWII
Trump and congressional Republicans have alleged that the FBI's investigation of Clinton's use of a private email server while she was secretary of state was tainted because the campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe received nearly half a million dollars from a political action committee tied to Virginia Gov. WWII
An FBI agent was dragged by a truck for a quarter mile while trying to arrest a suspected gang member at a hotel in Atlanta Friday. A trail of evidence left behind a violent struggle, as 25-year-old Cedrick Hill is the man the FBI was after. The operation was part of an investigation into a dangerous street gang, ... WWII
An FBI agent was dragged by a truck for a quarter mile while trying to arrest a suspected gang member at a hotel in Atlanta Friday. A trail of evidence left behind a violent struggle, as 25-year-old Cedrick Hill is the man the FBI was after. The operation was part of an investigation into a dangerous street gang, ... WWII
What caused the FBI to open a counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign in July 2016, which evolved into the criminal investigation that ... And, as Mueller's men have stonewalled, suspicions have arisen that this investigation was, from the outset, a politicized operation to take down Trump. WWII
The explosive charge follows Trump's repeated attacks on the FBI and agents working with special counsel Robert Mueller on the investigation into whether there was collusion between members of his presidential campaign and a Russian election meddling operation in 2016. His assault, delivered via a ... WWII
The FBI decided to investigate whether President Trump's campaign colluded with Russia after early foreign-policy adviser George Papadopoulos told a top ... in the FBI document and previously undisclosed emails obtained by The Times paint a different picture of Papadopoulos' role and influence within the operation. WWII
STERLING, VA. (WUSA9) - The FBI conducted a raid in a Northern Virginia condominium complex Friday afternoon. ... The operation began around 2:30 p.m., according to neighbors. It would ultimately ... The @FBI will only tell us they are "conducting court authorized law enforcement activity". (@wusa9) ... WWII
This week in the Trump-Russia investigation — Mueller targets big data, the White House prepares to cast Mike Flynn as a liar, and GOP rep calls for FBI purge ... Special counsel Robert Mueller III dove into the Trump campaign's data operations, while the concurrent congressional investigations took a closer look at the ... WWII
Detroit — FBI agents spent years listening to the phone calls of more than a dozen people, including some politicians and businessmen, as part of a widening investigation of public corruption in Metro Detroit, according to sealed federal court records. The latest in a series of sealed records obtained by The ... WWII
If you're the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), tasked with rapidly uncovering plots involving terrorism and cybercrime, you want access to as much intelligence as you can get your hands on ... It would at least be nice to know who thought Gravestone was a good name for a secret government operation. WWII
FBI Public Affairs Officer Brad Ware of the agency's Springfield field office confirmed there was an FBI operation at the location on Thursday, but said due to it being an ongoing investigation, no further information could be released. He did add that there is no threat to the public. Moline Police did not ... WWII
AVON, Ohio - Several homes in Avon and Bay Village looked like they were being raided by the FBI Tuesday night, but it was actually a very different “special operation” to help sick children. About twenty FBI employees and volunteers with A Special Wish Foundation Inc. in Cleveland went from house to ... WWII
The FBI, on the other hand, is governed by publicly known law. The organization's leaders are often called upon to testify in a public setting, and many FBI operations have been made public record. The organization does not torture American citizens for voicing opinions, no matter how far outside the ... WWII
The interagency CACTUS program served as the conduit between CIA's Operation CHAOS and FBI's COINTELPRO ... CACTUS was a highly classified channel used by agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to transmit information about “the New Left, Black ... WWII
During the operation, more than a dozen unmarked cars and SUVs lined the road and driveway leading to the house, which is set back from the road. At least one police dog was used during the search. Foley said he announced the drug operations on Twitter to allay any fear in the affected communities ... WWII
Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko has accused Artem Sytnyk, head of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU), of allowing FBI's illegal operations in Ukraine, claiming that the U.S. law enforcers were allegedly invited without the permission required and in breach of the necessary procedures. WWII


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