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updated Thu. October 12, 2023

Admiral Arleigh Burke's Task Force 70 effort, Andrew W. Marshall's work within the Office of Net Assessment, Michael Vickers' 1993 work for the Office of Net Assessment, and Robert O. Work's 2014 Center for a New American Security work on robotic warfare all represent accurate predictions of the future ...

Sponsored by the Pentagon's Office of Net Assessment, it was initiated because the international order was already 'perceived to be at risk'. The project's first publication, Understanding the current international order, identified the risks as reactions against the appearance that the international order was ...
Andrew Krepinevich, one of Washington's leading strategists, was a career Army officer, a graduate of the legendary Andy Marshall's Office of Net Assessment, and the longtime leader of the influential Center for Strategic & Budgetary Assessments. He has spent decades studying how to protect the United ...
And in the early 2000s, Andrew Marshall—the legendary director of the Office of Net Assessment in the Department of Defense—argued that America must gear up “for a long-term competition between the US and China for influence and position within the Eurasian continent and the Pacific Rimland.” All of ...
WASHINGTON: When the top Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee went to talk with the almost mystical Pentagon gang known as the Office of Net Assessment, they told him America can't afford to execute the strategy we're pursuing. “I asked them what they were lacking. They didn't have an ...
He is a disciple of Office of Net Assessment legend Andrew Marshall, who he immortalized in his book ”The Last Warrior: Andrew Marshall and the Shaping of Modern Defense Strategy.” Roger Zakheim: Zakheim is a partner with law firm Covington and Burling, where he focuses on government contracts.
Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that the Pentagon's enigmatic internal think tank, the Office of Net Assessment, has received its directives on the future focus of its research and analysis efforts in the service of the U.S. Secretary of Defense. In a June 4 memo titled “Guidance,” Defense Secretary ...
From Vladimir Putin's body language to the histories of religious warfare, from the development of new technologies to accounts of ancient empires, there isn't much the Pentagon's internal think tank won't pursue. The Office of Net Assessment, which is headed by a seldom-seen, 92-year-old Nixon-era ...


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